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Star Cruise Libra - Day 1

Ever since mum and dad went on the cruise (Star Cruise Virgo) from Singapore with their friends, we wanted to go too. My parents came back from the cruise full of stories, weight gain (haha), and just very happy and \relaxed. Dad kept telling us: you must go! You should go! There's nothing better than waking up in the morning and then go eat and walk straight into the casino. Wtf! Hahah.

We don't share the same sentiment. But anyway, they did influence us to go. They kept telling us their happy travel stories tempting us. We chose Star Cruise Libra instead cos it was slightly cheaper and also cos it sailed from Penang-Phuket-Krabi.

From Singapore, you go to Penang and Phuket. Btw, if you join the cruise from Penang, you pay RM on the ship. If you join from Singapore, you pay SGD. I don't think they jack up the prices though. According to dad, the alcohol prices were reasonable. That's all you spend on anyway. Everything else is free. Food and accommodation, and most of the shows.

You only need to pay for drinks (juices, or alcoholic drinks), adult show (not compulsory so can skip if you want), and casinos (of course).

Start from the beginning:

I always take photo in the plane. Used to it. :) We went with Vero and Benz. 2 couples so 2 rooms and can share a taxi perfectly. They were really good travel companions actually. Easy to get along.

Arrived in Penang and got a taxi. The driver didn't tell us it was a van! We had some time to spare so we asked him to bring us for lunch first.

He brought us to the famous Penang Road chendol place. Tried assam laksa too. 

There was a chang on the table so I took a photo too.

Afterwards we went to Swettenham Pier to check in! So excited!

Once you arrive there, you get the happy vibes already. The staff there are really polite and cheerful, and there are people video recording us already. You can buy the DVD at the end of the cruise. They go around recording everything for the whole 3 nights. So remember to smile and wave if someone points the camera at you.

If you act crazy happy, you get a special appearance on the video. Hahah really! There was this auntie who was waving (crazily) and jumping up and down so she got a lot of scenes. If you just smile, you most likely won't get much scenes. Like us. :)

Serenading us upon arrival.

Happy face!

This is our room. Deluxe oceanview on deck 6. Our room was mid class. There are cheaper alternatives for 4 people, and better suites. But Vero found a really good deal online for us. So we got this instead. :) Happy. Winnie said our beds were wider than their ones, and our room slightly bigger. They were on deck 4 btw. 

The reception (check in area) is on deck 4. So are two restaurants (one western and one chinese). Both free. Deck 5 contains the casino and the stardust lounge (where you watch all the shows and gather for tours and etc). Deck 9 is the pool deck and the buffet restaurant (also free). I still remember hahaha.

Toilet was really small. But its okay! I'm still happy. They have towels, and hair dryer, and the necessary shampoo, conditioners etc.

After settling down in our room, we went to explore the ship. Wound up outside the western restaurant and noticed that they have hi-tea. Wahey. Cool. We just arrived and have free food already. Why the hell not? Hahah even though we were not hungry. 

We got a barrel of Heineken to go with our hi-tea too. :)

This barrel costs RM 199 (divided between 4 of us) and took us 3 days to finish. It has a total of 20 glasses. Quite a lot. The good thing is, you can drink this anytime, anywhere, whenever you want. Just take out your card and pass to the server. Btw, no cash is exchanged on board. Everything is paid using your room card. Only before leaving the ship, you settle your outstanding bill.

Anyway, if you don't want to finish the beer, just ask the server to keep it. You can drink it on the pool deck, during the shows, or anywhere you want. They will take it out for you. Awesome eh? Their service was awesome.

Here we are in the stardust lounge waiting for our turn to book our reservations for the gala dinner (last night). Book in advance to reserve your spot (which restaurant) and seating. There are 2 seatings: 6 pm and 9 pm. 

At 5 pm, we went to the pool deck for the welcome party. The ship sails at 5 pm, hence the party!! It was just so happening and so happy. Most people arrived early and have already grabbed good seats by the pool.

The live band was playing, and there are dancers who pull the crowd to dance along.

We took out our barrel again at the pool deck. They serve us food again!! BBQ buffet with lots and lots of food. You will never go hungry. 

To show how big that thing is. :)


They prepared some games as well. This poor girl kept getting soaked. Whoever threw the ball on target, then the girl will get hit by the water balloon on top. 

There are not enough seats that's why there are people standing everywhere. We got lucky. The other people stood up to go watch the performance and we quickly got these seats! :D

It was the 20th anniversary btw. We didn't get any of that cake pun. 

Wanted to get a sunset photo but no pretty sunset that day. 

We moved on to the top deck after that to chill some more.

Sorry in advance. We have a lot of photos like these throughout the trip. :)

Titanic fail. Hahah.

At about 8 something, we went exploring the ship again and found ourselves outside the Ocean Palace (chinese restaurant) and decided to go in for supper. OMG wayy too much food please. The biggest eater of the trip is Cs. He is the only one (among the four of us) who could eat again and again.

I had to accompany him to eat supper at 11:30 pm every night. Siao one.

Benz and Vero went to rest up after that but Cs and I went exploring some more. Ended up here again cos its just too beautiful. We were out at sea by now, so you just see the sea, the stars and the moon. It was dark all around us. 

Saw this promo. Corona for only RM 8? Why the hell not?

There was a basketball court too.

That's our room number. Oh look I'm still holding my Corona. Hahaha.

So that concludes our first day on the cruise. :)

Next day: Phuket!

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