Sunday, 7 August 2011

I can die happy now

Hello! I can die happy now. :)

Finally!!! Thank you baby! I was grinning widely from ear to ear as I watched him install this for me.

Our bedroom now is almost fully done. Ready for the big day! Gasp a bit worried. That widget on my sidebar is scaring the hell out of me! Three weeks to go?? Really?! Damn.

Oh yea, I got my photos from the studio already. About time! Notice the photo in our bedroom. Its okay not bad. I thought that I was unhappy with the wedding photos. Good God you should hear Winnie. She has so many things to criticize on my wedding photos. (From how fake I look, to how off my mouth looks and how there are smudges on cs' face). Haih why?

I know why lah. Its because I look much better in real life (super WTF) that's why she can't help comparing! Haha that was a joke okay people. Relax.

I am disappointed of course. I paid a lot for those photos (okay cs paid but still!), and I expect to be happy, satisfied. Instead I have people telling me one by one that I don't look so good. Haih. No shit.

Even the people from the studio tell me things like: honestly speaking, you look better in real life. Not in the photos. ?????

Should I be happy? Is that supposed to cheer me up? Would you be happy? (deep breath)

Oh well what's done is done. And in the end, if I do err look better in real life, so be it. :) Still good news, eh?

Moving on to the canopy. The main point of this post! :)

I have always wanted canopy beds, and now I got it! Muahhahahhaha It hasn't settled yet. Maybe because I'm not really staying there yet.

Again, I can die happy now. Big huge grin! :)))))))))))

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