Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Crib and food

Sorry I haven't updated this blog for quite some time. Quite simple reason actually. The things that occupy my mind these days, I can't blog about. You know, Mostly Sex. In bed with cs. Playing with each other Heh. Jokes aside, I've just had quite a lot to think about recently. Some more, I'm working on Saturday's. Grrr...!!I hate a 6-day working week. I have not enough time to do normal things. Like go shopping, walk in the park, sit and chill at Bing's (not like I do that normally but still), go for facials, and especially catch up on sleep.

Dad has started renovating our new home. He bought a house some 2 years ago, and left it empty that long. Yes. Just utilized the car park so far. He wanted to renovate the whole house, but that would take too much money. That is why he kept putting it off. Before you know it, two years has gone by. Time is pretty scary eh.

Funny thing was, we went furniture shopping one day. Dad walked into the store and fell in love with this very grand looking 8-seater wood dining table. And bought it right there. In the store, mum also fell in love with a huge dressing table. To put in her room, she said. So they bought it. Problem is, we don't have anywhere to put those two things in our own home now. Solution? Start renovating the new house. It was actually perfect timing. We are a few months short of Chinese New Year. By the new year, we should be just about ready to move in.

This was the carpark. It is being turned into a dining room. Said table above shall reside here.

Mum and eli's kitchen. Ah boi's toilet.

Our future living room looks like this now. The previous tiles had sunk into the ground. Like a mini-crater, if you know what I'm talking about. So we had no choice but to get rid of all the tiles and replace them with new ones.



Here you go. Close up shot.

I can't believe we're moving house. I feel a bit reluctant. I'm comfortable here in this house. And I know that everyone feels that way, which is another reason why dad has been putting it off for so long too. There is just sooo much to do. During their free time, my brother and father are normally at the new house. The workers start work before 8pm every morning. So early. So hardworking. When we're not at the new house, its furniture shopping, choosing floor/kitchen/bathroom tiles, choosing kitchen ware, buying toilet bowls, shower heads etc..the list never ends. Price comparison some more.


In case you missed me...

Because it is nearly Christmas...

I went to try out Life Cafe, which is located at Jalan Song, somewhere near FTMS and the same row as Ipoh Kopitiam (is that the name? Forgot la). I ordered the Ma lak mian (Spicy noodle). It is supposed to be a Taiwanese specialty, correct me if I'm wrong). For the noodles, they categorize it into hot, hotter, hottest. God I suck at translating. In mandarin it is err (I don't write pinyin too) xiao, zhong, lak. Something like that. I chose hot (xiao).

And I couldn't finish it. Either I suck, or its some spicy shit. Zoom in on the photo below. Look at all the chili's. Damn spicy. My chest was burning by then already, and I questioned my insanity. WHy Amy? Why did you order ma lak mian, if you couldn't take spicy food??

Ah well. At least I know never to order this again. Btw, service kinda sucks there. I think that most of them were college kids; the servers look pretty young to me. This means that:

(1) its their first job being fresh out of Form 5, so they are rude and ill-mannered and throw the menu at you.
(2) they are paid the minimum wage, so they are rude and ill-mannered and throw the menu at you.

We also ordered some Leek and pork dumplings, as well as some chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets were the same ones you buy prepackaged at any supermarket. I think we ordered that cos we thought/assumed that it cant be the prepackaged ones. Alas. We are two dumb fools.

The Pork and Leek dumplings came after my noodles, so I can't taste them by then. But cs said they were quite tasteless. There were more pork than leek though. Something I don't like. I prefer more leek than pork. Just personal preference for my dumplings. I can't stand the cabbage and chicken dumplings too..

At home, my mum and grandparents have always made them with leek, so I grew up eating them that way.

I stole these two photos off google. Credits to

My mum used to make these but nowadays we buy them from her friend. She makes these jiaozi (dumplings) to order. I love them. Convenient food, since they can be kept for quite some time in the freezer.

I shall end this abruptly here.


cs said...

can i steal some cements and bricks for my future house?? hahaha

Amy said...

yea..go..just be careful not to let my dad see u. hahah