Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Luck be with us.

I had a plan to blog about the first day of the cruise.

But this will have to be a filler post instead cos I'm sitting here taking my flu meds and drinking warm water.

So I have to sleep early tonight and not over work my brain.


I'm actually making an excuse. 

Hahahha. I'm really taking my flu meds, but I just want to kick back and listen to Youtube songs and plan my upcoming vacations. :X

Heheh. Yes, I am going somewhere. No, I am not telling you where.

I'm so blessed and so lucky.

Btw speaking of lucky, Cs' dad won a lucky draw prize today: a new Samsung Camera! Gawd I'm jealous. Haha not really lah. But you know, before I met Cs, I never realized that its possible to win lucky draws. He's my lucky charm.

I won my company annual dinner lucky draw twice. Lucky me. :)

Back to my flu. I feel so bad for people who have to listen to my sniffling in the office. Before you say ewww..lazy bitch fucking go to toilet to clear it out, allow me to explain.


In my defense, I woke up (very late) and went to office without knowing how bad my nose was. Haih so no meds with me. I just had to hold tissues to my nose and go to the toilet often, and wish 5 pm would come sooner.

OK enough of that. 

The cruise trip was fun. Besides eating a lot, we watch shows, drink a lot (alcoholic drinks), and just soak up the atmosphere generally. 

We (Cs and I) went to the deck (top floor) every night to lie there looking at the stars, drink in hand, and talk and laugh together. It was very relaxing. Well deserved vacation. 

Some more the trip is so affordable! Everyone should go! 

First day welcome party on the pool deck. We didn't swim in the pool. Initially wanted to but that place is never empty. Maybe about 12 am when there are less people around, but you would have to be very confident with your body, or very intoxicated (not wise) to use the pool. Hahah. Both of which I'm not.

I'll write the long version soon. :)

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