Thursday, 6 August 2009

Its gettin hot in here

It is so freaking HOT!! Kuching is so HOT! The whole town is covered in thick, hot, humid haze. Everyone is either getting sick, already sick, or recovering from sickness. Meanwhile, swine flu slowly spreads in Kuching. It is so hot that its no wonder everyone is suffering from heat stroke. I pity baby who has to work outside everyday, driving in this heat is suffering. No air conditioning will help. Even in my cold 9th floor office, it is not as cold as usual.

It is so hot that I can't think straight now. I just showered. It is 1135pm. Yet, it is stifling hot. Damn it. So pointless putting on moisturizer or lotion nowadays that I can't be bothered to do it. Maybe I'm "hotter" than usual cos I just spent the last couple of hours in a stifling badminton court watching kuching's version of lee chung wei vs lindan.


My brother and good friend is playing Wii in the living room now.

Winnie kicking ah pau's ass at boxing. Literally. I've only tried bowling and tennis with Kevin. It was quite fun once you get over the "this feels weird/I feel stupid" part. Heh. I'm watching ah pau playing golf now. He is very happy/excited, while Kevin is well..being Kevin. Criticising. Come to think of it, Kevin wasn't always like this. He only got to be sooo..bad mouthed during our teenage years. 14? 15? Too bad its permanent.


Taukenio. Hard at work at cs' shop. I wish he sells more novels. Hah. Then I can save money on novels. Just erm "borrow" from his shop. And "return" when I feel like it. I've nearly finished one whole bookshelf already baby. Time to order more books. :p

Kidding actually. I do work ok. I him drinks when he is thirsty. I talk to him to lighten his stress. I make him laugh. I massage for him(shirley and nifer, miss me??) heh. No lar..I collect money when the item comes with a barcode for me to scan. I put things into plastic bags when someone is watching, i.e. his parents. Heh..

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