Thursday, 13 August 2009


Normally on the day of my birthday itself, I am obligated to have dinner with the family. The parents are very big on the whole family thing. So I always reserve the day itself for family. This year, I chose to go to Mr. Ho (Winnie's idea) located at Crown Square/Tower, ground floor.

As soon as we sat down, dad said/exclaimed: we have beer tonight. Heineken bottle! So, mum, dad, winnie and I shared 8 bottles of Heineken between us. As soon as dad turned to Kevin to ask whether he would like beer or not, Kevin turned to the waiter and said: SPRITE! Dad said: might as well order milk?!!

A toast to me..

Later, when Kevin ordered mushroom soup for himself, the waiter asked how many mushroom soups? Mum said none for me cos we are having beer. Dad exclaimed again: ohh..right. No soup for us. Just one for the one who drinks milk. Jokingly of course. Kevin is seriously very good natured. He just grinned as we all (including the waiter) laughed at him.

I hope that I don't look as big as this photo shows.

These are what we had for dinner!

Roast Pork. Damn its good! Crispy and oh so fragant. Tastes so good. Very high praise coming from me ok.

Ceaser salad was too salty.

This pasta (forgot the name tastes not bad..)

Prawn cake

Bruschetta. From what I can tell it is Garlic bread toasted and topped with tomatoes, chopped olive n spices.

I like this photo of them. Very natural. Mum looks good here..

The family.

Choc cheesecake and I. I don't know how it tastes like. Only Kevin had enough space for dessert.

Vain photos coming up. Get ready..

Seriously. I don't know who bothers to read this crap. Heh I can't be bothered to update. Sorry guys! When I started this blog, I wrote cos I wanted somewhere to jot down my thoughts. Now that I am online everyday at work, reading and writing, I feel so tired and fed up typing to my blog. When I first started this blog, I wrote to hide my feelings. But now that friends are reading this crap, doesn't feel so private and safe anymore..

Now, I just write about what everyone knows...

P/S: Sorry Shirley that I was BUSY when you called last night!!!! I will email you soon! Tomorrow!

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