Thursday, 25 July 2013


So I might or might not have mentioned this before. I forgot. Memory of a duck. Sorry. But anyway, I'm moving. House I mean. Cs and I sold our house. The current one. Long story. So we are busy packing every night after work, trying to sort out our stuff. Which to keep, which to toss, which to pack, which to sell, and which to move to storage.

Which means I am exhausted most of the time. Physically and mentally. Winnie comes over to help sometimes and to force me to pack more stuff.

We are also trying to finish all the food that we have currently at home. Winnie is a big help here too. Hahah. Ocassionally she tries to eat my lunch too. My lunch for the next day at work, I mean. I try and stop her best I can. :)

The downside is, I am starting to forget things. I forgot where I packed those clothes, I forgot that we don't have biscuits at home. I forgot that I don't have my baking pans anymore. The other day, I was happily defrosting meat, chopping carrots (all the works for my casserole), when I realized I packed most of my kitchen stuff off already. Jeez woman.

Another downside is I'm guzzling way too much coffee to keep myself awake during working hours. I need sleep. I also need to workout. I also need to pack. Grr. We also need to eat dinner. Damn.

But yeah this is mainly what I have been doing these days. Yawn. Literally.

Actually its not that bad. I skipped packing tonight. Worked out for 1.5 hours - feel so proud of myself. Every time after exercising, I feel so good and ask myself why dont I do this everyday.  But next day i'll end up doing something else instead. Ah well. 

Change of topic.

In other news, I love my new phone. There are so many things to play with. It is so different to my iphone but I'm slowly getting the hang of it.

That day after work when Cs brought me to buy my phone, I felt elated and also slightly sad/mournful. Bitter sweet cos the woman informed me immediately: ok you cannot use ur iphone now. 

So fast!! Ya, I know its good la. Its what I wanted. Just that I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to my phone.  No last words.

And I'm aware of how this sounds. Its an object. Its bimbotic. Its not alive. Out with the old, in with the new. 

Just realised this applies to my house too. I'm feeling bittersweet too. Mostly bitter. Hahaha. Can't blame me. There are so many memories everywhere. Oh well.

What else?

Cs dragged me to watch Pacific Rim (again) but this time in 3D. Feel sorry for me y'all. I had to watch Iron Man 3 three (3) times!! Three! Tiga! San! Before and after watching Iron Man 3, I also had to watch Iron Man 1 and 2. As much as I love Robert Downey Jr, that is a bit too much.

I guess this is his payback for my Sex and the City and Grey's Anatomy marathon. Hahah. Oh well.  

Ok bye. I am going to zzz..

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Valley Girl said...

Yes, bitter sweet moment... We throw away the olds and greet the new stuff. There is only one earth and we keep extracting resources to make useless stuff.