Monday, 19 August 2013

Star Cruise - Day 3

Jeez I'm slow. So I'm finally updating the day 3 of Star Cruise. Day 1 and day 2 here.

So we woke up bright and early again. Any time before 12 pm is early for me. Heh. Anyway, we woke up at about 8 am. Looked out the window and hmm..we're still out at sea. Have not arrived yet.

Went for buffet breakfast today and realized ohh..we're stopping here and taking smaller boats to dock. Forgot about that. Krabi is smaller than Phuket and the water was more shallow around Krabi (me thinks) so we had to take smaller boats out in groups.

We have to go register before hand, preferably the night before. But we only went after breakfast, so we were one of the last to go off board. At 11:30 am! Considered late cos we had nothing to do. 11:30 does not mean you get off at 11: 30. You queue up and by the time you reach Krabi, its about 1 pm. 

We gathered in the Stardust lounge watching videos, getting entertained by the crew who pulled some people up to play games. Most people are very sporting which was very entertaining for all of us. :)

That's our ship. Star Cruise Libra. 

Arrived Krabi! 

We went straight to Ao Nang via tuk tuk. Normally I'm very against taking tuk tuk's cos we hear so much stories about how they rip tourists off. Only go on the tuk tuk AFTER settling on a price. 

But for such a short journey, they charged us about RM 200 baht (if I remember correctly), and between 4 of us, it was just RM 5. So its okay. Very cheap still.

It was way too hot to do anything seriously. We wandered around looking to buy stuff, scout out massage parlors, and settled down for lunch.

Chang on a hot day out by the beach. Bliss. 

In case you wanted to know the average price of these places. Ehh I took the wrong photo. Meant to upload the other one of the massage prices. They cost about 300 baht for 60 minutes. RM 30. Cheap eh.

So we all went in for a massage together. Four of us side by side so it was kinda fun. Eh wait that was in Phuket. This time in Krabi, Benz went for foot massage himself, while the 3 of us went for body massage together.

Group photo!

Why is their beach so clean? So blue green and so clean. Look at our Damai. Pfft.

Happy on a tuk tuk again.

All of us so SPK taking photos non stop. It was quite an experience. Very windy (of course) and very happy cos it was the first time for all of us.

We didn't stay long in Krabi cos we had to go back to the ship earlier for gala dinner that night. We girls had to go put on make up. Plus we had to queue to take the smaller boats back to our ship.

Was supposed to wear this dress cos the gala dinner was sort of formal dress. I say "sort of" cos Malaysians don't really adhere to the rules. In case you haven't noticed.

I packed this dress but forgot to pack nude undies or bra. Real smart mi.

So I ended up in this:

Good thing too. Cos I knew it! Most people were quite casually dressed. Vero was the only other person in a maxi dress. :) We two think alike actually eh.

We chose the western dinner. You can choose western or chinese, and the time of the dinner. There is a basket of bread on every table.

First up was soup but I lazy to upload photos and I don't think anyone's interested. 

My beef tenderloin looks so appetizing eh.

Benz had the chicken..looks good too.

Vero's seafood platter.

The crew came out halfway through dinner to dance and sing for us. Us lucky patrons. Hahahh. 

My plate of dessert. So pretty.

After dinner, we went to watch Reflections of Russia. Featuring Rasputin. 

It was very nice and entertaining. A lot of dancing and acrobatics.

After the show, we went to chill by the pool side some more, cos there was a farewell party going on. More dancing, singing and oh God more food. Hahaha. Its good for big eaters really.

Love this photo. Its my current cover photo on Facebook actually. 

And we finally finished that bucket on the third day. Haha we are so lousy. My dad's friends who went on the cruise said they finished about 3 buckets the first day itself or was it before the ship sailed wtf!!

Farewell party on the top deck. It was fun cos they pulled random people up to dance.

We didn't stay long though cos we went to watch the Nikita adult show!

It was sort of a strip show showing lots of asses and tits. Gorgeous bodies all of them. You have to pay extra though. Think its RM 90 per ticket, and RM 130 for VIP ticket (with free drink). If I'm not mistaken.

It was nice but not too nice. Probably cos we have already seen live shows in Bangkok where they pull all sort of things out of their pussy. So this was kinda mehh.. Benz said he almost fell asleep. Me, I was hoping for more? Yeah but still not bad. Can watch if you have nothing to do.

Looking back at these photos, I do have really fond memories. It was fun and a really good experience. Benz and Vero were good travel partners so it was quite easy going. More so than I expected! :D

OK la. That's all for tonight. Bye.

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