Saturday, 24 August 2013

Last night

Cs and I love our fruits. We eat them everyday. Apples, oranges, guavas, grapes, mangos, bananas, jambu, pineapple, etc etc etc. He cannot live without fruits. Me, I like them and eat them cos its healthy. 

So last night we were cutting up and washing some grapes, apples, and mango. I was peeling a mango, he was cutting up an apple.

After peeling them in the sink, I threw the leftover skin in the bin. Cs was cutting up an apple when he decided to throw an apple seed into the same bin with his knife. 

We only have one bin in between us. So HE CUT ME! I mean he freaking cut me! With a knife!!

It only looks tiny. Its bigger in real life. Its also deeper in real life. Really.

And I err of course I sulked. Cos he cut me! 


In the car after work.

Cs: come, I bought you liang teh. 

Me: sips..sips..hmm why is there nothing?

Cs: (trying not to laugh but failing) You didn't poke the straw in yet!!!

Why didn't you poke it in for me?!


Anyway. It's Saturday. Its a working Saturday to be exact. On days like these, I wonder how does Cs do it? To wake up every day of the week and have to go to work. No rest except public holidays. He doesn't work Saturday nights, just till about 5 pm. On average. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. And Sundays, half day. But still.

I work Saturdays occasionally and already we moan and moan and moan about coming into work. This is why I keep procrastinating about whether to be my own boss or not.

I read this quote before that is super accurate though.

It goes somewhere along these lines: people only focus about what they're giving up, not what they're gaining.

So I try not to think about what I'm losing along the way, but focus more on what I'm gaining and learning. 

But all this is on hold at the moment.

I recently got some bad news, which I'm not feeling very comfortable sharing with other people. So for now, just a lot of cryptic talk. Bear with me.


Thinking of making lasagna to eat tonight. Should I? No plans tonight but I find that our recent plans are mostly last minute. We whatsapp each other only about 7 pm, to ask what are you doing tonight, and want to go for dinner and/or drinks?

Ehh I'm sorry I don't know what to talk about but I desperately want to update my blog. My photos are in my phone. Uploading photos from my S4 to Blogger takes too long and I'm too impatient to wait.

That's why you have to look at the two on top. Boringnya but I had to find something to talk about.

So long since I went dancing or to Planet. I'm getting old. No wait. The people around me are getting old! :P Hahahah I want to go out still.

Ish nothing to talk about. Bye.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to see your new home:) Maybe you can have a post about that :P