Monday, 6 September 2010

John's 26th plus Platform

I kinda envy John. Cos his birthday falls on Aug 30. The eve of a public holiday. So nice. Can stay up as late as you want and do whatever you wants to on the night before.

It also ensures that all friends and family members are able to stay up late on the birthday cos nobody is working on Malaysia Day.

Nice right.

We went for dinner at a seafood place (never did get the name of the place) at about 3rd mile near Banquet. Food was ok, price reasonable.

Random photo of my (and Winnie's) bracelets sorry..

Scars on my hand courtesy of Cherrie. Winnie, mum and I keep comparing the scars on our hands and legs now. Thanks Cherrie-you so cute! No, seriously. We are constantly bragging to each other. The one with the most scars win. Mostly mum or Eli wins wtf.

After dinner, some people suggested Platform. At Jalan Song. It was...crowded. And random, totally unplanned. So ho hum the night wasn't fun at all. I think we all left shortly after midnight.
Since the night sucked (in my opinion), photos shall suffice.

I like how Platform looked like that night. Platform is supposed to be a karaoke pub/club I think. But on that night, the DJ was spinning and people were just counting down to midnight.

I think I'm in love with my camera ♥

Our table though, we were more interested in playing Big 2 (its a card game very popular in lil Kuching). Almost everyone (young and old) know how to play this.

There were only four of us that night. Everyone else FFK last minute. How nice of them...I must remember to repay that favor.

Boon and gf.

There was nothing special about countdown at Platform that night. After the usual 10-second countdown, everyone shouted out. That's it. Finito. Continue business as usual. Boring.

Ehh I'm not that hard to please am I? How about some lucky draw to liven the night up? How about some performances? I mean, its an occasion what. Not some random night out. Oh well that was my first time there at Platform. Possibly the last too.

Boon and cs.

As we walked out of Platform straightaway after midnight (we stayed till midnight cos we were expecting something special- being the dumb dumb that we are), McGregor's next door were playing Negaraku wtf. (National Song) Quite creepy but definitely unusual. Ha.

With cs.

OK. Enough about that night. Moving on. It has been a busy weekend again. Mum's birthday was celebrated on Friday and Saturday. But that needs a post of its own so more on that later.

On Sunday, I went for a much needed facial with cs. Finally. My blackheads are scaring myself and everyone else around me. Oh yea, I somehow sprained/pulled a neck muscle, so that it hurts when I try to turn/tilt my head to the right. I have no idea what I did.

As far as I know, I did no strenous exercise, indulged in no "special positions" (haha), or took up wrestling or what else..changed my sleeping habits in bed. All I know is that it freaking hurts when I try to turn to the right.

So I went to consult a chinese physician/sensei to massage my neck/shoulders/arm/back. He said that I am supposed to be fine and dandy today after experiencing bouts of pain on my neck/shoulders. Well I am feeling the pain all right. We'll see if I'm feeling better tomorrow.

At night, I joined cs' family for his sister's birthday then went to new house to clean.

On Monday (today), I feel so tired. I should really get more rest during the weekend. My body is responding to the lack of rest in ways of its own. I think that neck thingy is one. My tonsils is swollen again dammit I should really cut it off asap! And my palms feel like they are on fire.

For cs' benefit (lest I get scolded again): I shall rest more during week days. Really. No going out for the rest of the week! Or until Thursday. Friday is holidays what (Hari Raya Puasa/Aidilfitri) How? Stay home? Really? Do what! Kidding kidding baby. I will rest more.

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