Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rubbish times three

I'm too lazy to write a proper post so this will be a jumble of rubbish spewing from my brain/mouth or fingers. To put it more literally.

So here are 6 really random stuff about me. I know I'm weird. Don't judge me. Hehe.

1) I go through toothbrushes really fast. The brushes bend and go out of shape really fast. Really. I have iron teeth. No one else in the house spoil tooth brush as often as me.

2) I don't really watch movies. If given a choice, more often than not, I choose a book. Or online. Or go out. Movies rate slightly lower. Unless I am out of books, and confined to the house (i.e. grounded), then ok. Movies it is.

3) I secretly want to strangle Cherrie sometimes. Or give her away. Ok, not a secret anymore. I love her when she just woke up. No. Everyone loves her when she just woke up. Docile, tame, kwai. And so darn cute. Too bad it lasts 5 mins. Tops. After that Cherrie turns into a wildcat, lioness, an irritable, immature bitch that does not respond to anything. Her name. Food. Toys. Hits. Yes, I tried to hit her ass. Didn't work. Made her worse, even more aggressive.

If this is anything like having a baby, I'm doomed. In the future. Not now. I have no patience. But with a kid though, they might just respond to punishments. Cherrie, she has a couple of protectors. Or maybe just one.

4) I wonder why people are viewing my mambo jambo post? Did anyone link me and not let me know? Hmm...enlighten me please. Not complaining that I have visitors but I am curious.

5) I don't like cats. Not unless they have a lot of fur. I don't like dogs without a fur coat too. Such as chi hua hua. God I hate chi hua hua's. They look like aliens. ET. Mutants. Yuck! I think my hatred of chi hua hua has been driven by my hatred of my uncle's 3 pet chi hua hua in Taiwan.

I remember 3 bald tiny, noisy yapping dogs that won't shut up and try to bite me! I remember them shitting on my bed. Climbing onto my lap when I try to eat. Yea I think its cos of them. But also cos they are bald. And ugly.

6) I have lost count of how many times I have read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Seriously. When I like something, be it a book or movie, I watch/read it again and again and again. Till I get sick of it. It drives my family crazy when I pull out that VCD or DVD again.

Nobody wants to watch the DVD/VCD I chose. Cos everyone has already watched it already. Haha.

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