Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hello. I finally have time to blog a bit.

So, my blog's comments is a bit screwed up. I noticed two comments on my email. One is lost, and another one is still there.

One person commented asking me to blog about my new place. Thanks for the reminder and suggestion. Good thought. 

The other comment: I forgot what she/he said and I can't find it. Not in my emails or anywhere. I just remember it being Star Cruise related. Sorry. But um, if you want to ask again, email me: I'll reply. Promise. :)

But um I'm not going to blog about the new place yet. Not today. I haven't got around to taking pics. Reason being, its super messy. Heheh and its not technically my new place. I explain next time.

In the meantime, you're stuck with usual updates on life now. :)

What I wore to work yesterday with tights. It was a rainy day. Rained the whole night, on and off. Year end coming soon. Summer's ending (says Shirley, not me). But yeah, monsoon season coming soon.

My hair is getting lighter. I'm getting quite bored of it actually. Thinking of cutting or at least trimming a bit. We shall see. This Saturday is Hari Kebangsaan. Yes!! Independence day for non-Malaysians.

So it means we're not working on Saturday. Hoo haa!! That was a cheer btw.

Cs' badminton buddies are going to Sematan (beach), but too bad we're not joining. Too late notice, so we already have plans to go out drinking at night with a bunch of friends. I miss the long since I over night at any beachy place. Beachy is a word in my dictionary. :D So is peachy.

That was my weird combination of lunch yesterday. In addition to two kiwi's.

Today's weird lunch combination is a kiwi, a pear, and some grapes. Had some biscuits for breakfast.

I'm so unmotivated to make my own lunch, or buy bread from Wilson bakery, or Bakerei, or walk to Mcd, or to eat anything else. 

Change topic. I know what Winnie (and everyone else) is thinking now: Be sad yourself. Don't need to tell us. Pfft.


Stole some meme's from Sunday Stealing again.


What kind of car would you buy? 
Some kind of sports car cos it looks cool. 

Where in the country would you move to? 
 Hmm..some place with four seasons. Maybe Australia. I've never been there but there has to be a reason why so many Malaysians refuse to come back from there, and end up settling down or retiring there. 

What kind of house would you buy? 
The kind that has a swimming pool, badminton courts (for Cs), movie theatre, walk in closets, and tv's in the bathroom. Oh and close to the beach. 

Would you give your family any money? 
Of course lah. Then my Dad can retire immediately. And buy my parents air tickets to Las Vegas on a private jet. Cos Las Vegas has always been dad's dream. Sigh. I wish. 

What charity would you donate to?
I don't know but I would research probably to make sure its legitimate and for a good cause.

Would you give your friends any money?
No. But I would buy everyone dinner and happy drinks on me.

Where would you go on vacation? 
Oh man..Venice, Santorini, Iceland (to see the Northern Lights), Canada (for Niagara falls), U.S. (simply cos never been: California, New York, Miami), Spain, Australia, Japan, and so on and so forth.

What luxury item would you buy first? 
Err..probably Channel bags or some other ridiculously priced bag for mum first. 

Would it change your life? 

Would you save any of it? 
Yes!! And invest so I never have to work ever again!!

Would it change your current relationship?
 No. Cs can be my toy boy now. Hahaha.

Would you quit your job?
 Well, duh.

Would you ever work again?
 No. Maybe a professional traveler. How's that?

What one task would you never do again? 
 CSD and Text. 

What dream of yours would you be able to do? 
 Provide for my parents. And I mean everything. Not just basic everyday things, but let them live in luxury. 

Would you change the way you dress?
 I don't think so.. I'll be able to afford pricier stuff but I've never been crazy for brands. 

Would you change anything about your body? 
 I would get invisalign and correct my eyesight. That's about it.

Would you miss anything about not being rich? 

Who would be the first person you tell?

Would it bring you happiness?
Yes. To an extent. There are some things that money cannot help but to an extent, it would change everything.

Question: am I materialistic then?


Meme from here.

1: Do you notice a persons eye color?
Well, we don't have much choice her in Kuching, so no. Everyone is either dark brown or black. Boring. 

2: White, milk, or dark chocolate mocha?

3: If you could get a  tattoo free, would you do it? what would it be?
 Of course. Been wanting one for years. Recently, Winnie and I were thinking of getting a sister tattoo, but we cannot agree on the same one each or even the same location. Haha. But yeah, of course I want one (to start with).

4: Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?
 Small. Its ok. Sometimes wish it were bigger, but never smaller. :) 

5: Your favorite adult as a child? (and not your parents, if they were your favorite)
 How about none. 

6: What kind of smoothie sounds really good right now?
 Peach strawberry. Just sounds like a good combination. Never had that before.

7: Most embarrassing moment from your elementary school years?
 Well, I once walked out of the toilet with the back of my dress tucked into my panties. Funnily enough, I didn't mind so much when the guys laughed at me. Thick skinned. Or just really stupid.

8: Most embarrassing moment from your middle school years?
Don't remember.

9: Most embarrassing moment from your high school years?
 Don't remember too lah.

10: Have you ever fired anyone?
 Nope. But I think I scared off  one of my colleagues after her first day. Haha. This was at Mcd. My boss asked me to train her. I was hurrying to leave, so I gave her so much instructions and pressured her to do faster, better etc so I could leave. And err I never saw her again.

11: Have you ever climbed a tree more than twenty feet off the ground?
 Nope. Wanted to though.

12: Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing set?

13: If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get?
 A dog. Hahaa.

14: What's your favorite place to relax?
 Beach (with a beer).

15: What's your most favorite part of your personality?
 I forgive and forget easily. Doesn't mean you should take advantage though!!

16: Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares?

17: Have you ever watched the Superbowl all the way through?

18: Have you ever watched any major sporting event live?
 Badminton counted?

19: What's the most delicious food you've ever eaten in your life?
 Toooo many to mention or remember please.

20: Margarine or butter? Which did you grow up with?
Neither. Hate both. Always request for none!

OK. Bye. Rushing to go eat dinner now. Bye.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Last night

Cs and I love our fruits. We eat them everyday. Apples, oranges, guavas, grapes, mangos, bananas, jambu, pineapple, etc etc etc. He cannot live without fruits. Me, I like them and eat them cos its healthy. 

So last night we were cutting up and washing some grapes, apples, and mango. I was peeling a mango, he was cutting up an apple.

After peeling them in the sink, I threw the leftover skin in the bin. Cs was cutting up an apple when he decided to throw an apple seed into the same bin with his knife. 

We only have one bin in between us. So HE CUT ME! I mean he freaking cut me! With a knife!!

It only looks tiny. Its bigger in real life. Its also deeper in real life. Really.

And I err of course I sulked. Cos he cut me! 


In the car after work.

Cs: come, I bought you liang teh. 

Me: sips..sips..hmm why is there nothing?

Cs: (trying not to laugh but failing) You didn't poke the straw in yet!!!

Why didn't you poke it in for me?!


Anyway. It's Saturday. Its a working Saturday to be exact. On days like these, I wonder how does Cs do it? To wake up every day of the week and have to go to work. No rest except public holidays. He doesn't work Saturday nights, just till about 5 pm. On average. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. And Sundays, half day. But still.

I work Saturdays occasionally and already we moan and moan and moan about coming into work. This is why I keep procrastinating about whether to be my own boss or not.

I read this quote before that is super accurate though.

It goes somewhere along these lines: people only focus about what they're giving up, not what they're gaining.

So I try not to think about what I'm losing along the way, but focus more on what I'm gaining and learning. 

But all this is on hold at the moment.

I recently got some bad news, which I'm not feeling very comfortable sharing with other people. So for now, just a lot of cryptic talk. Bear with me.


Thinking of making lasagna to eat tonight. Should I? No plans tonight but I find that our recent plans are mostly last minute. We whatsapp each other only about 7 pm, to ask what are you doing tonight, and want to go for dinner and/or drinks?

Ehh I'm sorry I don't know what to talk about but I desperately want to update my blog. My photos are in my phone. Uploading photos from my S4 to Blogger takes too long and I'm too impatient to wait.

That's why you have to look at the two on top. Boringnya but I had to find something to talk about.

So long since I went dancing or to Planet. I'm getting old. No wait. The people around me are getting old! :P Hahahah I want to go out still.

Ish nothing to talk about. Bye.

Friday, 23 August 2013

A few days back..

Wrote this post a few days ago but forgot to post.

Supposed to be watching iron man 3 now with the family. But can you blame me? My attention's wandering. 
The movie's still awesome. Dad is snoring anyway. Win is playing with her phone slash reading at the same time. Cs is the only one watching. Haha. 


I just wanted to take a photo of my braid..cos I don't have eyes at the back of my head...

Bit messy though. But my hair color is more obvious here..says other people but I can't see! This was the best photo I could come up with.

Tonight was date night. Cs and I went over to Bistro 21 for dinner. 

They have 1664 blanc draught for RM 25. I think. Or was it RM 20? Either way it was yum! So fresh, so fragrant, so smooth and so delicious. I don't sound like an alcoholic do I?

I love their fried calamari. It looks grilled eh? The boss (i'm assuming he's the boss) told us that its fried. Its good! Order this! RM 20 for a really generous portion. 

We also shared this "bistro 21" pasta. I forgot the name but I think there was a 21 in there somewhere. It is supposed to be a red capsicum cream based sauce. Really good. 

Most people are surprised to hear that Bistro 21 serves food. I think the location and exterior mainly looks like a pub. Its located at the old Soho. When people ask where's Bistro 21? I say old Soho and everyone immediately goes: ohhhh..

So yeah. With a reputation like that, I guess that's why not many people know about it. I went once on a Saturday night. Kinda empty. Definitely not full. I would hate to see this place close down before I tried the other food there. So..go try it out! :D

Ahh..doubt anyone reads my blog too. Heh. My own fault.

That's all for now. Update next time.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Star Cruise - Day 3

Jeez I'm slow. So I'm finally updating the day 3 of Star Cruise. Day 1 and day 2 here.

So we woke up bright and early again. Any time before 12 pm is early for me. Heh. Anyway, we woke up at about 8 am. Looked out the window and hmm..we're still out at sea. Have not arrived yet.

Went for buffet breakfast today and realized ohh..we're stopping here and taking smaller boats to dock. Forgot about that. Krabi is smaller than Phuket and the water was more shallow around Krabi (me thinks) so we had to take smaller boats out in groups.

We have to go register before hand, preferably the night before. But we only went after breakfast, so we were one of the last to go off board. At 11:30 am! Considered late cos we had nothing to do. 11:30 does not mean you get off at 11: 30. You queue up and by the time you reach Krabi, its about 1 pm. 

We gathered in the Stardust lounge watching videos, getting entertained by the crew who pulled some people up to play games. Most people are very sporting which was very entertaining for all of us. :)

That's our ship. Star Cruise Libra. 

Arrived Krabi! 

We went straight to Ao Nang via tuk tuk. Normally I'm very against taking tuk tuk's cos we hear so much stories about how they rip tourists off. Only go on the tuk tuk AFTER settling on a price. 

But for such a short journey, they charged us about RM 200 baht (if I remember correctly), and between 4 of us, it was just RM 5. So its okay. Very cheap still.

It was way too hot to do anything seriously. We wandered around looking to buy stuff, scout out massage parlors, and settled down for lunch.

Chang on a hot day out by the beach. Bliss. 

In case you wanted to know the average price of these places. Ehh I took the wrong photo. Meant to upload the other one of the massage prices. They cost about 300 baht for 60 minutes. RM 30. Cheap eh.

So we all went in for a massage together. Four of us side by side so it was kinda fun. Eh wait that was in Phuket. This time in Krabi, Benz went for foot massage himself, while the 3 of us went for body massage together.

Group photo!

Why is their beach so clean? So blue green and so clean. Look at our Damai. Pfft.

Happy on a tuk tuk again.

All of us so SPK taking photos non stop. It was quite an experience. Very windy (of course) and very happy cos it was the first time for all of us.

We didn't stay long in Krabi cos we had to go back to the ship earlier for gala dinner that night. We girls had to go put on make up. Plus we had to queue to take the smaller boats back to our ship.

Was supposed to wear this dress cos the gala dinner was sort of formal dress. I say "sort of" cos Malaysians don't really adhere to the rules. In case you haven't noticed.

I packed this dress but forgot to pack nude undies or bra. Real smart mi.

So I ended up in this:

Good thing too. Cos I knew it! Most people were quite casually dressed. Vero was the only other person in a maxi dress. :) We two think alike actually eh.

We chose the western dinner. You can choose western or chinese, and the time of the dinner. There is a basket of bread on every table.

First up was soup but I lazy to upload photos and I don't think anyone's interested. 

My beef tenderloin looks so appetizing eh.

Benz had the chicken..looks good too.

Vero's seafood platter.

The crew came out halfway through dinner to dance and sing for us. Us lucky patrons. Hahahh. 

My plate of dessert. So pretty.

After dinner, we went to watch Reflections of Russia. Featuring Rasputin. 

It was very nice and entertaining. A lot of dancing and acrobatics.

After the show, we went to chill by the pool side some more, cos there was a farewell party going on. More dancing, singing and oh God more food. Hahaha. Its good for big eaters really.

Love this photo. Its my current cover photo on Facebook actually. 

And we finally finished that bucket on the third day. Haha we are so lousy. My dad's friends who went on the cruise said they finished about 3 buckets the first day itself or was it before the ship sailed wtf!!

Farewell party on the top deck. It was fun cos they pulled random people up to dance.

We didn't stay long though cos we went to watch the Nikita adult show!

It was sort of a strip show showing lots of asses and tits. Gorgeous bodies all of them. You have to pay extra though. Think its RM 90 per ticket, and RM 130 for VIP ticket (with free drink). If I'm not mistaken.

It was nice but not too nice. Probably cos we have already seen live shows in Bangkok where they pull all sort of things out of their pussy. So this was kinda mehh.. Benz said he almost fell asleep. Me, I was hoping for more? Yeah but still not bad. Can watch if you have nothing to do.

Looking back at these photos, I do have really fond memories. It was fun and a really good experience. Benz and Vero were good travel partners so it was quite easy going. More so than I expected! :D

OK la. That's all for tonight. Bye.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I can never think of creative titles for posts like these

Went out for lunch with colleagues today at Colugos. Ground floor of our office building only. Very convenient.

I expect a lot of office workers nearby are happy with the opening of another restaurant in the area. We need more food there please. Food such as Burger King (I don't know why that popped into my mind. Must be Cs and Kev's influence); Delifrance (whaiii whaiii whaiiiii did it close?); Pretzels (I need this!); Pret A Manger (so I can buy freshly made sandwiches that are different from boring old Backerei and prepackaged salads!!); and bagel shops (because Kuching have no bagels!!!) Nada. Feel sorry for us.

No. Not really. We have laksa. We have kolo mee. (Sorry Shirley). We also have kam pua, kong pia, and nasi lemak.

Salads. Prepackaged affordable healthier meals. That's what we need. Not more chicken rice, oily fatty pork, kueh chap, innards or what not. Maybe its just me.

I have seriously and not so seriously thought so many times that I should be in the food business. Open a little cafe with Win. When I think of 5 years from now, where will I be?

I went through a phase. I went to read those business books by Richard Branson etc, Googled on how to start my own business, search for recipes and business ideas, franchises, inspirations, and so on and so forth.

I don't know what did I accomplish besides making myself super restless.

This is a sensitive topic. You know those cliche quotes you hear/read from soo many people posting on FB?

I already have those seeds planted in me, but those quotes are doing nothing to stop me from thinking/dreaming.

Sensitive topic again. Btw, why Kuching no bagels? I went to Google them, just for the heck of it. As a possibility again. I have so many ideas in my head. Its the putting them into action part that complicates. Isn't this yet another boring cliche?

Anyway. It's late. I should stop dreaming.

But dreams are what keeps us going aren't they? :) One day. I'll make them a reality.

These are the people I see everyday.

I look like sheet on my "birthday lunch". Haha serves me right. I dressed up on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wed, my eyes were begging for relief, so I wore specs. Wish I have perfect eyesight. And straight teeth. And an ideal weight. Haha women.

Occupational hazard of staring at the computer screen for 8 hours straight. In my job, if you're not staring at the computer screen, you're slacking. End of story. There's nothing else you could possibly do that's counted as work that is not on the computer. Unless you're in a meeting.

This is why we always look so happy when Sesco fucks up. Well, me anyway. :)

Why do specs make such a big difference? Oh and a little eyeliner and mascara.


Mum and Win are in Germany today. They should be flying back tomorrow, and arriving on Friday. I miss them. I can't wait to listen to their stories and adventures. OK not so much adventures, more like complaints. Heheh. 

Another pic of me because..well, why not? Hehe. Better to post on my blog than on FB.

Good night. xx

Monday, 12 August 2013

Meteor shower tonight!


Meteor shower tonight!! 

Its the annual Perseids meteor shower, which peaks on Aug 11 and 12. Tonight is a crescent moon which makes viewing easier. 

After 11 pm folks. For Malaysians. 

Other countries go Google it!!

Ok too excited cannot talk. See if I can persuade Cs to bring me to Damai. Haha. I wish.

Ok bye.

Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

Cs and I went to watch Sea of Monsters. The second installment of the Percy Jackson series. I wrote about it here. Go read if you need a mini introduction to Percy Jackson.

Anyway. Back track a bit. During the evening, we both already had a few beers to drink with dinner, then we decided to go watch the 12am show. In 3D btw. Big mistake.

I was struggling to stay awake.

The movie was quite a disappointment. It was so different from the book. Guess I should be used to it by now, but I'm not. Oh well. If I don't compare it to the book, then the movie is ermm..well still ok. Wouldn't want to watch it a second time though.

I forgot when was the last time I went to watch a movie at 12 am. Long time already. Nowadays we aim for early evening shows. (So this is what aging feels like). Some more we had beer beforehand. Dumb and dumber really.

The other day I asked Winnie, which series do you like more? Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

She thought for a while and said Percy Jackson. I agreed.

Cs, who was sitting nearby, was so shocked. He went HUH?! Cos he knows us two and our love for Harry Potter. In our minds, no other author beats JK Rowling, and there are no other books we have read more than HP.

But yeah. I guess its because there are more action in Percy Jackson? Or have I (finally) become sick of HP? No. Unlikely. JK Rowling is still a genius, but I didn't read the casual vacancy. I tried but couldn't finish it.

Do you guys know she has a new book? The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (who is in fact JK Rowling). I'm waiting for the paperback to come out so I can buy it. The hard cover costs RM 90 plus. So expensive. Did they (publishers) print hardcovers on purpose to get more revenue? Pfft. Imma wait for the RM 30 plus version.

Btw, when the HP books came out, they were all about RM 90 plus. I paid up willingly for that though. And yes, I would do it again.

Ok that was an update.

Was talking to Shirley just now and I said I'm getting lazier to update my blog. She said: ya, I can tell. Pfft. So this is because of you woman! :) Miss you.


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kay-elle and new hair


This is past due. I'm so sorry. I tried blogging from my phone but I'm so not used to it yet. I would type in a whole paragraph and upload some photographs but nothing was saved cos I pressed the back button. On my iPhone, if I pressed the home button, everything would still be there. Haih. So that's what I'm blaming this on.


Like I mentioned, I'm a lucky bitch. Cs whisked me off to KL. On MAS no less. That's cos Air Asia was more expensive. Go figure. Low cost airline with lousy service ends up being more pricey than the airline with free food and duty free items.

Free food. Yayers. Chicken briyani was wayy more popular than the fish. Fair warning to you. :)

Oh ya. Remember the L'occitane items that I'm so in love with recently. The night cream that I bought for about RM 330 in Kuching costs about RM 250 in KLIA. Wtf rite? I bought a day time cream and a day mist thingy which set me back RM 400+. Damn pricey. Haih what we women do for beauty. 

I don't have any photos but just do your research online if you want to find other reviews on it. I'm saying its good la, but you might not agree.

Speaking of, I dyed my hair too in KL. I was so sick of my boring old hair style. Which was, nothing actually. Boring old grown out roots and brown hair. Mehh. 

I went to a saloon and got it dyed ombre. Mehh. I wanted it more gradient actually. They fucked up. Actually no lah. Those two guys were quite nice. Instead of fucked up, I shall say that they decided to dip dye my hair instead of giving me a proper gradient hair colour. Btw, in no circumstance did I mention dip dye. I hate dip dye. I wanted something more gradual. Grrr..

Ohh well. Cs seems to like it. That is why I didn't go back to get my free coloring again..They said I was entitled to free colouring within 2 weeks FOC. Oh well. I'm liking it when I have make up on, but very self conscious - thinking its quite ah lian actually when I don't have make up on.

Right after I dyed my hair, I took these photos. Because, why not?

I was determined to feel good about myself. Hence, these photos. Hahah sorry. Cs understands. Ahem.

The colours look a bit different in photos cos of the lighting. In real life, it looks ermm..well I don't know. I avoid mirrors because I don't really like it. I think I'll just cut it all off when I'm really sick of it. Heh. Typical.

The "beauty face" feature on my S4 is quite ridiculous. Look at my skin. So smooth. :D And so fake.

This was a normal shot btw. I mentioned before. L'occitane. Get it. Expensive but so good! :)

Tell me I don't look like a chao ah lien.

When I told the guy who did my hair that I look like an "ah lian", he said no laa..and proceeded to tell me stories of his other customers. It took a while for me to realize, ohh..he thought I meant "alien", not "ah lian". HAHAH.

Anyway, I'll tell you more about my trip next time.