Sunday, 22 November 2009

The weekends are never long enough

On Sunday nights particularly, around this time my mind unknowingly forms some sort of excuse to get me out of work on Monday. Seriously. I think I'm coming down with something. A fever. Or something worse that requires me to take half day off for a blood test.

Haha. Jusk Kidding.


On Saturday night, we went to Check-In, a club somewhere at Travillion. I have been there once and didn't really like the ambience. The place looked rather cheap in my opinion and table places sucked. Last night, they invited a group called Zhong Guo Wa Wa (literally China Dolls).

Sorry for the blur photos on my blog. For the record Sony Ericson T707 takes LOUSY photos!

I don't know why China Dolls. They looked nothing alike. The group consisting of 3 women were actually 3 men (ah kua) pretending to be women. They pranced around in sexy costumes, dancing and rubbing up to men. Quite entertaining actually..

An orgasm on the dance floor?


I like my new nail design..

I look like shit here. But oh well. Working Saturday. At least I'm awake..

It is raining almost every day in Kuching. Not complaining though..Its better than the heat. Too bad for the people who love their cars, and cannot stand dirty cars. People like cs whine when their car is dirty/muddy/covered in bird droppings and that they HAVE TO wash the car either by hand or carwash, even though it is obvious judging by the weather that it WILL rain. Yet again.

This is routine.

Ever since he got rid of that Manual, this is routine too.

This will become routine. Tights are so comforting in that stone cold office.

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