Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Down memory lane..again?!

OMG why am I so emo? I was looking at a friend's photos from her recent trip to London and other places (she haven't upload photos yet so I dunno). But the London photos brings back soo much memories. I'm so jealous! Jealous of Kitty cos she get to go back and study.

Haih do I have multiple personality disorder or not? The previous post below was written this morning when I felt SO UPSET! But now, I'm happy as a lark again (wtf?!) and emo. Oh em gee. Its the hormones! Bloody period come liaw!

But anyway. Because I jeles. Things I MISS SO MUCH!

Kebabs! Chicken kebabs! Pita bread! Fries! That can of coke! I miss!

My morning supply of semi skimmed milk! Seriously, ever since I came back, I hardly have milk at all. While I was studying there, I had milk every morning! Damn healthy lah no wonder no constipation! Haha! No need for laxatives or dried plum. :)

I realized I took things so for granted when I was there. My parents told me to choose photos of me from when I was overseas to put into slideshow (oh the shame cos I was damn fat ok no flattering photos!) for the wedding, and I realized I hardly have any scenic shots. You know, shots that show I am overseas.

All I have are photos of food, me, Shirley and Nifer, and more food, and err.. me. But hardly any outdoorsy photos. In the first year, I took them..the touristy photos..all the different things. I took note and delight in finding out how the cucumber looks different (longer and thinner), and how the eggplant is different too (much bigger and fatter thank ours) and so on and so forth. I took plenty of noob shots.

In the second year, I let loose. I played. Hard. Clubbing almost every night and living each day as it is. And all I took are photos of boys and me in the club. T___T

In my third year, I made friends..good friends and I had got used to the sights. It is my second home..all those things are second nature to me already. I was a tourist guide in a city that was so familiar to me already. I didn't take photos of myself..instead I took photos of friends at the tourist places for them.

So now I'm stuck. I saw the ticket for Victoria station and it brings back memories of picking people up at Victoria, attending interviews somewhere there. But I have no photos. I think of stations and I instantly think of Kings Cross! Taking the train to and fro from London and Newcastle. Heh memories indeed. I never said all memories were pleasant!

I see Buckingham palace and St James park and think of the many times I have made that walk from Leicester Square to Trafalgar Square and down to Buckingham Palace then to London Eye then to Waterloo to take the tube home. Home then.

I miss. I wish I could have played host to my family. I wish again and again. But its okay..next time?

Trafalgar Square. Was that my first time there? I was so happy. Over the years, I grew indifferent. I thought it was just a square..overrated..just some touristy place to bring friends.

But my first time there, I was jubilant! I remember being so happy and I took a video too. :) I still have it somewhere in my computer..me and Shirley being so happy together. Aiya miss that bitch lar.

I have so many photos taken here, at London eye and at Buckingham Palace, with many people but I suppose I was happiest this time. The first time! :)

St James Park. In May - in the summer when the flowers are blooming and the weather is just right. I look so young and so carefree. I realize I say that alot..in that I look back at old photos and think how young and carefree I look. In truth, life has really taken a toll on me. I am no longer that naive little girl. Even if I go back in the future, and take a photo at the exact same spot, it will all be different..

I remember what Shirley said to me before: even if we come back to London in the future, we won't be the same. We are no longer students as free or as happy as we are now. We will have changed. Sigh who knows Shirley was the one who ended up staying there! Haha! Miss you bitch!

Chinatown at Leicester Square. Lunch, dinner and late night supper spots! Comfort food! Its weird how being overseas can make you miss home cooked food so much.

Even for me, I'm definitely no rice lover, but being overseas, I want rice with vegetables. I want rice and duck. I want seafood fried rice. I want curry noodles. I want laksa, however Penang-like it is (HAHA)!

There are no Kuching style laksa there, only Penang laksa which is erm different. With sardines and cucumber? Hmm.. Nifer (a true Penang-nite) said our Kuching laksa is like their curry mee! :p

The very much overrated Four Seasons Duck! It tastes good, yes. The meat is tender, yes. The sauce is nice, yes. Its awesome with rice, yes. But what is the big fuss? Alas I fear I will never find out! :)

I definitely miss the variety of beer and lager they have there. The big glasses of beer! And so cheap too! At the White Horse (is that the name)? Our regular after class hangout at Picadilly's! Haha. Not lahh..not so regular. This was after exams. It was our regular after dinner-no-place-to-go-but-too-early-to-go-clubbing hangout! :) I miss!

And I definitely miss the parks. The long walks. Especially Southwark Park! After pigging out on hot wings and chips or pizza, I drag Shirley and Nifer to the park to walk it off.

After class and nothing to do when I'm alone, go for a walk in the park with my ipod. When I'm alone, I tend to frequent the park alot. I tried jogging a few times. Its so stupid! When I'm dressing to go jogging, I have to pull on long pants, t-shirt and a jacket, but once I'm out of the house and start to jog, my ears hurt! All the time! Its too fucking cold.

Maybe now that I'm here in freaking hot Kuching, I forgot how I used to HATE winter. It was so dreary and so cold. I hate waking up in the morning to go work the morning shift. In winter, it was still dark out in the morning and our breaths come out in puffs. I hate taking a shower because its cold even when I touch myself (sounds kinky wth get your heads out of the gutter!).

Ever since I discovered how awesome this beanie (is that the name?) is, I used them almost everyday! Covering your head and ears make such a big difference ok! It provides a protection from ze evil strong winds! Too bad I'm so smart - I only realized in my third winter =.=

Its kinda late so I have to reminisce some other night. :(

I need me sleep. :)


Wait..before I go. I was so missing that dirty polluted city so much that I went to Air Asia to search for cheap flights. And I found cheap flights next year! In April 2012! Total return trip from KL-London Gatwick costs RM 2000++ OMG! Who wanna go?!

Hahah I hope I didn't scare cs. Oh well writing this post has definitely lifted my spirits. I can go to sleep dreaming of kebabs and pizza gogo! And hot chips with ketchup and mayo! I miss!! :D

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