Sunday, 7 July 2013

My weekend

Friday night: The hubs loves watching movies while I am quite meh about them. But we compromised: watched despicable me 2. It was ok. The minions were not as hilarious as I expected. Back track a bit. We were at the Spring. Met mum and Winnie there for dinner (coincident) sushi king. Nice.

Saturday night: We went to Hijau for supper at about 9pm. Had good burger and chicken wings. Btw I am typing on my iPad now. Damn slow. Hijau was the place where we decided to go Japan before. Heheh. Random trivia. 

Sunday night: We just came back from Escobar. Cs had cravings for or chien (oyster pancake). 

Kuching's version of or chien. Tonight's version is very mehh (lousy). Not as crispy or as tasty. Cs wasn't satisfied. 

Anyway, we actually wanted to go last night. There was a "muay Thai" boxing event but we were afraid  it would be packed and we didn't know if we needed tickets. So cancelled. But tonight we went instead. It was all right. Not as packed. The two singers were as good as before but too bad they ended at 9 pm. Kinda early. 

Taken from Escobar just now. Can't seem to stop myself taking photos of sunsets. No filter from Cs' S4. Jeles. I want his phone. 

This one with filter from my Instagram. 

This is Cherrie. Cheeky face. 

This is super layan face. 

This is her asking for food. When she wants something, she lifts up her paw (hand) even before we ask her to give hand. Always the same right paw. Damn cute. 

Ok bye. Nights. 

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