Monday, 1 August 2011

Pictars x2

It is so hot in Kuching these days. The haze. The heat. It is so unbearable! Crazy hot! Everyone in real life and in Facebook is complaining/bitching about the weather. Grr.

Anyway. So here are some more photos from the photo shoot that day. I have not seen the official photos yet. Why Jerrick? Haha! He must be busy editing them so, oh well. Its okay I can wait. :)

Posers on the beach. Heh. At first we were still somewhat self conscious but ahh people are staring anyway so might as well try to act natural and happy lah. :)

Like I mentioned before, the wine glasses and sparkling juice were some of our props. It was easier to pose and play around with other objects. More poses for the album. I wanted the photos to be more us. Not just all hugs and kisses and staring into the distance or staring at the sky and whatever. Boring.

I am referring to the photos from Hollywood Bridal. Cs and I were very unprepared for that shoot and maybe that's why we were kinda unhappy with the photos. Not really unhappy lah just not up to expectations. All I see are kisses, touching of the noses etc. All the same poses instructed by the photographer. I don't like.

Ah boon yoga sunset.

I would like to think that our friends had fun that day as well on the beach.. Good thing we brought that sparkling juice to the beach as well.. we were all thirsty at the beach. Out all afternoon in the hot sun.

Too bad no one got a photo of John when he was drinking from the bottle itself. It looked quite funny the way he was drinking from the bottle, while holding his big camera in the other hand. Funny because John don't drink alcoholic drinks and seeing him in that kinda looked like he was stumbling around drunk with a bottle of red wine. :)

The kite is another of our "props"! Yes, we are very hardworking. Did our research beforehand, and brought a lot of "toys". Cs' brother found this kite for us while he was in KL.

Nicee thanks Jerrick! And yea, Jerrick is the photographer, who is also cs' brother. He is kinda cool. My future brother in law.. He will also be the photographer on our wedding actual day.

Like all the other photos, Jerrick had us doing the same pose many times till he got it perfect. Such as this one, we ran towards him many times for this particular shot. Luckily we have not forgotten how to fly a kite! How hard could it be? Very easy actually.

All I had to do was stand and hold on to it while watching cs sweat and run...

No, the kayak is not one of our props. But I read an article on the wedding guide asia, where one of the brides brought/rented a kayak as her prop for her photo shoot. Wow..salute! I only bring along things that are small and light for props okay. I'm actually not that hardworking. Notice my wine glasses, sparkling juice, white board, they are all light and easy to carry around.

But a kayak?! Oh yea, I brought along a bouquet of flowers too but flowers are so fragile and I got lazy along the way. So I left it somewhere..duno where. Probably back in the tree house. Photo of the tree house below.

I think in this photo below, John is asking Jerrick alot of questions about cameras and photography. They got along pretty well for people who just met for the first time. :)

And this is the tree house we rented for our day trip. Quite a waste really now I think of it. We arrived at about 3pm and stayed in the tree house for about 15 mins the most? Rest a while, ate our KFC and changed clothes/freshen up a bit.

Then went out to take more photos again. The only good thing about the tree house was to store all our bags (no need to lug them around) and made use of the clean toilets. Compared with the rest of Camp Permai, urgh toilets were all wet and dirty and smelly. This was probably due to the large number of people who went to the beach on day trips that day.

Imagine climbing up those stairs in high heels and a wedding gown. Not the smartest thing to do. Had to walk reaaaaallly slow to avoid tripping/stepping on my own dress/veil. :) Oh well. It was fun. A fun day out. Very tiring but still fun day out. So no complains.

Apparently the tree house is not as study as it looks. It shakes when you slam the door too hard. It shakes and wobbles around slightly when people are climbing the stairs, or when you stamp too hard in the house itself. Kinda scary but its good fun.

I forgot to take a photo of the interior. Basically its quite small inside. A double bed, a vanity desk with table and chair, a big toilet (seriously quite roomy), and a small side table with two chairs, and a balcony with two chairs facing the sea (can watch the sun set)! And that's it. Pretty small...very basic. Sorry no pictures.

Okay that's it for tonite. More photos next time. Bye.

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