Monday, 23 November 2009

A Christmas Carol in 3D

I was so anticipating this movie. It was so so disappointing. Argghh...Seriously. Worst Disney movie ever. I think this is the first time Disney failed me. I've watched their cartoon since I was a kid, and this was the biggest disappointment ever! Grr..

Baby is shy..

It was in 3D (3 Dimension). I'm used to explaining the terms of an abbreviation due to work. Great! Boss should be proud of me. Where was I? This was the first time cs and I went to watch a movie in 3D. So SPK (Sua Pa Ku = toad under the well in English), I know.

Before the movie started, the previews for Alice in Wonderland came on. And I was like't wait. Then the movie started and I was like a while anyway. Then I got dizzy. Seriously. Then I got so bored. And wondering when is this movie going to end? It was so boring. Should have brought some chips or popcorn to munch on. Blah. Waste of money.

Proof that T707 sucks at photos.

This is what happens after I try to fix the photo. Grr..


Updates with the new house. I know that it must be boring for you to be reading this. Sorry lar. I like to take photos of the progress. It will look good when all the stuff is done. Today we are still choosing the floor and wall tiles.

It is quite spacious inside now. The photo above was part of the carpark, now extended and turned into a makeshift gym at the back of the house. The door leads to ah boi's toilet.

This photo above is the view from the front door.

View from the carpark in front. There will be a glass in this hole, not a window. You are looking into our dining room.

And this is what I wore to work today. I wear this at least once a week. It is turning into my uniform.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The weekends are never long enough

On Sunday nights particularly, around this time my mind unknowingly forms some sort of excuse to get me out of work on Monday. Seriously. I think I'm coming down with something. A fever. Or something worse that requires me to take half day off for a blood test.

Haha. Jusk Kidding.


On Saturday night, we went to Check-In, a club somewhere at Travillion. I have been there once and didn't really like the ambience. The place looked rather cheap in my opinion and table places sucked. Last night, they invited a group called Zhong Guo Wa Wa (literally China Dolls).

Sorry for the blur photos on my blog. For the record Sony Ericson T707 takes LOUSY photos!

I don't know why China Dolls. They looked nothing alike. The group consisting of 3 women were actually 3 men (ah kua) pretending to be women. They pranced around in sexy costumes, dancing and rubbing up to men. Quite entertaining actually..

An orgasm on the dance floor?


I like my new nail design..

I look like shit here. But oh well. Working Saturday. At least I'm awake..

It is raining almost every day in Kuching. Not complaining though..Its better than the heat. Too bad for the people who love their cars, and cannot stand dirty cars. People like cs whine when their car is dirty/muddy/covered in bird droppings and that they HAVE TO wash the car either by hand or carwash, even though it is obvious judging by the weather that it WILL rain. Yet again.

This is routine.

Ever since he got rid of that Manual, this is routine too.

This will become routine. Tights are so comforting in that stone cold office.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Crib and food

Sorry I haven't updated this blog for quite some time. Quite simple reason actually. The things that occupy my mind these days, I can't blog about. You know, Mostly Sex. In bed with cs. Playing with each other Heh. Jokes aside, I've just had quite a lot to think about recently. Some more, I'm working on Saturday's. Grrr...!!I hate a 6-day working week. I have not enough time to do normal things. Like go shopping, walk in the park, sit and chill at Bing's (not like I do that normally but still), go for facials, and especially catch up on sleep.

Dad has started renovating our new home. He bought a house some 2 years ago, and left it empty that long. Yes. Just utilized the car park so far. He wanted to renovate the whole house, but that would take too much money. That is why he kept putting it off. Before you know it, two years has gone by. Time is pretty scary eh.

Funny thing was, we went furniture shopping one day. Dad walked into the store and fell in love with this very grand looking 8-seater wood dining table. And bought it right there. In the store, mum also fell in love with a huge dressing table. To put in her room, she said. So they bought it. Problem is, we don't have anywhere to put those two things in our own home now. Solution? Start renovating the new house. It was actually perfect timing. We are a few months short of Chinese New Year. By the new year, we should be just about ready to move in.

This was the carpark. It is being turned into a dining room. Said table above shall reside here.

Mum and eli's kitchen. Ah boi's toilet.

Our future living room looks like this now. The previous tiles had sunk into the ground. Like a mini-crater, if you know what I'm talking about. So we had no choice but to get rid of all the tiles and replace them with new ones.



Here you go. Close up shot.

I can't believe we're moving house. I feel a bit reluctant. I'm comfortable here in this house. And I know that everyone feels that way, which is another reason why dad has been putting it off for so long too. There is just sooo much to do. During their free time, my brother and father are normally at the new house. The workers start work before 8pm every morning. So early. So hardworking. When we're not at the new house, its furniture shopping, choosing floor/kitchen/bathroom tiles, choosing kitchen ware, buying toilet bowls, shower heads etc..the list never ends. Price comparison some more.


In case you missed me...

Because it is nearly Christmas...

I went to try out Life Cafe, which is located at Jalan Song, somewhere near FTMS and the same row as Ipoh Kopitiam (is that the name? Forgot la). I ordered the Ma lak mian (Spicy noodle). It is supposed to be a Taiwanese specialty, correct me if I'm wrong). For the noodles, they categorize it into hot, hotter, hottest. God I suck at translating. In mandarin it is err (I don't write pinyin too) xiao, zhong, lak. Something like that. I chose hot (xiao).

And I couldn't finish it. Either I suck, or its some spicy shit. Zoom in on the photo below. Look at all the chili's. Damn spicy. My chest was burning by then already, and I questioned my insanity. WHy Amy? Why did you order ma lak mian, if you couldn't take spicy food??

Ah well. At least I know never to order this again. Btw, service kinda sucks there. I think that most of them were college kids; the servers look pretty young to me. This means that:

(1) its their first job being fresh out of Form 5, so they are rude and ill-mannered and throw the menu at you.
(2) they are paid the minimum wage, so they are rude and ill-mannered and throw the menu at you.

We also ordered some Leek and pork dumplings, as well as some chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets were the same ones you buy prepackaged at any supermarket. I think we ordered that cos we thought/assumed that it cant be the prepackaged ones. Alas. We are two dumb fools.

The Pork and Leek dumplings came after my noodles, so I can't taste them by then. But cs said they were quite tasteless. There were more pork than leek though. Something I don't like. I prefer more leek than pork. Just personal preference for my dumplings. I can't stand the cabbage and chicken dumplings too..

At home, my mum and grandparents have always made them with leek, so I grew up eating them that way.

I stole these two photos off google. Credits to

My mum used to make these but nowadays we buy them from her friend. She makes these jiaozi (dumplings) to order. I love them. Convenient food, since they can be kept for quite some time in the freezer.

I shall end this abruptly here.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Grey's Anatomy

I found this song!!!

This song was from Season 1 Episode 5 - Shake Your Groove Thing. I associate this song with Meredith dancing outside her house with a tequila bottle...

Yes!! Long live Youtube and Google!

Rubbish times two

Windows Live Messenger screwed me up. I have no MSN now. Screw it. I tried downloading it. They told me to uninstall first. Uninstall I did. Then went to download again. Couldn't install. Something gone wrong. I think my computer is going down. Grr..Please keep in touch via Facebook and my blog people. For cs, time to download skype. It is the only thing still working..

Some random photos from these few days:

During lunch hour while waiting for cs to come pick me up, I saw this police bike parked beside Tun Jugah. It is routine. They come to Tun Jugah EVERY DAY to saman (write parking tickets) cars who park illegally along the yellow lines, blocking the traffic. Creating unnecessary jam. Btw, they come between 12-1230pm. Yes, I noticed. And yes, Cs has accumulated quite a few of these parking tickets. Poor thing..

My keyboard at work.

And white slippers I wear walking around in the office..They are stolen from some hotel. Most probably Damai. Wait. Does Damai give free bedroom slippers? I guess not. Should be some KL hotel. Wait. Do I have enough luggage space to steal back slippers when I come back from KL? I guess not. Mum must have stolen them then.

Everyone has stolen something from hotel rooms right? Shampoo, conditioner, soap, coffee packets, bath robe, towels, slippers etc. I used to take the shampoo and conditioners for fun as a kid. I took a bath robe before, and obviously some slippers. Now, I take nothing. I don't even use the shampoo and conditioner provided at the hotels. The bathrobe was left unused in my closet and eventually thrown away.

Nowadays I don't dare steal anything. I would be a very bad criminal. The other day cs and I went to a pub and ordered one jug of Tiger beer. But the waiter forgot to bring us the check. I left the RM50 on the table top hoping they would come and take the money. Eventually it became obvious that he forgot. Even when cs and I were leaving, I was so nervous that we would get caught or be asked to stop. Or I don't know? Get beaten up for not paying the bill. Or being sent to the police. I think too much.

Realistically I know that its quite impossible that I would get beaten up or be sent to the police but I can't help going all red in the face (actually they might think its just the alcohol eh) and looking guilty...


This is my new bracelet: I like it. But it pales in comparison to the one below right?

This belongs to my brother, Kevin. He has this hanging from his car key yesterday. And today it was hanging on his bag.

Recently, mum is making quite a lot of something that semi-resembles this pot below:

The bottom half of the pan was mashed potato, while the top half was filled with mushrooms, corn, broccoli, squid, and prawn in some kind of white sauce. This was before she covered the entire thing in mozzarella. Baked till golden brown. Seriously, anything covered with mozzarella and baked to perfection tastes freaking delicious. I might do that to cs in the future. Cover whatever crap with cheese and feed him. He loves cheese. He even added cheese to his maggi mee (instant noodles).

If I'm lazy to cook after a day of work, I can cook white rice or maggi mee. After its cooked, I cover it in cheese to bake wtf!! Just kidding baby..

Monday, 9 November 2009

Insomaniac times three

Insomnia again. I can't sleep. If only I can sleep like ah boi. He sleeps like 20 out of the 24 hours in a day. OK. I'm exaggerating. Maybe 18 hours. But then, he is old (I don't remember his exact age but we had ah boi when I was in Primary 6, aged 12. So ah boi should be around 12 - 13 years of age. Anyway. I don't normally compare myself to ah boi. This is Kevin's place. He likes to say stuff such as: so nice ho being a dog? Just eat and sleep. Even bath also got someone bath for you. No need to work, no worries etc.. That is Kevin for you.


I look so silly.

I went for Pizza on Friday night with baby. It sucked! The pizza. Not baby. I wanted to try the new pizza; they ran out. I was told to wait 20mins. No thank you. Amy doesn't wait to be fed. No patience, no tolerance, and no time. We had a movie in less than an hour.

(Complain mode on) I hate it when I go to KFC during lunch hour (1230 - 130pm). When I order a Zinger/Fillet Burger, please don't tell me I have to wait for 5 -10 mins. Its lunch hour. Why do I have to wait for my food? It is freaking busy lunch hour! Surely you should at least have food ready? KFC is a fast food restaurant, no? The bin is almost empty during lunch hour. GRR. I hate KFC. Eh copy McD please. Leave food in the bin during lunch hour ok. Customers want the food fast during lunch hour cos they are starving.

Let me lay it out for you. Lunch hour is 1230pm. True. We leave the office at 1230pm, scan ourselves out. Wait for the lift. When it arrives, we take the lift to go down to the ground floor, stopping at every alternate floors (GRR). Then we walk to the traffic lights to wait while it turns green, then walk to KFC and wait for the looong queue, just to have you tell me yet again that I have to wait for my burger. Screw you!! That is 20 precious mins gone. I hate KFC. After the 5 mins wait, they almost always forget my order, and forget to send it to me! Waste of time! I chose KFC, a fast food restaurant cos it is supposed to be fast and convenient. Not a waste of time. (Complain mode off)

Where was I? Oh yea. Also, there was no stuffed crust. Noooo...This spoiled pizza night for me already. We had lousy chicken wings. Its the new wings on promotion. I think honey bbq flavor. Weird combination, in my opinion. Not weird. Actually, I meant that Pizza Hut screwed it up. Stick to your specialty, why don't you.

We went to watch Michael Jackson - This Is It. I liked it. I don't care whether its a fake actor pretending to be MJ, or if it was really him. The director did a great job editing the "movie", and yeah I liked it. Admittedly, I was watching his backup dancers half of the time (HOT body man!) but the songs he performed was pretty cool. The two hours flew by pretty quickly.

The movie was basically just footage from his rehearsals for his 50 concerts supposed to be held in London's 02 arena. Still nice nonetheless. Go watch it!

After the movie, we went to Core to meet Winnie and her friends. It was Cherling's birthday celebration. They were all dressed up and I look like shit hence I un-tagged myself from her birthday photos on FB. No offense! Haha!

Anyway we arrived at about 11pm and I start moving to the music straightaway. I think it was the MJ-after effects. I only had about 2 small glasses of beer, and was totally sober when I started dancing. Yea. Totally MJ after effects.


I am listening to Don't trust me - 30h!3

This song is growing on me..


Btw, I edited another photo:

Looking forward!

Another one:

Memories at Paris Disneyland. I'm sorry girls. There were no better looking photos. We all look like shit.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


It is a Saturday night, or rather Sunday early morning; 1:05am to be precise. I am still very reluctant to go to sleep. I think it has to do with the fact that my Saturday night was quite tame. I went for an unsatisfying dinner with the family at Hui Sing. Dinner consisted of (1) sour+hot soup (translated literally from mandarin) taste was ok; (2) chicken with some semi sweet sauce which I don't like. Non-passable; (3) deer meat (very tender and full of taste, yum!); (4) some seafood dish that winnie and I or anyone I know for that matter does not know the English name of (I've never seen this in UK btw. Since I don't know the name err..ignore me?); (5) mani chai in hokkien, kangkung manis in BM, english I dunno. Very badly fried. Yuck. Quite tasteless. I sound soo picky, even to myself. Shit!

Anyway. Since I don't feel like sleeping, here are the Halloween news/photos:

The after party at home. I was wearing a Zara dress inside, which I bought from London 2 years ago wtf! And I've never worn it before. I think the fact that it has a zipper from top to bottom stopped me from wearing it.

Not obvious here.

Pre party.

We had planned in advance to go clubbing on the night itself. Since it was Saturday, perfect opportunity, no? Apparently not to some people who FFK us at the LAST minute!!! Damn pissed off cos we had our costumes planned out, and the table booked, and everyone was hyped up and psyched. Only to be FFK! Grrr...wouldn't you be pissed?

Nonetheless, we had fun!

Like I mentioned before, I went as a witch.

We're gonna put a spell on you....

And it will not work...

I like how the lights turn out. Looks kinda freaky...

The three musketeers..

Vampire vs witch.

Witch won!

Mask of Zorro

Monster I suppose? Nice make up job..

I think the mummy has to drink out of a straw the whole night. So uncomfortable. And how does he pee? I think it is a "he" cos it appears flat. I can't imagine going through all that trouble and not even winning a prize. Btw, at Bar Zing, they had a best costume prize for each male/female and I didn't like the way they chose the winners. The DJ just announced around midnight that the best dressed male/female and so.. Damn random ok! At least give the audience a chance to nominate.

The white thing on my forehead is not a talisman, or a price tag. It was a piece of double tape. Cs made this hat for me by himself. Double tape was stuck on my forehead and I didn't realize FML!

Anyway, like this poor guy who was in a mask and wig the whole night. Who knows who he is? His friends won't recognize him. Male/female? Jeez man. To go through all that and not winning anything. I really feel sorry for him..her....He just has to keep posing for photos with total strangers, like us.. That should make him feel better eh?

Here, we started playing with syringes. They were selling shots in syringes.


...we had fun...

Btw, cs made my witch hat from scratch at work.. Out of some manila papers. Thank u baby!!

Winnie is a failed witch...

Doesn't this photo look wrong to you? My sister and her bro-in-law.

End of the night..

My hat is coming apart..