Monday, 4 July 2011

Moving on with the times..or not

No, I have not forgotten my resolution to update my blog regularly. Really. My excuse reason this time is that I just got back from KL last night.

In this day and age, it should be a crime not to be able to go online on the go. On-the-spot. Anytime you want. This used to annoy me (slightly). No lah, not really.

I just look on in disdain (which is probably spurred on by envy) as other friends whip out their iphones/blackberry/various other smartphones and log in to facebook or any other site to show me things that are out of my reach. Heh.

I used to get envious when for example, we are at the poolside (of all places by the beach supposedly far from civilization), and friends still whip out their smartphones and make use of the free wifi. But now, I’m used to it lah. Everyone is doing that except me, Cs, and Winnie. So its cool.

At least we have each other unless Winnie gets a smartphone before me. Then that WOULD REALLY PISS ME OFF!! Hahaha..

Anyway. Yea. So that’s why I haven’t been updating my blog. I haven’t logged into Facebook, stalk my favorite blogs, and checked my emails for 4 days! Am proud of myself. Other than shopping, sleeping and eating, I occupy my time reading, talking, and watching old movies on Astro in the hotel room.

I read an article on a magazine recently about how a bunch of people had to go a whole week (7 days, 168 hours) without their tech addiction. For instance, one person is addicted to Angry Birds, and in that one week, she cannot touch it at all. No playing, no asking someone to play it for you, no cheating!

Another person is addicted to Facebook, another to tv/cable shows, twitter and so on and so forth. This got me thinking. What is my tech addiction, and what could I go without for 7 days?

The truth: nothing. I am not addicted to Facebook (I check it for updates but I can go without for 4 days and feel nothing), Angry Birds (never played it before therefore have no idea what the hu ha is about), and definitely no online games, or tv/cable shows nada.

I have never used twitter (oh the sin) and never played the plants vs zombies, nor have I enjoyed the feeling of taking a photo and uploading it online immediately. I feel ancient.

I am actually not as dependent on technology as I thought. that a good thing or bad? When I’m online, I am most probably sitting comfortably in front of a 18” or 19” (just guessing no idea how big/small it is) laptop/computer screen typing away, never on a phone tapping away. Again, I feel ancient.

I know of some people who are kinda hooked on Restaurant city, pet society (Winnie), but can they go a whole week without these? What is it like? Hmm.. Oh well guess I’ll never know. :)

But I once borrowed a friend's phone to blog for a while, and I sometimes borrow another friend's iPhone to log onto Facebook and post a status just to see that phrase (posted from iPhone), and I must admit, IT FELT GREAT!!! IT FELT AWESOME!

But then, maybe when I have the phone to myself, I wouldn't like it/appreciate it as much anymore. Meh. Its just another fad (yea right mi). Meh I would drop it/kill it by accident no doubt. Haih this is probably true so yea, I really am better off sticking to my old faithful T707.

I'll update on my KL trip soon! :)


♥端容 *~ said...

AMY!!! thank you soooooo much!! OMGGG!!! Do you have one in EVERY part? :O this is amazing. I now understand so much better. *sigh* :):)

erm... richard's daughter...? awkward. lol

Amy said...

Hi!! I just saw ur comment lol! Yes I know who u are hahaha..ur welcome btw. I don't have one for every part hahahaha..