Sunday, 19 September 2010

BBQ Party

Cherrie is angry at me because I locked her in the cage while I swept and mopped the floor. She kept whining at me demanding to be let out.

When the floor is finally dry, I let her out. She walked straight out without looking at me and flopped on the floor away from me.

When I went to sit by her, she turned her head away very deliberately still not looking at me. Awww..

If you knew Cherrie, then you would know that this is not normal behavior. She is normally tail wagging, jumping up and down, licking you all over, very happy to see you. Not like this. Hehe.

I feel hurt~


These are photos from last Wednesday night at the new house. BBQ party. To tell the truth, BBQ party is not really my thing. I'm very boring when it comes to eating BBQ food.

I normally stuff myself full with hot dogs only. Cos most of the time, the wings and other stuff are either burnt or not well done. Which would lead to sore throats or diarrhea. Bad news.

But amazingly, for the first time ever, chicken wings turned out not burnt. Nice color. Fully cooked some more..So I had two. Plus cs' choice of hot dogs were eww..tasted off.

I think we bought too little food that night though. Don't think the guys had enough to eat. Plus the food took forever to cook..

Meat fest. We bought pre-marinated wings, lamb and beef steaks from Everrise. Good choice cos they were tasty and saved us all a lot of time since all of us were working on Wednesday.

The group waiting for the food, which took forever (to me) cos refer to the photo above of the bbq pit. Does it look quite far apart from the fire itself? Ya man. That's why the food turned out not burnt. And that's why it took almost forever to cook.

We left the food to cook slowly then went into the pool swimming, playing and messing about. Here in the photo below, most of them had already showered and changed into clothes, and the food is still BBQ-ing. Forever..

Me and my whiskey coke..

With baby..

Cs bought a new Wii console from his friend. RM 50 only. Cheap. Second hand though but still working properly anyway. So, three players battled it out on Super Mario Bros.

While the other half battle it out on Big 2. Chinese New Year is coming and we are getting a lot of practice at Big 2. Its a card game btw..

Unrelated stuff..

Not a very good photo but I feel like ending this with a photo of myself. Vanity, if you will.

I look like shit in all the photos above that's why I need to end this with a somewhat decent photo. Bear with me folks.


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