Friday, 10 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya 2010

I meant to post this yesterday in conjunction with the first day of Hari Raya but I was in no writing mood. First day of holidays should not be spent typing again. Like at work wtf. Haha.

So as usual on the first day of Raya, we went to my aunt's house for curry and lemang. The only two things I always eat.

I didn't take a good photo though sorry...

This is lemang. I like.

Some of the kuih lapis on display..

...and that's it. Raya is over for me.

After that lunch, we went to tapau KFC and Pizza for Eli then went back home to sleep.


Last night I dreamt that I went back to London with cs on vacation. We booked a hotel at Kings Cross. But coming out of the tube at Kings Cross, we couldn't cross the barrier. There was a lion or tiger at the station that bit cs. Then a woman (black I think) came running with a stick to beat up the tiger and I ran to help even though I was terrified. Cs is safe.

But dilemma. Now we can't stay at Kings Cross. What to do? I called and called Shirley but she didn't pick up her phone. So someone suggested I go look for an estate agent to find a place to stay (??) Weird. So in the end we found a place to stay for like £300 for 5 nights. Wa fucking expensive.

Weird dream!! Btw I slept only 6 hours last night so my mind is probably tired. I had stomach cramps the whole day. But this time, I think its period. Not diarrhea..

Dammit why do I look so horrible? Why am I so fat? Why did I eat so much? Looking back now, it is so damn hard to find decent photos of myself. Ahhhh I think I was at the peak of my fatness then at about 64 kg. Lihai. Gained so much weight in one year! I was about 52kg when I went to London. 64kg after a year.

Came back for Chinese New Year and shocked the hell out of everybody including my parents! They laughed at me behind my back =.= and didn't dare tell me the truth that I looked horrible. During that Chinese new year, I actually ran and hid upstairs when people come.

Winnie on the other hand, was very pleased to see me like that. =.=

OK. Bye~

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