Sunday, 11 August 2013

Kay-elle and new hair


This is past due. I'm so sorry. I tried blogging from my phone but I'm so not used to it yet. I would type in a whole paragraph and upload some photographs but nothing was saved cos I pressed the back button. On my iPhone, if I pressed the home button, everything would still be there. Haih. So that's what I'm blaming this on.


Like I mentioned, I'm a lucky bitch. Cs whisked me off to KL. On MAS no less. That's cos Air Asia was more expensive. Go figure. Low cost airline with lousy service ends up being more pricey than the airline with free food and duty free items.

Free food. Yayers. Chicken briyani was wayy more popular than the fish. Fair warning to you. :)

Oh ya. Remember the L'occitane items that I'm so in love with recently. The night cream that I bought for about RM 330 in Kuching costs about RM 250 in KLIA. Wtf rite? I bought a day time cream and a day mist thingy which set me back RM 400+. Damn pricey. Haih what we women do for beauty. 

I don't have any photos but just do your research online if you want to find other reviews on it. I'm saying its good la, but you might not agree.

Speaking of, I dyed my hair too in KL. I was so sick of my boring old hair style. Which was, nothing actually. Boring old grown out roots and brown hair. Mehh. 

I went to a saloon and got it dyed ombre. Mehh. I wanted it more gradient actually. They fucked up. Actually no lah. Those two guys were quite nice. Instead of fucked up, I shall say that they decided to dip dye my hair instead of giving me a proper gradient hair colour. Btw, in no circumstance did I mention dip dye. I hate dip dye. I wanted something more gradual. Grrr..

Ohh well. Cs seems to like it. That is why I didn't go back to get my free coloring again..They said I was entitled to free colouring within 2 weeks FOC. Oh well. I'm liking it when I have make up on, but very self conscious - thinking its quite ah lian actually when I don't have make up on.

Right after I dyed my hair, I took these photos. Because, why not?

I was determined to feel good about myself. Hence, these photos. Hahah sorry. Cs understands. Ahem.

The colours look a bit different in photos cos of the lighting. In real life, it looks ermm..well I don't know. I avoid mirrors because I don't really like it. I think I'll just cut it all off when I'm really sick of it. Heh. Typical.

The "beauty face" feature on my S4 is quite ridiculous. Look at my skin. So smooth. :D And so fake.

This was a normal shot btw. I mentioned before. L'occitane. Get it. Expensive but so good! :)

Tell me I don't look like a chao ah lien.

When I told the guy who did my hair that I look like an "ah lian", he said no laa..and proceeded to tell me stories of his other customers. It took a while for me to realize, ohh..he thought I meant "alien", not "ah lian". HAHAH.

Anyway, I'll tell you more about my trip next time.


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