Monday, 18 July 2011

Photos from photoshoot

Because I'm very in the mood to layan today! :) But how to layan when they are mostly photos of self. Somemore vain photos of self. Aih I shall try my best. Haha.

So why am I in the mood to layan today after so long? Probably cos I just had another batch of photos taken on Sunday. And voila! Mood to layan alert. In proper english, mood to layan literally translates to mood to hiu lah. Oh man never realized how Malaysian my English is. Hiu means er..layan lah.

I actually went to google to find a Malay to English translator. (Malay Fail) Layan translates to catering. So I am here to cater to your requests wtf sounds very hou lian (arrogant).

Anyway. Rubbish aside.

Getting hair and make up done in the morning.

Winnie took one look at my photos (long ago when I just had these taken), and said: wow. You're quite the camwhore aren't you? =.="

Shameless. But why did I get all dolled up for that one day, if not to have photos taken? :)

Just to show you how the dress looks like.

These photos were from the photo shoot at Hollywood Bridal many months ago. No, I have not got the official photos yet. Tell me why! Haha no lah I really am in no rush to have them back.

I took these with my own camera (obviously) and I didn't post it up anywhere on my blog or facebook, because they are too vain for words. =.="

So why today? Dunno. Its about time. I have nothing to blog about since my life these days are consumed with wedding plans. Plus these were just rotting away in the folder. And more and more people keep asking me to post wedding photos. So oh well.

Its an excuse to be a bimbo.

I think the stylist did a fab job. I liked this look. This was the first dress and hair job. I had a total of 5 dresses for the photoshoot itself but I'll post the other photos next time lah.

So nice having someone put on make up for me, and loving the effect. So much that I continued cam whoring, totally oblivious to cs behind me!

Cs' turn to get primped behind me. I totally ignored him, while he was wincing - having his eye brows plucked for the first time. Haha. Its a relief. His shin chan eyebrows are gone! And someone is experiencing make up for the very first time as well - just some powder on his face.

Oh you wanted to see cs' photos? Haha paiseh I'm a bit self absorbed. Here you go:

His Highness for the day. Bet he loved it. Better don't get used to it baby. You won't get this at home. :)

Very dapper Mr. Ngen. :)

And that's it for today!

I actually don't really want to post this. I sound so brainless. Not that I sound otherwise on other days. But in my defense, I rushed through this without much thought.

OK. Bye.

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