Monday, 20 September 2010

Mooncake festival around the corner

So what to talk about today? Just a quick update on what has been going on in my life these days:

1) My parents are back from Singapore. A short trip over the Hari Raya holidays. How nice! I think this is where they spent most of their time though:

Yes, the casino.

When mum called back, and we asked her: Where did you guys go today? What did you do? What did you buy for us?

Day 1: Casino. Marina Bay Sands. (Acceptable cos they have never been there before).
Day 2: We are still at the casino. At Sentosa. Dad's fighting. They did not manage to buy tickets to Universal Studios. Hence casino. (But I think its just an excuse for them)
Day 3: We are still at the casino. Last day mar. How?

Haha kidding I made it up. The Day 3 part.

They did go to Universal Studios in the end. So I am just exaggerating..

2) Eli went back to her kampung (home town) for Hari Raya. I am happy for her, I really am. She deserves a break.

Who am I kidding? Noooo...eli eli come back. Don't go...

Kidding again. Its not that bad actually. The four of us divide up the tasks in our own way. It would be so much easier if this does not involve Cherrie. Just saying. I still love the lil cutie.

Don't be fooled by her cute face.

For example, someone has to be home at all times to babysit Cherrie. On Sunday mornings, normally Winnie and I sleep in while the parents go to the market. At times like these, eli comes in useful in babysitting Cherrie.

Eli looks so reluctant - hou lian

This was taken (obviously) on Chinese New Year 2009. On the first day of cny 2011, I resolve to NOT wear that cheongsam again! I have been wearing that on the first day of cny for so many years running. It was custom made and I thought what a waste to only wear it once a year.

But no. Next year, I will come up with something else. I must. I resolve to. I will have something different..something fabulous...I will.. have a new cheongsam made! Haha I might just do that.

3) I have found my most annoying sound in the world! Its the sound of someone breaking your concentration when you are trying to focus, to work. Its so freaking irritating and there is nothing I can do about it.

I can't hear you..

So I turn on my ipod and block out the world. Its the only solution. God help me. Is this karma? Forgive me Shirley and Nifer for putting up with my music during exam week. Especially Nifer hahah..sorry.

4) I bought a new external hard disk. Yess..This has been a long awaited gift for myself. My current laptop which I bought in 2007 - I don't know how big the storage is.

Pardon my ignorance. I cant be bothered to check now. All I know is that its almost full. I have so much garbage. i.e. music, photos, videos, movies. Disaster.

So now I have a new hard disk to accumulate more stuff. Imma pass it to Nancy this week and let her fill it up all she wants. Rubs hands in glee. Happy happy. Nancy is the download Queen. Thanks babe~

5) Mooncake festival is coming up. Otherwise known as Mid-Autumn festival. Next Wednesday I think. Its where kids come out to play lanterns and adults eat mooncake. For more information, please visit Wikipedia.

I don't really like mooncake. Whine.

This time last year, our group made our own mooncakes at ong's house. This year, there has been no plans so far.

The year before (2008), our group (TKC Club) were the first to came up with the kwong ming lantern at Friendship Park.

The next year, when we went back to Friendship Park, people were coming up with their own kwong ming lanterns. Only difference was they let go of the string, let the lanterns fly burn somewhere/someone else's house? Dangerous le.

At least we pulled back those lanterns without letting them off. Friendship park is surrounded by houses. Hello?

We only let go of the string at places like Damai beach. Yea, we drove all the way to Damai Beach in the middle of the night to play kwong ming lantern on the beach.

When I say we, I mean the others. Cos cs and I were not a couple yet, so we err were dating by the beach instead. k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Back then, cs and I were not even a couple yet. I just joined them not so long ago. It was the most fun period. Young and carefree. Now, everyone are busy with their own lives - getting married, working, moved away, leading our own lives. In a good way I suppose. Time changes, people changes.

I like this photo of them. Boys will be boys..

This brings back memories. What are we doing this year??

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