Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Mum's 51st at VA and Peter's Special

This is very random but:

Good God does anyone know that a good quality mattress costs on average RM 3000. At least. Plus or minus. Cheapest was approximately RM 2000 plus for King. The bf insists on King. I thought Queen was good enough - I mean how big are we?

But my parents and his parents seem to think that we need and must invest in a good quality mattress. No cheap stuff lest we hurt our back again. Cs hurt his back before and so did I. Suckkksss...This sucksss... 2k seems like a small amount eh. But bear in mind that this is just the mattress only.

Forget the bed! We haven't bought a bed yet. Maybe we should sleep on the floor. Forgo the bed itself. What bedroom closet? I think an open luggage case works better - delude myself into thinking I'm going on holiday. Yeaa..The whole set including a bed, mattress, closet, bedside table probably costs about 6-7k? This really sucks..

OK. This is me ranting cos I just came back from furniture shopping with cs. We just ordered a sliding door for the kitchen, and we are planning to install grills for the house. Whole house or just top floor? Whole house costs more!

Hmmm...No one is going to climb 3 storey's are they? How to steal a tv from the third floor anyway? Answer: Open the front door when they are inside then sneak out again. Oh yea of course. How silly of me..Choi choi btw. Touch wood.


Moving on...

I have mastered the art of camwhoring perfectly! Tilt head. Check. Hair swept sideways. Check. Camera angle. Check. Lighting check.

I have a thing with taking photos of my bracelets recently. Even with scars on my very dry hand.

Obligatory couple photo. Bear with me. Actually this was taken at VA (not again Amy?) Yes sad to say. Free alcohol what. Cheap food which includes pizza. How ler? Plus this was in conjunction with mum's birthday on Friday night!

We (mum, winnie and I) went to VA with one motive: to eat pizza and drink! All three of us are pizza fans. Like mother like daughter.

No photos of actual food when it arrived.. Only have leftovers. I was starving by then about 8pm so no time to take photos of the food. Oh well we order the same stuff every time anyway. I don't really need the menu now. Haha.

You are looking at leftovers of two portions of chicken wings (costs about RM 33 after tax), and a large pizza marinara (also costs about RM 34 after tax). Wedges are included with the chicken wings. I don't know how many chicken wings there were per plate. I'm guessing 4 wings per portion.

Every other time we ordered the wings, they were deep fried. But last Friday, they were bbq-ed. Mum and I liked it. Cs and Winnie prefer the deep fried versions.

The other VA kaki: Janet. I suppose the VA crowd are mostly made up of regulars. I have been to VA ever since Form 4 (yea man what were my parents thinking?!) Haha kidding. The part about my parents. Not the Form 4 part. I really have been there since F4. Not regularly though.

I didn't even have a valid IC yet. I didn't know how to drink yet -ordered orange and mango juice only. I was way too shy to dance. I was even shy to go get free drinks.

Now?! Ha! Shy my ass! Define shy. Shy is asking for free drinks from the waiter even after 9pm.

Back then at VA, they hired groups of performers to dance at about 730pm. Even before the band, I think. Or there wasn't any resident bands. Also they played tacky games on the dance floor and the performers drag you up to dance. Dear God I remember being soo afraid of being dragged up that I ran to the toilet to hide.

Yea why did I even go to VA? I don't know. I was curious. It was different. I wanted to be with the adults. To learn to drink. Try to smoke. Anything. It was a phase..

I think Winnie went to VA since Form 4 too. Or Form 5. Not too sure.

A flattering photo of Winnie:

A flattering photo of me:

Flattering photo of mummy. Happy 51st! She could pass off as 41. Damn mum still looks so good.

Happy parents with beer. This was taken on Saturday night at Peter's Special. The restaurant at King's Center. My first time there ever since they moved. We used to frequent Peter's Special more often at the old place.

Food was good but so rich and heavy. I think lar. In my humble opinion. Some of the dishes we ordered that night:

Lamb. Oh it was so fragrant but this is so bad for my health and waist/size..There was just so much fat on one piece. Ya I know. At risk of sounding like a total bimbo who only eats carrot sticks and counting every freaking calorie.

But seriously (whine) there was so much fat and the thing was dripping with oil (cholesterol).

That said. No, I did not finish the damn thing. Of course not. After poking and cutting it, I decided there was no way I could finish it and passed it to cs. The oil was too much of a turn off. A small pool of hardened white lard (Is it ok to use lard for lamb too? Don't care - oh wait googled it. Apparently lard is only used for pork-oh well.) on my plate. Very unappetizing.

But it looks good here lar.

Thai style oyster omelet. Basically its just exactly like Teochew oyster omelet. I have no complaints about this one. This is one of my favorite dishes. But it came in such a small portion! (OK maybe one complain)

This was the untouched version ok. Nobody has served themselves yet. Small right. Not enough for a party of 6.

Bacon prawn. The name says it all. Or rather the bacon says it all. You can't taste the prawn at all. Good for bacon lovers. Bad for prawn lovers.

I liked the cucumber slices though (ya of all things to like). No seriously. They were super crunchy. Very crisp. I think they were soaked in water for some time - (dad said) that's how they turn out super crunchy and crispy. I gotta try that next time at home. Yea I know. Of all the things to rave about: cucumber. Weirdo.


I don't want to end the post with those food. So...


John Harding said...

wow...ur camwhore skill memang sudah beyond average...pro already..macam iklan cosmetic hahaha

Amy said...

hahahha practice makes perfect lol hehee :p

elnaz said...

i just wana to say hi :> it was just a touching blog post! ^-^

Amy said...

touching..how? hahaha thanks anyway. =)