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Idiot's guide to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Seeing as the final movie in the Harry Potter series is coming up, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, I thought I would provide an idiot's guide to the movie. No offense to anyone. My main purpose is to direct this at cs! Lest he pesters me with questions when I'm trying to enjoy the movie. Heh heh.

The movie is coming out on July 14th for Malaysians. Check the release dates for your country here.

So, part 1 of the Deathly Hallows saw Harry, Ron and Hermione on the run from Voldermort and gang. Since Voldermort has taken over the ministry, Harry has become Undesirable No. 1, with a 10,000 galleon prize on his head, so everyone is searching for him. That is why they are on the run, living in tents, moving every night. Hiding from everyone.

Another reason why they are keeping to themselves is because they have a mission left to them by their late headmaster, Dumbledore. Which is, to find all the Horcuxes and destroy them. What are Horcuxes? A Horcrux is an object in which you can conceal a part of your soul. This is how Voldermort cannot die.

Normal people die after they are killed from the Avada Kedavra curse (like Dumbledore), but Voldermort sought a way to live forever. As long as part of his soul remains concealed in a Horcrux, he cannot die. This is evil, dark, twisted magic that not everyone can do. To create a Horcrux, you have to kill someone. Btw, Voldermort created 7 Horcruxes.

So, anyway this is Harry, Hermione and Ron's job to find and destroy Voldermort's horcruxes without anyone knowing.

To continue where we left off from Part 1, Harry and gang had just escaped from Malfoy manor, remember? They arrived at Shell Cottage (where Bill Weasley and Fleur currently lives), with Luna, Dean, Griphook (the goblin), Ollivander (the wandmaker), and a dead Dobby (the elf).

After they buried Dobby, Harry makes a decision to question Ollivander and Griphook. Griphook first, because Harry suspects that Voldermort had hidden a Horcrux in Bellatrix Lestrange's vault in Gringotts. Why? Because Voldemort regards the Lestranges as his most faithful servants. He trusted them, and he would have viewed Gringotts as a symbol of belonging and acceptance into the wizarding world sort of.

The main point is, Griphook has working for Gringotts before and he would have seen the Lestranges vault, and the contents inside. Therefore, Harry is asking for Griphook to help them (Harry, Hermione and Ron) to break inside the Lestranges' vault.

Next, Harry questions Ollivander, to find out a few things. 1) to fix his broken holly and phoenix wand (it cannot be fixed) 2) to identify 2 wands - Draco malfoy's and Bellatrix Lestrange's 3) to ask anything that Ollivander could tell them about the Elder wand.

To cut a long story short, Voldermort is searching for the Elder Wand. It is believed to be the most powerful wand and Voldermort is searching for this wand because he believes that he can use this to defeat Harry, and conquer all.

More on the Elder Wand later.

I realize its rather hard to provide an idiot's guide without giving out all the main points of the upcoming movie. But how to explain ah. I think I continue summazing anyway lah for cs' sake and also because it is so easy for me to write this. Words just flow endlessly and I didn't even have to pause to think or consult the book hehehee../smug/nerd.

So now, Harry and gang, together with Griphook set about planning to break into Gringotts! Not an easy task. On the day of, Hermione took polyjuice potion and turned into Bellatrix Lestrange (a hair plucked off the sweated Hermione was wearing at Malfoy Manor), Ron to be disguised and trusting by the malevolant aura of Bellatrix to protect him, Harry and Griphook to be invisible under the invisibility cloak.

To cut a long story short again and not to give away more exciting details of their adventure, they made it! And they got a Horcrux. This time, its a Hufflepuff cup. While they were on the riverbank having just escaped from Gingotts, Harry saw into Voldermort's mind again. He saw Voldermort punishing all those that were left behind, and he saw Voldemort thinking about all the different places where he hid the Horcruzes.

Harry also saw that Vodermort was planning to check on each and every one of them immediately. This is why Harry knew where the other Horcruxes are.

So, Harry and gang travelled to Hogsmeade immediately. But upon arrival, they realized that Death Eaters (Voldemort's henchmen) had set up traps for them. Dementors, and they could not disapparate. Luckily, they were saved by Aberfort, the guy who owns the Hog's Head (also Albus Dumbledore's brother).

Aberforth helped them get into the school safely, and they met up with Neville, Seamus, and basically everyone else. Neville them thought that Harry had returned to help them fight Snape, Amycus and Alecto (Death Eaters) out of Hogwarts.

But when Harry, Ron and Hermione said that no, they were back to do something and then they were going out of there, Neville and the others wanted to help. The whole situation is moving very fast by this point.

In the end, Harry accepts their help and asks if anyone knows what/where the lost diadem of Ravenclaw is (its another Horcrux). No one has seen it before in living memory, apparently its lost forever, and in desperation, Harry agrees to go with Luna to the Ravenclaw common room to look at it.

At the Ravenclaw common room, they walked into a trap. Voldermort had warned Alecto and Amycus that Harry Potter might enter Ravenclaw common room. So this means that Voldermort knew that Harry Potter was at Hogwarts right now.

To cut a long story short again, this is where battle commences. Voldermort who is checking on his Horcruxes one by one realized that they have been destroyed by Harry and gang.

Harry at Hogwarts is joined by almost every other wizarding family. The Weasleys, Lupin, Hogsmeade folks, Hagrid and baby brother and so on and so forth. Everyone is gathering in Hogwarts to fight.

Good vs bad. Everyone else vs Voldermort and Death Eaters. (Also includes some giants, Acrumantulas - giant spiders).

And I think that's all cs has to know for now. Its all very fast paced, incredibly exciting and I can't wait for the movie to come out! Finally! In 3D!!! I'm so going to watch it in 3D! :) :)))


Wow this is crazy. Fans lining up 2 days before the premiere! Read this! If I was in London, would I be there? Hmm..I queued up for the Order of the Phoenix premiere, but I doubt I'll be crazy enough to do it again. Maybe, maybe not. :)

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