Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Props are important after all..

I ♥ book fairs! There is this book fair at Crown Square now (level 2) that are selling books priced from RM 3.90 (romance and some kids books) to RM 6.90 (thinner paperback novels) to RM 7.90 (paper back novels like the John Grisham books) and about RM 20 for some hard cover novels and what not. So damn cheap!

Most of them are still in great condition. So why not! I wanted to buy some more but cs wouldn't let me. T____T why?! It's cheap! I don't care. I'll sneak back next week hah. The book fair ends on 7 August if I'm not mistaken. :)

Cs brought me there during lunch. He let me out the front door, so I could make use of my one hour to shop properly while he went to find a parking spot. I told him to order my lunch for me.

Some 10 mins later he called to tell me my food had already arrived. Oh noo..not enough time. I had four books in my arms then already. Its ok. Paid for it and went down for lunch. Rushed through my lunch and dragged cs back up to level 2 again. Bought another 4 books before I went back to the office! :)

After work, I dragged cs back to the book fair and bought 7 more books. Hehe. Cheap what! :) I'm saving a lot of money in the process. I'm a happy shopper.

Cs doesn't like books so much. So I made him my assistant. Told him to search the tables for my favorite authors and bring them to me once he spotted them. Thanks honey!

If you squint, you can see that I got a few Sweet Valley books as well. Heh teen books but oh well they are collectibles! They're not even for sale anywhere anymore. How else to find them? I'll let my daughters read them in the future. Assuming they want to read. Grr they better!


Made my own hot lemon honey for my sore throat and it doesn't cost RM 3.60 per cup! Take that Hong Kong Causeway Bay!

I've been having porridge and all sorts of liang teh and cough medicine and what not but I'm still coughing. Grr..might have to go to the doctor again tomorrow. Tried to go after 5 just now, but it was closed. Oh well.

Moving on. This is from Doris' leme leme app again. Photos from her iphone.

She took so many random photos that turned out really nice. Obviously not that random lah she had the camera in her hands the whole day. She probably aimed and retook hundreds of photos herself, and she's not even the official photographer. :)

We went to the beach for sunset photos because I like. :) I haven't seen the official photos yet but hopefully they turned out ok.

Unlike with Hollywood, this time cs and I could actually preview the photos beforehand. And our photographer this time kept making us redo the pose over and over again to get it perfect.

Like this photo above, I must have twirled at least 20 times there with people staring at all sides. There was another wedding couple waiting to take their photos at this exact spot too. So they and their photographer along with the others were watching me twirl and twirl. Lucky cs only had to hold my hand.

I hope no one caught a glimpse of my undies. Haha. Hopefully the photo turns out nice then it would be worth it. I meant the spinning around, not the undies part. Unlikely lah my dress was so long, quite impossible. :)

More sunset photos. The way I remember it, the beach was nowhere near this empty. The beach was quite crowded for a random Sunday afternoon. It was hot, sunny, and filled with people. So this photo was probably when most people had already left, including me, to change.

Hi, my name is AMY!

I brought some props with me on the day, including this white board and marker. It belongs to us. We hang it on the fridge to leave notes to each other - mostly silly stuff. I always liked whiteboard markers. The idea of coming home and seeing a silly note written from him. Heh. :)

So I brought it along. But we didn't use it in the end. We were running short of time. In fact, I had quite a few ideas, but ended up not doing them. I should have brought a list, but there was no way we could remember everything.

Plus the whole day was tiring enough running up and down in heels (forgot my slippers), lifting up my skirt, can can and long veil, posing in a certain way and holding that pose till certain body parts hurts, and always smiling, acting happy. And trying not to sweat out in the hot sun. I have a new found respect for models.

In a way, this photo shoot session was even more tiring because it was all outdoors. I had 2 eggs for breakfast at 730am. By the time we all had time for lunch (including our friends who tagged along, the make up artist and photographer), it was 3pm.

Everyone was starving but luckily everyone was still in good spirits.

Good thing we weren't alone too. We had friends along who made us laugh at each other and together the whole day. Made the whole day seem more fun rather than tiring.

In case you were wondering, this is Doris, from whom I stole all photos. Thanks babe.

In the photo, Doris has a wine glass, and what looks like red wine. That is another of my "props". Haha. Cs and I brought along two wine glasses and a bottle of sparkling juice. :) Quite lihai if I may say so.

Hahaa no lah all ideas stolen off Google. Just have to be hardworking and find ideas and be creative.

And me at the end of the day. Dead tired. Can barely keep my eyes open.

I post more photos next time when I'm more awake. Tired. I probably look more or less like that now. Haggard minus the make up.

Night all.

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