Wednesday, 19 August 2009

To tempt Shirley back to Kuching...

Sooo... it is August again. The main events in Kuching to look forward to in August, for me, are: Kuching festival, my birthday and 31/08 (It is Sarawak's Independence Day, hence public holiday!!) Kuching Fest is a three-week long festival where all the food in Kuching are displayed and for sale..So, basically everything is here. And some harder-to-find food such as the fried ice cream that some people like Winnie eat once a year only at the Kuching fest.

Fried ice cream. The outside is deep fried and hot, and the inside is cream. Sorry I suck at describing. Actually there is nothing particularly special about this. But in freaking hot Kuching, this is probably quite special...hmm..

This year, there seems to be especially more teochew oyster. A lot of stalls are selling this..

This is teochew style oystew omelette/pancake. Obviously I stole the photos. Everytime when faced with this thing, I stuff my face first then oh shit. I forgot yet again to take a photo..

This is the normal Kuching oyster omelette you get in Kuching. When you order at almost any restaurant in Kuching, they would give you this. It is supposed to be crispy by the sides, and most of the oysters are in the middle, where it is a little soggy. This photo, also stolen, is probably the more unappetizing type of oyster omelette. You can tell. The oysters are so small, they look like oyster fetuses. Arr..oh well..

The difference with the teochew style is that teochew style, there is no crispiness. The whole thing looks all sticky and gooey but it tastes damn good. I don't know how to make it, so I don't know what they use to make it all sticky and yummy. Btw, Taiwan style oyster pancake is also the wet type like teochew. Only it has a lot more soup. The whole thing is swimming in soup of a little tomato-y base.

Like this.

Ok. Moving on.

I had quite a lot of this this year. It is some coconut jelly thing. A thai dessert, if I'm not mistaken. Yum.

I don't know about other people but for me, every year I eat the same stuff. This is pandan chicken, something I eat every year as well..Again, photo stolen. Sorry I'm a lazy blogger. I steal photos off google images.

It is wrapped in pandan leaves, and the inside is roasted/grilled(?) chicken, sometimes with a bit of corn. Who hasn't tried this before? If you're reading this, make sure you try this if you come across it..Good stuff..

Also, every year there is a stage for performances. Local groups and individuals singing and/or dancing. Its boring: note, the empty chairs. hahahhaa..

Winnie and some cheese thingy. Does not taste good so no need to elaborate..

Baby and I near the lake behind the stage..

I thought that since I am already stealing and uploading photos from google images, might as well steal more while I'm at it..The photos ahead are mainly to tempt my best friend, Shirley who is away in London. Will these food cheer u up or just make you annoyed at me?? Haha..I tried ok!

Kuching famous Kolo Mee. I wonder is Kuching the only place you can get Kolo mee in Malaysia? Sorry that I'm so ignorant if your place aka Sibu, Miri has it. Sorry in advance..

Sarawak Laksa is BETTER than Penang laksa or anywhere else. Sorry Nifer! I still don't think laksa should have sardine fishes, or cucumber in it. Weird!!! haha..come to Kuching and I bring you to try Sarawak laksa..

Cha kueh. I think this is called carrot cake in English. This is the salty version, fried with egg and some salty thing (God I suck, I don't know what its called)

Yew cha kueh. This is normally what people in Kuching eat with Bak Kut Teh soup! Its a soup cooked with pork and herbs. But you can hardly taste the herbs. Just the yumminess of pork. Anyway has anyone tried this with laksa?? It is good! Trust me!

This stolen photo of Nasi Lemak is so small. Basically nasi lemak consists of coconut rice, half a boiled egg, some curry chicken with potatoes/ or beef rendang, with sambal and ikan bilis (small salty fish), and err cucumber. Sorry I haven't had nasi lemak in ages. This is a typical Malaysian food. Can be found anywhere in Malaysia..I suppose it varies each state, I don't know..

Chicken rice.

Hokkien mee. I miss this. God I should find this sometime this week. Err..I don't know how to describe this. It looks exactly as it should. my non-Malaysian friends reading this, you do understand what I'm talking about right? Come visit me and try the real thing!!!


cs said...

I miss Chong Choon's Laksa!!

Amy said...

yea me too but no time to eat..