Sunday, 8 November 2009


It is a Saturday night, or rather Sunday early morning; 1:05am to be precise. I am still very reluctant to go to sleep. I think it has to do with the fact that my Saturday night was quite tame. I went for an unsatisfying dinner with the family at Hui Sing. Dinner consisted of (1) sour+hot soup (translated literally from mandarin) taste was ok; (2) chicken with some semi sweet sauce which I don't like. Non-passable; (3) deer meat (very tender and full of taste, yum!); (4) some seafood dish that winnie and I or anyone I know for that matter does not know the English name of (I've never seen this in UK btw. Since I don't know the name err..ignore me?); (5) mani chai in hokkien, kangkung manis in BM, english I dunno. Very badly fried. Yuck. Quite tasteless. I sound soo picky, even to myself. Shit!

Anyway. Since I don't feel like sleeping, here are the Halloween news/photos:

The after party at home. I was wearing a Zara dress inside, which I bought from London 2 years ago wtf! And I've never worn it before. I think the fact that it has a zipper from top to bottom stopped me from wearing it.

Not obvious here.

Pre party.

We had planned in advance to go clubbing on the night itself. Since it was Saturday, perfect opportunity, no? Apparently not to some people who FFK us at the LAST minute!!! Damn pissed off cos we had our costumes planned out, and the table booked, and everyone was hyped up and psyched. Only to be FFK! Grrr...wouldn't you be pissed?

Nonetheless, we had fun!

Like I mentioned before, I went as a witch.

We're gonna put a spell on you....

And it will not work...

I like how the lights turn out. Looks kinda freaky...

The three musketeers..

Vampire vs witch.

Witch won!

Mask of Zorro

Monster I suppose? Nice make up job..

I think the mummy has to drink out of a straw the whole night. So uncomfortable. And how does he pee? I think it is a "he" cos it appears flat. I can't imagine going through all that trouble and not even winning a prize. Btw, at Bar Zing, they had a best costume prize for each male/female and I didn't like the way they chose the winners. The DJ just announced around midnight that the best dressed male/female and so.. Damn random ok! At least give the audience a chance to nominate.

The white thing on my forehead is not a talisman, or a price tag. It was a piece of double tape. Cs made this hat for me by himself. Double tape was stuck on my forehead and I didn't realize FML!

Anyway, like this poor guy who was in a mask and wig the whole night. Who knows who he is? His friends won't recognize him. Male/female? Jeez man. To go through all that and not winning anything. I really feel sorry for him..her....He just has to keep posing for photos with total strangers, like us.. That should make him feel better eh?

Here, we started playing with syringes. They were selling shots in syringes.


...we had fun...

Btw, cs made my witch hat from scratch at work.. Out of some manila papers. Thank u baby!!

Winnie is a failed witch...

Doesn't this photo look wrong to you? My sister and her bro-in-law.

End of the night..

My hat is coming apart..

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