Sunday, 1 November 2009

This and that

I need to give a crap about my own blog. I really need to update more regularly. But I really have no time. Crap! Here's what I have been up to recently:

1) Got sick again. Took half day off on Friday to go see the doctor. After telling him that I have fever, flu, sore throat, and a bloated stomach for the whole week, he asked me this: has your period come yet? (while glancing at cs standing beside me wtf!!!) Bewildered, I told him err..yea..My period just ended wtf. Don't scare me ok! I'm just sick! Not pregnant! Freaking impossible! I'm celibate! Sort of. For a week or so I think

2) It was Halloween so I got all dressed up. More photos in the next post cos my first real Halloween deserves a post on its own with lots of photos. After I accumulate them a.k.a steal them off other people's Facebook!

Can you guess what we went as?

3) I got all dressed up and wore an elegant, long dress on Friday night, only to realize that I got the occasion wrong. Well not exactly wrong, but most people apparently don't pay attention to the instructions for appropriate attire.

4) I don't play much badminton anymore. Not once a week. Not even once a month. Hmm when was the last time I played badminton? My new form of exercise is walking/running:

You are looking at a folded up treadmill and a bike. Dad went on a shoppping spree and came back with these. So, I've been running a lot these days. I think that is what caused my recent weight loss even though I have been eating normally the past few weeks. Its a very convenient form of exercise, since it is in the living room right now. I normally put on a DVD and start exercising. Before you know it, an hour has gone by and you're unconsciously wiping the sweat off your face and body. I am so getting a treadmill for my future home (hint hint).

This is also why I have been so lazy to go for badminton sessions nowadays. It is obvious that I am nowhere near defeating my badminton partner a.k.a bf. Therefore, the time he spent trying to coach me to improve could be much better spent at home sleeping or shopping or anything really. I'm definitely not improving if I go to badminton once in two weeks for a 2 hour session. And it is not enough exercise anyway..Some more badminton is expensive. $$ for the 2-hour court, $$ for the shuttlecock, $$ for the racket (new strings, new handles), $$ for 100plus. I sound like I'm making excuses, don't I? Imma quit now.

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