Sunday, 31 July 2011

Don't look back

Eli and Cherrie on their daily "walks". Walks in quotation marks because as you can see, Cherrie is not really walking, but Eli is. Yah, this is how they go about their daily walks.

How is it possible that something that looks so cute and adorable can be so bad? Cherrie has not "grown up" yet. She has yet to grow out of that phase. She still growls and bites when she is in a bad mood.

The only reason why we (except eli) have less bite marks nowadays is because we have her (somewhat) figured out now. For example, when Cherrie is sleepy or its near her bedtime, you would be a FOOL to try to touch her. Beware a sleepy Cherrie. Its like poking a sleeping dragon in the eye. (Yea I got that from Harry Potter).

These photos below were from our Saturday night. I shall let the photos do the talking because I'm so tired. Yea what else is new. When will I ever learn to sleep early and wake up late?? Not the other way round mi.

Our friends went to Kuching fest (oh yes it started yesterday!) first for dinner and to tapau food over to our place. So they arrived at about 930 pm.

Here, Cs and I are enjoying beer and at the same time, being eaten to death by mosquitoes, before cs had the sense to go back for mosquito coil, and I jumped into the pool. =.=

Ahh people always stick together.

The others arrived late so no one was really in the mood to swim by then. So we chilled by the pool with alot of food and alcohol. "Chilled" is a really fancy word for being eaten to death by mosquitoes still. Haha. I'm still not so sure the mosquito coils worked.

I am a lousy photographer with an awesome camera. :)

Ah boon taking a short (or long) cut across the pool. Hmm.. and showing off really manly legs there. Haha.

A not so blur photo of the club house (finally!), not taken by me, with my awesome camera. John got bored and started experimenting with the manual settings on my camera.

We stayed out till about 1am there talking about all sorts of crap, eating way too much food (fried fish, deep fried quail (the bird), or chien (oyster omelet mmmmm...), fried prawn (no wonder my throat's not getting better) and junk food (peanuts, and more peanuts, and a huge ass pack of Cheezels!), and oh yes drinking beer and vodka.

I think my body is not equipped to handle that much junk at about midnight. I felt so bad this morning ugh. Didn't help that the first place to go this morning was church! Ugh. Hideous.

But oh well. It was worth it. Sort of. Haha. Gorging on food, pigging out once in a while is always good. I believe its good for our health. :) And overall sanity. Trying to stay in shape is such a pain (pun). I believe it may be somewhat damaging to my brain cells. All that exercise bah for what! One night of pigging out and its all gone down the drain.

And I am not making sense am I? Arguing both sides of the case. Hmm..

Will you look at all that junk on our tables. Everyone always brings extra food when they come. So in the end we all end up eating wayy too much.

And a vain photo of me after all that.


I wish. I wish. I wish.

I think I just need to find something else to think about. Put it out of my mind. Forget it.

But there is something I want to share. I read it sometime ago on an interview with JK Rowling.

Copied and pasted. She refers to JK Rowling.

"I go to church myself," she declared. "I don't take any responsibility for the lunatic fringes of my own religion."

"I think His PR people really need to calm the f down"...taken from where I don't remember. I remember seeing it before but I can't find it on the net.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Props are important after all..

I ♥ book fairs! There is this book fair at Crown Square now (level 2) that are selling books priced from RM 3.90 (romance and some kids books) to RM 6.90 (thinner paperback novels) to RM 7.90 (paper back novels like the John Grisham books) and about RM 20 for some hard cover novels and what not. So damn cheap!

Most of them are still in great condition. So why not! I wanted to buy some more but cs wouldn't let me. T____T why?! It's cheap! I don't care. I'll sneak back next week hah. The book fair ends on 7 August if I'm not mistaken. :)

Cs brought me there during lunch. He let me out the front door, so I could make use of my one hour to shop properly while he went to find a parking spot. I told him to order my lunch for me.

Some 10 mins later he called to tell me my food had already arrived. Oh noo..not enough time. I had four books in my arms then already. Its ok. Paid for it and went down for lunch. Rushed through my lunch and dragged cs back up to level 2 again. Bought another 4 books before I went back to the office! :)

After work, I dragged cs back to the book fair and bought 7 more books. Hehe. Cheap what! :) I'm saving a lot of money in the process. I'm a happy shopper.

Cs doesn't like books so much. So I made him my assistant. Told him to search the tables for my favorite authors and bring them to me once he spotted them. Thanks honey!

If you squint, you can see that I got a few Sweet Valley books as well. Heh teen books but oh well they are collectibles! They're not even for sale anywhere anymore. How else to find them? I'll let my daughters read them in the future. Assuming they want to read. Grr they better!


Made my own hot lemon honey for my sore throat and it doesn't cost RM 3.60 per cup! Take that Hong Kong Causeway Bay!

I've been having porridge and all sorts of liang teh and cough medicine and what not but I'm still coughing. Grr..might have to go to the doctor again tomorrow. Tried to go after 5 just now, but it was closed. Oh well.

Moving on. This is from Doris' leme leme app again. Photos from her iphone.

She took so many random photos that turned out really nice. Obviously not that random lah she had the camera in her hands the whole day. She probably aimed and retook hundreds of photos herself, and she's not even the official photographer. :)

We went to the beach for sunset photos because I like. :) I haven't seen the official photos yet but hopefully they turned out ok.

Unlike with Hollywood, this time cs and I could actually preview the photos beforehand. And our photographer this time kept making us redo the pose over and over again to get it perfect.

Like this photo above, I must have twirled at least 20 times there with people staring at all sides. There was another wedding couple waiting to take their photos at this exact spot too. So they and their photographer along with the others were watching me twirl and twirl. Lucky cs only had to hold my hand.

I hope no one caught a glimpse of my undies. Haha. Hopefully the photo turns out nice then it would be worth it. I meant the spinning around, not the undies part. Unlikely lah my dress was so long, quite impossible. :)

More sunset photos. The way I remember it, the beach was nowhere near this empty. The beach was quite crowded for a random Sunday afternoon. It was hot, sunny, and filled with people. So this photo was probably when most people had already left, including me, to change.

Hi, my name is AMY!

I brought some props with me on the day, including this white board and marker. It belongs to us. We hang it on the fridge to leave notes to each other - mostly silly stuff. I always liked whiteboard markers. The idea of coming home and seeing a silly note written from him. Heh. :)

So I brought it along. But we didn't use it in the end. We were running short of time. In fact, I had quite a few ideas, but ended up not doing them. I should have brought a list, but there was no way we could remember everything.

Plus the whole day was tiring enough running up and down in heels (forgot my slippers), lifting up my skirt, can can and long veil, posing in a certain way and holding that pose till certain body parts hurts, and always smiling, acting happy. And trying not to sweat out in the hot sun. I have a new found respect for models.

In a way, this photo shoot session was even more tiring because it was all outdoors. I had 2 eggs for breakfast at 730am. By the time we all had time for lunch (including our friends who tagged along, the make up artist and photographer), it was 3pm.

Everyone was starving but luckily everyone was still in good spirits.

Good thing we weren't alone too. We had friends along who made us laugh at each other and together the whole day. Made the whole day seem more fun rather than tiring.

In case you were wondering, this is Doris, from whom I stole all photos. Thanks babe.

In the photo, Doris has a wine glass, and what looks like red wine. That is another of my "props". Haha. Cs and I brought along two wine glasses and a bottle of sparkling juice. :) Quite lihai if I may say so.

Hahaa no lah all ideas stolen off Google. Just have to be hardworking and find ideas and be creative.

And me at the end of the day. Dead tired. Can barely keep my eyes open.

I post more photos next time when I'm more awake. Tired. I probably look more or less like that now. Haggard minus the make up.

Night all.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Because I am a girl

I really need to post photos of other people other than myself on this blog. :) Its bad for my image. Hah.

This was (obviously) from dad's birthday! As usual, dad had two cakes: one from us, and one from his office. I just realized that poor Kevin (my bro) has to pay for both sides.

At home, Winnie and I collect from him, and at the office, he has to chip in for the boss as well. Haha. Too bad.


These two photos are for Kah Ling and Kah Yee (if you're reading this)! Its not easy to hold Cherrie and have a decent photo taken, as they found out that day. Haha..

Cherrie is in love with you Kah Ling! Cherrie was so happy that many people to play with her. She was literally running around in circles.

Random cute photos of Cherrie! Yea, she has her own clothes (a few shirts/dresses), her own blankets (quite a few), and alot of toys. This is her Domo-kun that she brought over herself onto her own blanket. So cute the way she bit it and dragged it over to her blanket. Cuteee..


Its funny how songs can trigger such strong memories. That stupid song by Aaron Kwok - falling for you will always remind me of you. And by you I mean Shirley (cos she gave me this song) and Chris (I think that is his name?) my ex room mate in Bermondsey who exclaimed: what is this shit you're listening to Amy?

He was right btw. I don't really remember but the lyrics kinda went along to: you are the sun, the moon. I am the star light searching for you. How can I ever explain? The colour that you bring into my life.

I listen to it anyway because of the melody. Silly lyrics but the song itself isn't that bad. :)

Its funny that whenever I want to write something down, it always comes out emoey/sad when I'm not really in real life.

So I shall add a smile face to show I'm not. :)

Friday, 22 July 2011

When life gives you apples, make apple juice!

Currently head over heels in ♥ over this photo.

It’s the leme leme app effect that makes it look good. Not us really. Plus we are finally relaxed, and not stiff in front of the camera.

But like any other couple, don’t look at the surface. Ever heard the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover?

Everything is not coming up roses. We have our own problems. I wish to God that I can spit everything out here, and fucking roll my eyes whenever I want to!

How ironic is it that I am finally learning what it means to get married. Its not between the two of you. It is so much more than that. The unity of two families, and every single thing in between. Why is it so hard! Making decisions.

I’m fine. Or at least I will be fine after an ice cold beer. No lah. I do have good news to share. I am drinking much less nowadays. *beams like a light bulb* !!!!!!

This is a major accomplishment for me. OK, I still drink during social gatherings and during weekends, and I get the urge to pick up a bottle whenever I feel frustrated. But I don't. That's the thing. I vent. But I don't actually drink! Happy *beams some more*

I realize this sounds like I'm a major alcoholic. =.=" But I'm not (this is where everyone else rolls their eyes at me for being delusional) Not helping with my own problems now. Haii fcuk it. I don't care. My blog is my own private domain where I can still fook you whenever I want to. So far lah..


Referring to the photo above, that was taken by Doris. That girl is stuck to her iphone and her camera. I swear, everytime I see her, she has her iphone or her camera pointing at me (the whole day!) Haha but I'm not complaining or I wouldn't be able to get such gorgeous photos from her! :)

It was very impromptu. What was supposed to be a simple, normal photoshoot outing turned into a somewhat spontaneous trip for 5 friends, one photographer, one make up artist, and a lot of cameras! :) Fun~

Thursday, 21 July 2011

No title for this post

Despite the lack of updates here every now and then, not to mention the lazy half arsed updates that includes my very own vain photos (very cringe worthy even for me), I have been very busy the whole time. I know that I’m a lucky bitch who has her day packed with activities (trust me I am so not gloating), but I’m so so tired all of the time.

I just want to sleep. I want to rest. I want a day to myself, doing nothing. I want to go to the gym, work out myself. I want to watch mindless SATC again. I don’t want to go on and on and end up falling sick again. Fuck why is my body so weak?!!

I don’t like that my weekends are packed full of activities. I was on sick leave yesterday. Blasted body. Couldn’t sleep in the middle of the tossing and turning, freezing (always a bad sign), woke up got dressed to go work as usual.

But as soon as I climed in the car, and cs looked at me, and asked are you ok baby?? I burst into tears and told him to bring me to the doctor. So shameful don’t know why I’m broadcasting it here.

It’s the damn weather. The haze that is making everyone sick. I listen to most of colleagues coughing, sneezing or else clearing their throats around me. It’s a bad sign.

Anyway. Time for a change of topic. Reading this is enough to make anyone sick. Heh.


On a happier note, I have finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part2. It was…(I’m trying not to be biased, and trying to think along the lines of the books) ….okay lah. Not that nice. Allow me to explain.

I went to watch it on a Thursday night together with mum, Winnie and Kevin. Mum, Winnie and I are all JK Rowling fans, and have memorized Harry Potter books 1-7. Hehe..So we know exactly what is going on throughout the movie, which part is added on that is not in the book, and exactly what the fuck is going on when they skip scenes.

Kevin is the only blur one. Before the movie started, Kevin was looking at the poster outside, and asked: so whose wand is Harry using now? There was a silence.

How to answer his question without giving away huge plots of the movie leh?! This is exactly what the movie is supposed to tell you, but is not fully explained properly.

Harry is now using Draco’s wand. In book 6, he was the one who disarmed Dumbledore, on top of the tower. Dumbledore was the one who last possessed the Elder Wand. In the end of Deathly Hallows part 1 (the movie), Voldemort broke into Dumbledore’s coffin/grave to take his wand, because he believed it to be the elder wand. He was mistaken.

He thought that Snape killed Voldemort, therefore the elder wand’s power should be with Snape. It was not. The wand chooses the wizard. Dumbledore’s death was planned between him and Snape. So Snape never defeated Dumbledore. Instead, Malfoy did (by surprise).

That’s it. One long answer to Kevin’s supposedly innocent question about whose wand is Harry using then?

That is kind of like how the movie is. Watch it but don’t expect to understand everything. I say this because I'm judging by Kevin who bombarded us with questions after the movie (maybe Kevin is just dumb) hahahhaha kidding.

It was ok. Still full of thrill and action. The beginning was kinda cool. On the dragon, breaking into Gringotts. Fun. 2 hours and 10 mins flew by really. I’m still going to buy the DVD when it comes out. :) Hardcore fan!


Another change of topic.

I finished reading a few new books recently. I have a new strategy. I walk into Popular and check out their best sellers. Flip open a few pages and if its nice, I close it, and go back to google the free online version! Genius!!! Hahaha don’t care if you don’t think so. I saved my money and its good enough.

So, I’ve recently read:

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella. Its seriously chick lit but its funny and a page turner definitely. This has to be one of her best books. I read her shopaholic series, and even though I finished them, I was quite disgusted with her. What kind of idiot racks up credit card bills like that? Siao one. Anyway, this is funny. And because I’m in a generous mood (sharing is caring), read the free online version here:

Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult. This book is intriguing. Its about a woman who wakes up with amnesia, no knowledge of who she is. Turns out, she is the wife of the most famous movie star in the world. When her husband claims her, she is thrown into a world of luxuries, dreams. What the world doesn’t knows is that her husband (the movie star) abuses his wife. Read their story. Its very nice. The free online version here:

You can only read in browser. No need to sign in username and what not. I never tried downloading them, I just read when I’m free.

The girl with the dragon tattoo – I’m halfway reading this. Just started actually.

I saw that John Grisham has a new book - the confession. I read a few pages while in Popular a few days ago. Just reading the few pages in the beginning, I know I have to get it!! I tried, but it’s a new book. I’m gonna have to wait for this!! :) I loved his other books: the client (but God I wanna strangle the kid sometimes), the testament and I don’t remember now.

Its easier to find older books online, but the newer ones not so much.


What else? The countdown widget on my sidebar is scaring the hell out of me! Why is it suddenly 45 days to go? Where has the time gone?!

Tonight I'm going for the food tasting with both our families. Bad timing since I'm taking mediciation and can taste nothing. Maybe I'll take the opportunity to say shit such as: ehh why this soup no taste? Eh why the duck too salty? No lah.. best to keep quiet and eat. It'll be up to our parents doing the criticizing tonight. I just have to show up and smile. :) <--retard.

OK bye

Monday, 18 July 2011

Photos from photoshoot

Because I'm very in the mood to layan today! :) But how to layan when they are mostly photos of self. Somemore vain photos of self. Aih I shall try my best. Haha.

So why am I in the mood to layan today after so long? Probably cos I just had another batch of photos taken on Sunday. And voila! Mood to layan alert. In proper english, mood to layan literally translates to mood to hiu lah. Oh man never realized how Malaysian my English is. Hiu means er..layan lah.

I actually went to google to find a Malay to English translator. (Malay Fail) Layan translates to catering. So I am here to cater to your requests wtf sounds very hou lian (arrogant).

Anyway. Rubbish aside.

Getting hair and make up done in the morning.

Winnie took one look at my photos (long ago when I just had these taken), and said: wow. You're quite the camwhore aren't you? =.="

Shameless. But why did I get all dolled up for that one day, if not to have photos taken? :)

Just to show you how the dress looks like.

These photos were from the photo shoot at Hollywood Bridal many months ago. No, I have not got the official photos yet. Tell me why! Haha no lah I really am in no rush to have them back.

I took these with my own camera (obviously) and I didn't post it up anywhere on my blog or facebook, because they are too vain for words. =.="

So why today? Dunno. Its about time. I have nothing to blog about since my life these days are consumed with wedding plans. Plus these were just rotting away in the folder. And more and more people keep asking me to post wedding photos. So oh well.

Its an excuse to be a bimbo.

I think the stylist did a fab job. I liked this look. This was the first dress and hair job. I had a total of 5 dresses for the photoshoot itself but I'll post the other photos next time lah.

So nice having someone put on make up for me, and loving the effect. So much that I continued cam whoring, totally oblivious to cs behind me!

Cs' turn to get primped behind me. I totally ignored him, while he was wincing - having his eye brows plucked for the first time. Haha. Its a relief. His shin chan eyebrows are gone! And someone is experiencing make up for the very first time as well - just some powder on his face.

Oh you wanted to see cs' photos? Haha paiseh I'm a bit self absorbed. Here you go:

His Highness for the day. Bet he loved it. Better don't get used to it baby. You won't get this at home. :)

Very dapper Mr. Ngen. :)

And that's it for today!

I actually don't really want to post this. I sound so brainless. Not that I sound otherwise on other days. But in my defense, I rushed through this without much thought.

OK. Bye.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Before and After

Disclaimer: I don't know if I have posted this already before. But I wanted to update my blog, but have no idea what to write so I went to scroll down my edited posts, but not yet posted ones. And found this. So voila!

I wrote this months ago. Forgot when. But its an ongoing battle with myself. Grr.

This is a rubbish post. Just photos of me. And me getting upset at my mum for saying I look old, ugly, haggard, and like shit.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Earlier today, my mum told me (yet again): You really should put on make up more often.

Actually mum has been telling me this time and time again.

In the beginning she subtly and casually commented on my outfits and no-make up face. Then:

Can you wear that to the office? Isn't it too casual? Don't you need to put on make up? Are you the only one who doesn't put on make up? You're getting lazier and lazier. More and more auntie!

Is it me or is there something wrong with this picture?

My 50 year old mum is telling me that I look auntie! Fuck! I'm 26 years old. Not yet married. No kids yet. I cannot look auntie. I sound paranoid don't I? Obviously I am, hence this post.

Fine. I will TRY to put more effort into my looks. Sigh. Make up is a chore. Seriously I salute those girls who can apply make up every morning to work. Why can't I do the same?

I will. I must!

I used to put on contacts every day to the office. Then I gave up! Wore specs everyday. Cos my eyes hurt from squinting at the computer. They get so dry after 8 hours of non stop staring at the computer screen, 5 days a week.

Sometimes when I come home from work, mum looks me up and down and asks me: did you really look like that at work today? Arghh!!

I really don't feel the need to impress anyone (except cs) and I am so lazy to have to remove my make up everyday. Besides, make up everyday is supposed to make your skin worse isn't it? Aren't you supposed to let your pores breathe? Yea I know my pores get more than enough oxygen since I hardly make up nowadays..

So, with this post, I announce and resolve to put more effort into my physical appearance haii..Woe is me.


Feel free to tell me I look like shit. Here we go:

I actually had trouble selecting the more better looking ones. There were much uglier/retarded looking photos but I chose to spare some dignity for myself.

Yes, I look like this everyday at the office. Over the past two years working here, I have accumulated lots of photos taken at my cubicle and in the toilets (especially), in a variety of poses that will shock most people! Hahaha wtf!

Selected some of the more normal ones to post up here..

Yes, I do work. I just happen to take lots of harmless photos of myself while I work. To err..amuse myself.

I miss my long hair. I cut it again today! But I like it. An improvement from the old boring hairstyle. I've been waiting for it to grow out so I can go to get a proper style. Grr..

Mum just came over to my computer to say: Look at your photos. You see. So haggard!!!

OK mum. I will put on make up tomorrow. If I wake up on time.

Is anyone else as lazy as me? Am I the only one who thinks that make up is for nights and weekends. Sigh..

Photos below are with make up.

OK fine. I don't cringe when I look at my own photos here. This should mean something. Do people cringe when they look at me? Does cs cringe when he looks at me fuck never thought of that! Better not buster!

It was so much easier selecting photos for the after make up section. That should mean something.

Cannot see my face in the last photo but nvm. I know I had make up on. And it shows. I alaready stand up taller, look more confident and what not I don't know lah.

See-crew man.

I will have to try to live up to mum's expectations!

Rubbish post remember? :)

Monday, 11 July 2011


Its been a long time since I dressed up and did this. So bear with me. A photo is worth a thousand words so err may these photos speak for themselves.

Haii speaking of photos, I have not got my pre-wedding photos yet! Why! I didn't know there were so many steps involved. Or is it just me? Can't be leh. I have been back and forth to the bridal studio so many times.

But actually I'm not complaining here. We (cs and I) are very laid back and have quite a don't-care attitude so far. But now, with 50+ days to go, I am getting a bit concerned. I want to look at the albums itself, when will the day come?

But when I am holding onto the albums itself, it should be about time to start panicking because it should be about 20+ days left to go. Gasp!! Hyperventilating! Why time pass by so fast? Week after week and it feels like I haven't done anything much really.

I love this dress but too bad its so short. I'm wearing black pants underneath but I still have to keep pulling on my dress (in public) all the time. Ahh..never mind. I got it cheap. Think I bought it for about RM 29 only. Happy. Cheap = good.

I have also mastered the art of curling my own hair. Beams with pride. I no longer walk into the saloon with high hopes and come out with an emptier wallet, and an even angrier face. :)

Too bad my curls don't really last long. When I need to, I'll use hairspray but for now, I'm satisfied with these curls..

As you can probably tell, I am running out of things to talk about. Babbling endlessly about bimbotic stuff such as my hair, my dress. FML. Where are my brains? Asleep no doubt. I am almost delirious. So why not sleep mi? Good point.

Because it feels as if I have not done anything today. Besides go to work and that's it? Time to sleep?! Yet another day?! Gah. So this is why dad always falls asleep in front of the sofa. He feels the same way too. Tired and yet refuse to go up to bed. Is this inheritance or does everyone other person feel the same way too? For some reason, this symptom only strikes on a weekday when I have to work the next day hmmm haha.

Saturday noons (for me) are now reserved for sleep. I wake up at 12pm. Have lunch. Online for a while and at about 3pm, I am already yawning again and again. Watch tv for a while. Can't keep my eyes open. Ahh give up. Go up to bed again and wake up really refreshed just in time for dinner. Hahahha FML I sound like such a pig.

What else to talk about? Updates on the wedding.

We decided on the invitation cards already. For some reason, everyone else agreed on cs' card design, no one (and I mean no one) thought that the one I chose looked good. FML. Forget it. Its just invitation cards. Ptui no one gives a monkey's fart about other people's invitation cards, and definitely no one will keep it. :)

Ahh what else? Can't think of anything else since my last post that I have done. Shit have I really not met the MC, the band, the florist? Shit! I have not gone for my gown fitting too either. Oh shit. Next week.

And I am reaally off to bed now.

Before I go, random fact of the day. Dad is watching a Japanese/Korean (can't tell) girl group concert on tv right now. Strutting their stuff in sexy outfits. Haha.

For some reason, I always catch dad watching weird stuff on tv. Such as thai news. Ya serious. Or sometimes French (or some other language) on tv. Then dad and I would sit down and try to guess what language that is. Haha I don't know why.

Oh oh the Japanese/Korean girl group finished their act, and a boyband went on, then dad changed channel! HAHAHHAA. WTF!

Let's hope no one who knows dad repeats this story to him. :) Night!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Family trip

Missing in action again. These are photos from my recent KL trip. I went with my family minus Kevin. Its been a long time since a family trip. Its probably the only time I went out without cs.

Its quite nice..I mean for me to feel what its like to be without him. Its always him going somewhere without me. So this time I'm the one going somewhere! Ha! I was gloating to him about packing, going on holiday, while he's stuck in Kuching working. :)

Its only when I'm not by his side then I realized that I do miss him. Gloat fail. I think about him while I shop, eat and before I sleep. I compare what its like being with him and my family.

In a good way, I mean. I finally understood what its like for him. He told me that he had to walk around Hong Kong in the middle of the night looking for internet cafes just to chat with me. :)

Anyway. Moving on.

Mum, Winnie and I flew Fireflyz to KL on Thursday night first. Dad went on Friday evening after work. We stayed at Melia hotel again. Our rooms this time was on the 12th floor. I still remember our room numbers. 1217 and 1218. Supposedly higher floor, better views.

But we didn't get the rooms with nice views. We were not facing Times Square; instead we were facing the pool and other old buildings. Oh well.

Vanity shot upon arrival.

Happy people at krispy kreme at Times Square:

We had combo A:

This is yumm!

Love the bagel. A bit weird. We walked into Kripsy Kreme, not for donuts, but for the bagels. I never was a donut person anyway - too sweet.

Mum in the see through lift at Melia hotel. I took a lot of photos in the see through lifts. Bear with me.

Buy 1 free 1 sushi at Sungei Wang. I wonder is the sign "Buy 1 Free 1" on every day from morning to night or not? I always see that sign there, but maybe cos its already evening every time I walk past that store. Forgot to check to see if the sign is there in the day time too.

The bathroom/toilet restaurant/cafe at Sungei Wang. I forgot the name and lazy to check now lah.

Cute concept. I think I remember seeing photos of the cafe from someone who went to Taiwan. Don't know if its new in KL or not. So far there isn't a shop like this in Kuching yet though.

We went in for drinks only - taking a break from shopping. I thought it was a bit weird though. Having food served in toilet bowls (pun intended).

Weird eh. I don't know I just think its weird eating food in and surrounded by toilet bowls. Hmm..

Public toilet. Heh.

The Simon family having not-worth-it sushi at Times Square. Bah waste of money.


Vain pot in the lift again. Ideal conditions for photo taking.

Healthy breakfast. I love yoghurt but its so overpriced in Malaysia. In Kuching, a tiny little pot of yoghurt costs about RM2.50. So overpriced. A bowl of noodles costs RM 3.50 or 4.00. Not an example but whatevers I am tired.

So anyway breakfast at Melia included free yoghurts, among other things. So I had 2 yoghurts every day haha kiasu. :)


Very half aresed entry I admit. I'm not in the mood to type so I shall quit right now. My brain is occupied with other things right now.

Bye. :)