Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Family trip

Missing in action again. These are photos from my recent KL trip. I went with my family minus Kevin. Its been a long time since a family trip. Its probably the only time I went out without cs.

Its quite nice..I mean for me to feel what its like to be without him. Its always him going somewhere without me. So this time I'm the one going somewhere! Ha! I was gloating to him about packing, going on holiday, while he's stuck in Kuching working. :)

Its only when I'm not by his side then I realized that I do miss him. Gloat fail. I think about him while I shop, eat and before I sleep. I compare what its like being with him and my family.

In a good way, I mean. I finally understood what its like for him. He told me that he had to walk around Hong Kong in the middle of the night looking for internet cafes just to chat with me. :)

Anyway. Moving on.

Mum, Winnie and I flew Fireflyz to KL on Thursday night first. Dad went on Friday evening after work. We stayed at Melia hotel again. Our rooms this time was on the 12th floor. I still remember our room numbers. 1217 and 1218. Supposedly higher floor, better views.

But we didn't get the rooms with nice views. We were not facing Times Square; instead we were facing the pool and other old buildings. Oh well.

Vanity shot upon arrival.

Happy people at krispy kreme at Times Square:

We had combo A:

This is yumm!

Love the bagel. A bit weird. We walked into Kripsy Kreme, not for donuts, but for the bagels. I never was a donut person anyway - too sweet.

Mum in the see through lift at Melia hotel. I took a lot of photos in the see through lifts. Bear with me.

Buy 1 free 1 sushi at Sungei Wang. I wonder is the sign "Buy 1 Free 1" on every day from morning to night or not? I always see that sign there, but maybe cos its already evening every time I walk past that store. Forgot to check to see if the sign is there in the day time too.

The bathroom/toilet restaurant/cafe at Sungei Wang. I forgot the name and lazy to check now lah.

Cute concept. I think I remember seeing photos of the cafe from someone who went to Taiwan. Don't know if its new in KL or not. So far there isn't a shop like this in Kuching yet though.

We went in for drinks only - taking a break from shopping. I thought it was a bit weird though. Having food served in toilet bowls (pun intended).

Weird eh. I don't know I just think its weird eating food in and surrounded by toilet bowls. Hmm..

Public toilet. Heh.

The Simon family having not-worth-it sushi at Times Square. Bah waste of money.


Vain pot in the lift again. Ideal conditions for photo taking.

Healthy breakfast. I love yoghurt but its so overpriced in Malaysia. In Kuching, a tiny little pot of yoghurt costs about RM2.50. So overpriced. A bowl of noodles costs RM 3.50 or 4.00. Not an example but whatevers I am tired.

So anyway breakfast at Melia included free yoghurts, among other things. So I had 2 yoghurts every day haha kiasu. :)


Very half aresed entry I admit. I'm not in the mood to type so I shall quit right now. My brain is occupied with other things right now.

Bye. :)


Kah Ling said...

What I love about KL is their sushi in the supermarket. They mark down the prices up to 50% sometimes after 7pm (usually)... I MISS SUSHI

Amy said...

Yaaa me too. Its on my "must-have" food lists! Wish that Kch introduce this too haii.. :)

Kah Ling said...

Hope tat Ta Kiong & Boulevard do it ehh... lol