Saturday, 20 August 2011

Then & now

I saw this super cute photo of cs and had to share it. *pinches cheek. Hmm is this how our future son will look like? Heheh

At age 3-4? I don't know. Cs has no idea. I'm just guessing. We don't spend too much time with kids so no idea. Heh heh.

Then & now. His face is not as round..more matured now. But still cute! (to me lah!) :)


Anyway, its Saturday night and I'm at home with cs having a movie marathon. Yea, I'm watching the movie, even though I'm blogging now. Obviously there's something wrong with me - I cannot sit still in front of the tv unless I'm alone.

We're watching Young & Dangerous! Part 1,2,3,4,5..I don't know how many are there. The Hong Kong old old movies! It brings back old memories. Its been years since I last watched this. I forgot most things already..the things that happened in the movies.

Young and Dangerous!

Kevin is my polar opposite. He remembers everything..and I mean everything that he watched in the movies. Every time the family sits down and watch a movie, and someone asks a question about the movie, Kevin would be the one with the answers.

He will happily explain everything. Very lengthy explanations some more. Sometimes even when I didn't ask, he also tell me haih. Bising! Like ama! Hahah kidding kidding. Ama part only.

Ok gotta go back to watching movie.

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