Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Down memory lane..

Nifer's Facebook post was so funny:

"Last night, I had a funny dream: Amy and me went to London to visit Shirley. I forgot my Oyster card when wana get on to the 188 bus to Greenwich. . . . . . "

OK maybe it will only be funny to Shirley and I, and the rest of us who knows Nifer.

FYI, Oyster card is the transport card used for travel on London Underground and buses. You have to bring it everywhere with you. As soon as you step out of the house, its £££.

What I mean is, we used to bring the oyster card, and card holder out of the house all the time. In the card holder, I stuffed in my debit card and some cash. That's it. Everywhere accepts debit card, from Tesco to H&M to London Underground. I don't need anything else besides my phone.

Anyway. Nifer missed London so much. This is not the first time that Nifer has posted something like this.

I cannot honestly say that I feel the same way. As in missing London so much that I dream of it. I hardly think back. As long as I stay away from all our old photos and videos, then I'm safe.

But if I go and open those photo album, it is bound to bring back soo many memories. So mostly, I have trained myself to stay away. In fact, I save my recent Kuching photos in another separate disk so I don't have to go near those memories..


Because Nifer made me smile with her post, here is a trip down memory lane..

At Tesco, grocery shopping. Its no wonder we gained weight. Shopping together makes you buy more food than if you go shopping yourself.

I think this was shopping for Christmas. Watching others stock up on food, buy soo much food for Christmas, basically cleaning out all the shelves at Tesco, made us (silly Malaysian girls who are not celebrating Xmas and hence no need to cook huge Xmas lunch and dinners) do the same.

We bought so much crap. And finished it all. =.=

Nifer: wo mei li ma?

Hahahhaa..remember you used to say that every time you come into our room and stand in front of that mirror!

I loved that room and the full length mirrors. 4 full length mirrors that were the doors to our (Shirley & I's) closet.

How could I forget this? Shirley cooking "tang yuen" all the time. And Brandon beside her making home made kaya. Delicious stuff. Brandon is Nifer's older brother, who was staying in the same house as us.

House/Apartment (?) What should I call 168 B? Hmm..we have had many so many different housemates, with different nationalities and different cultures and customs, in the few short years that we stayed there. I stayed with Shirley all the time though, sharing a room, a bed, and in the beginning the same blankets too.

I have never stayed in a dorm, or anywhere on campus. Just because. I have always stayed outside with friends. Much more freedom..

When I stayed with Japanese countrymen, I learned learned to pick up bits of their language and to follow their dietary habits (less meat, more vege and fish). When I stayed with lots of young Spanish and Polish men, they taught me to drink and smoke and drink and party. Nonstop. Literally.

But I was young and I liked it. Learn new things, experience the different cultures, go out and make friends. Learn to live. Everyday was new and fun.

Looking at this photo makes me miss camden town sooo much. Nifer, I bet you want to go back to Camden. And I feel like eating that again - that box of food in Nifer's hands.

Shirley loved to feed ducks, birds, swans, and even squirrels (?).

From Kuching, it was buying expired bread to feed the fishes at Reservoir Park and the State London, buying expired bread to feed ducks at Southwark Park and St James Park.

Do you still do that?

Greenwich. I miss shopping at River Island and H&M at Bond Street and Oxford Street. This was taken on Boxing day at the River Island on Bond Street.

Soo many people..its not as fun as it seems.

I miss ice skating. I miss winter. I miss wearing winter clothes. I miss Nifer and Shirley. Dammit this is Nifer's fault! Hahaha

Clubbing! Partying! In Kuching, we know almost each and every pub/clubs there is. Clubs bah.

In London, it is impossible to know each and every pub/clubs because it is everywhere. Turn a corner and there is yet another club. I don't bother mentioning pubs cos that is everywhere. They are located everywhere throughout London almost like our kopitiams. No wait. Their Mcd's are our kopitiams. Yeahh that is more accurate.

Southwark Park! I miss Southwark. Walking there after dinner with my iPods on to try and walk off the heavy dinner earlier.

This happened a few times: I woke up one day feeling that I MUST sweat today and put on sweatpants, a tshirt, and a jacket then walked to the park. Ran a while (more like 20 steps) and goddamit it. My ears hurt like hell. How to run like that? Weather too fucking cold for my Asian genes.

I feel so stooopid.

Christmas Eve at Trafalgar Square with Jacob..

On the tube..I miss running to the tube just as the door is closing. Tiit tiiit tiiit please mind the doors. Please mind the doors. Next station London Bridge. Sigh.

OK. This is definitely Nifer's fault. Now I miss London so much I wanna go back. I'm not surprised that I might dream of going back to London with Nifer tonight. And forgot to bring my Oyster card.. Hahaha

Edit: I did dream that I went back to London after writing this. But with my parents and cs. I dreamt that I was worrying where to bring them and that I didn't have enough coins to top-up my osyter card. Cos I don't have a UK debit card anymore. Hahah this is all Nifer's fault!


Nifer said...

I miss London a lots. but a memory is a memory now ...

Amy said...

I wonder will we ever go back? Even if I do one day, I hope the three of us will be there together..