Friday, 23 August 2013

A few days back..

Wrote this post a few days ago but forgot to post.

Supposed to be watching iron man 3 now with the family. But can you blame me? My attention's wandering. 
The movie's still awesome. Dad is snoring anyway. Win is playing with her phone slash reading at the same time. Cs is the only one watching. Haha. 


I just wanted to take a photo of my braid..cos I don't have eyes at the back of my head...

Bit messy though. But my hair color is more obvious here..says other people but I can't see! This was the best photo I could come up with.

Tonight was date night. Cs and I went over to Bistro 21 for dinner. 

They have 1664 blanc draught for RM 25. I think. Or was it RM 20? Either way it was yum! So fresh, so fragrant, so smooth and so delicious. I don't sound like an alcoholic do I?

I love their fried calamari. It looks grilled eh? The boss (i'm assuming he's the boss) told us that its fried. Its good! Order this! RM 20 for a really generous portion. 

We also shared this "bistro 21" pasta. I forgot the name but I think there was a 21 in there somewhere. It is supposed to be a red capsicum cream based sauce. Really good. 

Most people are surprised to hear that Bistro 21 serves food. I think the location and exterior mainly looks like a pub. Its located at the old Soho. When people ask where's Bistro 21? I say old Soho and everyone immediately goes: ohhhh..

So yeah. With a reputation like that, I guess that's why not many people know about it. I went once on a Saturday night. Kinda empty. Definitely not full. I would hate to see this place close down before I tried the other food there. So..go try it out! :D

Ahh..doubt anyone reads my blog too. Heh. My own fault.

That's all for now. Update next time.

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