Sunday, 31 July 2011

Don't look back

Eli and Cherrie on their daily "walks". Walks in quotation marks because as you can see, Cherrie is not really walking, but Eli is. Yah, this is how they go about their daily walks.

How is it possible that something that looks so cute and adorable can be so bad? Cherrie has not "grown up" yet. She has yet to grow out of that phase. She still growls and bites when she is in a bad mood.

The only reason why we (except eli) have less bite marks nowadays is because we have her (somewhat) figured out now. For example, when Cherrie is sleepy or its near her bedtime, you would be a FOOL to try to touch her. Beware a sleepy Cherrie. Its like poking a sleeping dragon in the eye. (Yea I got that from Harry Potter).

These photos below were from our Saturday night. I shall let the photos do the talking because I'm so tired. Yea what else is new. When will I ever learn to sleep early and wake up late?? Not the other way round mi.

Our friends went to Kuching fest (oh yes it started yesterday!) first for dinner and to tapau food over to our place. So they arrived at about 930 pm.

Here, Cs and I are enjoying beer and at the same time, being eaten to death by mosquitoes, before cs had the sense to go back for mosquito coil, and I jumped into the pool. =.=

Ahh people always stick together.

The others arrived late so no one was really in the mood to swim by then. So we chilled by the pool with alot of food and alcohol. "Chilled" is a really fancy word for being eaten to death by mosquitoes still. Haha. I'm still not so sure the mosquito coils worked.

I am a lousy photographer with an awesome camera. :)

Ah boon taking a short (or long) cut across the pool. Hmm.. and showing off really manly legs there. Haha.

A not so blur photo of the club house (finally!), not taken by me, with my awesome camera. John got bored and started experimenting with the manual settings on my camera.

We stayed out till about 1am there talking about all sorts of crap, eating way too much food (fried fish, deep fried quail (the bird), or chien (oyster omelet mmmmm...), fried prawn (no wonder my throat's not getting better) and junk food (peanuts, and more peanuts, and a huge ass pack of Cheezels!), and oh yes drinking beer and vodka.

I think my body is not equipped to handle that much junk at about midnight. I felt so bad this morning ugh. Didn't help that the first place to go this morning was church! Ugh. Hideous.

But oh well. It was worth it. Sort of. Haha. Gorging on food, pigging out once in a while is always good. I believe its good for our health. :) And overall sanity. Trying to stay in shape is such a pain (pun). I believe it may be somewhat damaging to my brain cells. All that exercise bah for what! One night of pigging out and its all gone down the drain.

And I am not making sense am I? Arguing both sides of the case. Hmm..

Will you look at all that junk on our tables. Everyone always brings extra food when they come. So in the end we all end up eating wayy too much.

And a vain photo of me after all that.


I wish. I wish. I wish.

I think I just need to find something else to think about. Put it out of my mind. Forget it.

But there is something I want to share. I read it sometime ago on an interview with JK Rowling.

Copied and pasted. She refers to JK Rowling.

"I go to church myself," she declared. "I don't take any responsibility for the lunatic fringes of my own religion."

"I think His PR people really need to calm the f down"...taken from where I don't remember. I remember seeing it before but I can't find it on the net.

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