Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Before and After

Disclaimer: I don't know if I have posted this already before. But I wanted to update my blog, but have no idea what to write so I went to scroll down my edited posts, but not yet posted ones. And found this. So voila!

I wrote this months ago. Forgot when. But its an ongoing battle with myself. Grr.

This is a rubbish post. Just photos of me. And me getting upset at my mum for saying I look old, ugly, haggard, and like shit.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Earlier today, my mum told me (yet again): You really should put on make up more often.

Actually mum has been telling me this time and time again.

In the beginning she subtly and casually commented on my outfits and no-make up face. Then:

Can you wear that to the office? Isn't it too casual? Don't you need to put on make up? Are you the only one who doesn't put on make up? You're getting lazier and lazier. More and more auntie!

Is it me or is there something wrong with this picture?

My 50 year old mum is telling me that I look auntie! Fuck! I'm 26 years old. Not yet married. No kids yet. I cannot look auntie. I sound paranoid don't I? Obviously I am, hence this post.

Fine. I will TRY to put more effort into my looks. Sigh. Make up is a chore. Seriously I salute those girls who can apply make up every morning to work. Why can't I do the same?

I will. I must!

I used to put on contacts every day to the office. Then I gave up! Wore specs everyday. Cos my eyes hurt from squinting at the computer. They get so dry after 8 hours of non stop staring at the computer screen, 5 days a week.

Sometimes when I come home from work, mum looks me up and down and asks me: did you really look like that at work today? Arghh!!

I really don't feel the need to impress anyone (except cs) and I am so lazy to have to remove my make up everyday. Besides, make up everyday is supposed to make your skin worse isn't it? Aren't you supposed to let your pores breathe? Yea I know my pores get more than enough oxygen since I hardly make up nowadays..

So, with this post, I announce and resolve to put more effort into my physical appearance haii..Woe is me.


Feel free to tell me I look like shit. Here we go:

I actually had trouble selecting the more better looking ones. There were much uglier/retarded looking photos but I chose to spare some dignity for myself.

Yes, I look like this everyday at the office. Over the past two years working here, I have accumulated lots of photos taken at my cubicle and in the toilets (especially), in a variety of poses that will shock most people! Hahaha wtf!

Selected some of the more normal ones to post up here..

Yes, I do work. I just happen to take lots of harmless photos of myself while I work. To err..amuse myself.

I miss my long hair. I cut it again today! But I like it. An improvement from the old boring hairstyle. I've been waiting for it to grow out so I can go to get a proper style. Grr..

Mum just came over to my computer to say: Look at your photos. You see. So haggard!!!

OK mum. I will put on make up tomorrow. If I wake up on time.

Is anyone else as lazy as me? Am I the only one who thinks that make up is for nights and weekends. Sigh..

Photos below are with make up.

OK fine. I don't cringe when I look at my own photos here. This should mean something. Do people cringe when they look at me? Does cs cringe when he looks at me fuck never thought of that! Better not buster!

It was so much easier selecting photos for the after make up section. That should mean something.

Cannot see my face in the last photo but nvm. I know I had make up on. And it shows. I alaready stand up taller, look more confident and what not I don't know lah.

See-crew man.

I will have to try to live up to mum's expectations!

Rubbish post remember? :)

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