Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Mum and Winnie are going for their Europe trip today. Me, I'm wallowing. I'm sorry, I also don't know why I'm like this. For the next 10 days, I will be thinking of them day and night, what are they doing, which country are they in now, is it cold there or hot, and what are they eating, did they buy anything for me, do they miss Cherrie, and so on and so forth. Haha.

The victim here is not me. Its Cs actually. He has to hear me whine about going too. Cs and I were supposed to go, but meh. I was quite unimpressed with the tour. I want to plan my own epic trip. Lol. Overachiever. Kiasu. Yeah, that's me. Also, we didn't have the budget to go (main point). Hahaha.

Anyway, I have a consolation. Because I have the most awesome husband ever, Cs surprised me with a trip to KL!! Tomorrow!!

Its supposed to be my surprise birthday trip, and it coincides with our ROM. 8 August. The day we signed on that piece of paper.

I was doing my thing (whining) during our whatsapp conversation (poor Cs), and I think he got fed up (sorry baby), so he print screened the MAS ticket for me.

I saw it in the office. As I was reading it, I could feel myself smiling from inside out. Hehehe /shy.

But yeah, happy me. Feel so lucky. :)

Yayers! Four days vacation ahead, and 3 of them in KL. Thank you baby.

Leftover 2 slices of pizza from the night before for lunch is yum. Was so looking forward to lunch. In the morning, when I reheated the pizza, Cs walloped 2 slices immediately.

It smelled so good. I could barely contain myself. Have to keep waiting for 12:30 pm. Heh.

Happy Raya to anyone who is celebrating. 

Happy Holidays to everyone! 


I'm going to go pack. Or finish packing. :)

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