Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Canopy beds

Nothing says romance like a canopy bed. Its just so elegant, stylish and so beautiful..that sheer white muslin flowing down from the ceiling. Its just so exotic, so romantic, so fairy tale-ish.

I don't know why I associate canopy beds with fairy tales though cos its not like fairy tales tell us about how to get it on in bed. Haha.

More like princessy. Sounds so not me cos I don't even like pink. And princessy just sounds so girly and pinkish..

But. A canopy bed. Swoons..

This looks like a hotel. Obviously I stole all the photos off google.

Sorry but I don't have a canopy bed myself to take photos of. How?

This one just looks so comfy. I can lie in bed the whole day.. I might even go to sleep earlier just to lay in bed and admire the canopy..

This is the mosquito net type of canopy. I think it still looks good. It still looks so comfy and so pretty..

Back to reality, cs and I have already bought a bed and mattress. So, I think I will have to make do with this (mosquito net) in my future bedroom.

I shall get white sheets as well like a hotel. I expect that it must be difficult to maintain but whatever. White looks good. For the first time in my life, I get to choose my own sheets so white it shall be..

Or maybe gray and white. Or blue and white. Whatever anything looks good with white.

As mum rightly said, the bedroom and bed is the most important feature in the house for any young couple. So that's what I'm going to do. Make mine a canopy or mosquito net. Ha.

In case you are thinking on behalf of cs, he is cool with it. He has promised me that I will see a canopy when I walk into the bedroom on the day itself.

We even joked about it. What if he forgot about the canopy on our wedding day?

That's just too bad. Postpone the wedding baby. Or I wait outside the house while he builds me one.

Wow. I mean, just wow. Baby, I want a canopy bed.

I don't know what brought this on. I think its the silly hormones. I'm 90% sure its the silly hormones making me emotional, sensitive and irritable all at once. PMS is here to haunt me again. Yesh its that time of the month. Maybe I should try some birth control pills that supposedly help with PMS blues too.

My breasts hurt, my back hurt and I am craving certain things such as chocolate balls. Finally bought one after work just now. First bite in, something tasted off. Check check bahh! The bottom layer is coated in a thick layer of butter that has somewhat melted. Yuck max.

So I didn't finish it. Its the hormones. Whine. Its not me. Really.

Silly hormones aside. I don't want to end this post with memories of my silly emotional self.

But I suppose this is no better.

Because Christmas is a comin..

Most people are applying for leave. Year end holidays. Holiday mood. Christmas and New Year.

Yea, I know its about 3 months away or just 2 months plus. Looking forward..no harm in that. Hehe

Night all~~


John Harding said...

imagine if u have a canopy bed at home, no time to do washing everyday...suddenly u realized got dead lizards in it, lipas and all the taik cicak hahahahahaha.....yuck..

sorry i burst your fairy tale LOL

Amy said...

Hahahha that's ok. Yea I know right. It must be soo.. difficult to maintain!! All the dust and small insects and dirt. White some more. But I still want it. Don't care. Hahhahaha :p

canopy beds said...

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Foam-By-Mail said...

Add some body pillows to a canopy bed and you’ll never be getting out!