Monday, 13 September 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Is it me or is the title super horny? Haha

Nuffnang is organizing this contest about Vaseline. I want to join even though I cant win a pair of invites to the pool party (boo!) at Luna Bar. It looks amazing though!

Should be a really cool and happening party..

Why is everything cool in KL? I wanna live in KL too lar.

I don't really hope to win anything with this blog post. Not much imagination plus I don't even know how to edit photos, or draw funny comics etc.. which seem to be kinda like, the norm to be a blogger. Oh well.

I shall just tell the truth.

I want to join anyway because I ALREADY LOVE VASELINE! Before I created this blog, I actually had another blog, which I wrote anonymously and called myself Vaseline.

I couldn't think of another name and the one thing that I bring everywhere then was my little pot of green vaseline (the lip balm).

Only mine was green. The aloe vera one. But since this is not widely available in Malaysia, I have been forced to stop using it. Boo.

Refer to photo below:


Enough confirmation that I'm a Vaseline fan? Heh heh. Actually, those body lotion were the combination of three crazy bitches, namely Amy, Shirley and Nifer, who went on a shopping spree and cleaned out the shelves of the store when it was on sale.

Didn't even think of checking the expiry date. =.=

I forgot how much was it. This was in London, I think they were a pound each? Forgot.

I still use Vaseline today. I used to apply them twice a day everyday. Religiously. But that was cos the weather was soo dry in UK and I got used to the habit of slapping on lotion all over my body everyday. Once in the morning after shower, and once before bedtime.

But I got lazy ever since I came back and started working so its just once a day now. Plus daily application of vaseline body lotion on my hands (small bottle kept in the office).

I actually go to sleep wearing long pants and socks. For a period of time, (when I was very hardworking) I rubbed lotion on my feet and calves every night and put on socks, so my feet get moisturized the whole night (cos I sleep in an air con room).

I sound soo kiasu lar. Ehh don't all girls do this or is it me?! Am I weird? Hmm..

Moving on. Don't think about that for too long.

I have been using Total Moisture (the yellow bottle pictured in the photo above) for years. I tried the Aloe Cool and Fresh (green bottle) but it was slightly thicker than the total moisture one but still smells so fragrant.

I didn't try the rest yet and I don't think I need to. I shall stick with Total Moisture until they stop making it.

This was the picture I submitted as part of the contest. I tried to find a photo that showed more of my body but hmm don't have. This showed the most skin that looked somewhat decent. Maybe I should find some time to take a semi nude photo. Haha.

I would but my parents borrowed my camera. They went on holiday so I have no new photos to post for quite some time..

Come caress me..

Don't look at the face. That's a whole other story. Face is cheat one. Women's face can be covered by so many layers of stuff to hide all our flaws and cheat men. Haha.

But nothing on the arms. Nothing can be applied on our arms and legs except lotion.


Unrelated but I suddenly thought of a song I haven't heard of in ages.

Kiss me, Come caress me..


OK Bye~

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