Friday, 12 July 2013

Cooking Spree!

Hello. These days, Winnie and I have been on a cooking spree. One fine night, we decided to make lasagna.

As you can see, the layers are not that obvious. It tastes SO GOOD though. But oh my Gods! It is so rich, so creamy, and so sinful. I adapted the recipe from Karen Cheng. I am a sucker for Italian. Or cheese. But so does almost everybody else. Try to make this! Its a bit time consuming but so worth it.

The initial plan was to make some sort of pie or tart cos I am obsessed with making some sort of pie or tart. Haha I bought a new book but it is useless. Kinda. The recipes are so vague. So why did you buy it mi? Cos the photos look so tempting. Damn. 

I used one of the recipe to make fruit pies. From scratch. This was our first time only so it took us so long to make this. Damn regret making this. Some more the recipe was so vague that we had to second guess and resort to Google for help. I'll take a photo of the book next time. Don't buy it. 

We made these small tarts first but it took so long that we were tired (lazy), so we changed to these medium tarts. 

We put in wayy too much fruitss on these tarts. Anyway, this is the first and last time we are making this. It tastes good and all, but Win and I both said that we got more satisfaction out of making lasagna. Think we'll stick with making real food and not desserts.

We have quite a few of these left over. 

Moving on. There is a story behind these wedges.

 I am not so fond of KFC's cheezy wedges. I always ask for plain wedges. But that day, the woman behind the counter gave me this after I asked for plain. She said: cannot. Its on the picture (points at wedges photo) so you can't have plain.

Cs and I stared at her like she was speaking a foreign language.

Bitch please, lazy to give me a new one say la! Like I never go to KFC in my life, or have never asked for plain wedges in my life. Think I live under the well like you? Got me so mad! Incompetent bitch trying to lie to me. (Positive thoughts all went out the window from here on.)

I didn't kick up a fuss and just ordered nuggets instead. But it got me thinking: sometimes is it better to kick up a fuss and call the manager over and demand for my plain wedges? Since I paid for it, I want to damn well eat it. But then this is Kuching, Malaysia. The manager would (most probably) take her side, and they would mutter and very reluctantly give me my plain wedges while cursing at me, and giving me the death stare. Cos this is Kuching. Cos we settle for this behaviour. Cos we have no choice.

This just makes me so mad. Why is our culture like this? Should I fucking bitch at her on the spot next time?

In London, customers are totally entitled to request things. Jeez. While I worked in Mcd, about 1 in every 5 customers request something special on their burger every single day!! "No pickles" is the ever popular request. They (customers) just request that so they get their freshly made cheeseburgers on the spot. But in Kuching, try and request no pickles, they probably think you're an alien.

Fucking hell. I can't even get plain wedges. Its not like I asked for EXTRA sauce. I asked for NONE. Chee-bye. OK I'm in a bad mood now so I'm extra pissed cos of this.

I have to write a post on the funny things customers order sometimes, like cheeseburgers with no cheese. Or hamburger with no bun. Hahah. 

Moving on.

You know that day at Spring food court, I was queuing up behind a girl to buy drinks. Another guy and girl came up and queued by the side. When the girl in front finished her order and left, both me and the other girl stepped up. We looked at each other. 

She was about to order when I said: I was here first. 

The girl said: the queue is here.

Me: but I was here first.

She just shrugged and let me go first while she bitched at me to her guy friend.

I fucking regret not turning around to ask what?!! What bitch?! Speak louder please! 

The mood I am in now (as in right now), I feel like I want to pick a fight with every idiot who pissed me off. Sorry. 

Seriously though. I was there first! She insisted the queue was at the other side! So bitch?! I was behind the woman!!! You came AFTER ME BITCH!! 

(I think I should not be blogging tonight. I'm just spreading bad qi (energy)).

These are the result of Camera 360's new filter. Kinda in love with it.

Go download and try it out. Kinda fun to play with. :)

Incidentally, I posted this on FB and a friend said I look better in the photo than in real life (not those words but along those lines). So in case anyone is as dim as he is, obviously the app made me look better than I actually do. Hahah sorry Norman. I can be an asshole too ya know.

Don't let the pretty face (ha!) fool you.

Told ya I was in a bad mood.

Ok that's all for tonight.

No wait. I went to watch Pacific Rim earlier tonight. It was kinda awesome.

Winnie watched it first and told me to tell Cs (movie buff) that he MUST watch it, and that it is better than Transformers. 

Well, its not the same as Transformers but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the movie. Time flew by and I was so caught up in it. Yea, its a must watch. Yes, its another movie about aliens but I don't care about that. I just care if the movie is good or not. It is. Go watch!

Ok bye for real.

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