Monday, 23 November 2009

A Christmas Carol in 3D

I was so anticipating this movie. It was so so disappointing. Argghh...Seriously. Worst Disney movie ever. I think this is the first time Disney failed me. I've watched their cartoon since I was a kid, and this was the biggest disappointment ever! Grr..

Baby is shy..

It was in 3D (3 Dimension). I'm used to explaining the terms of an abbreviation due to work. Great! Boss should be proud of me. Where was I? This was the first time cs and I went to watch a movie in 3D. So SPK (Sua Pa Ku = toad under the well in English), I know.

Before the movie started, the previews for Alice in Wonderland came on. And I was like't wait. Then the movie started and I was like a while anyway. Then I got dizzy. Seriously. Then I got so bored. And wondering when is this movie going to end? It was so boring. Should have brought some chips or popcorn to munch on. Blah. Waste of money.

Proof that T707 sucks at photos.

This is what happens after I try to fix the photo. Grr..


Updates with the new house. I know that it must be boring for you to be reading this. Sorry lar. I like to take photos of the progress. It will look good when all the stuff is done. Today we are still choosing the floor and wall tiles.

It is quite spacious inside now. The photo above was part of the carpark, now extended and turned into a makeshift gym at the back of the house. The door leads to ah boi's toilet.

This photo above is the view from the front door.

View from the carpark in front. There will be a glass in this hole, not a window. You are looking into our dining room.

And this is what I wore to work today. I wear this at least once a week. It is turning into my uniform.

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cs said...

yea the movie suxx!! dont feel like watching 3D movies anymore.. haha