Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rubbish times two

Windows Live Messenger screwed me up. I have no MSN now. Screw it. I tried downloading it. They told me to uninstall first. Uninstall I did. Then went to download again. Couldn't install. Something gone wrong. I think my computer is going down. Grr..Please keep in touch via Facebook and my blog people. For cs, time to download skype. It is the only thing still working..

Some random photos from these few days:

During lunch hour while waiting for cs to come pick me up, I saw this police bike parked beside Tun Jugah. It is routine. They come to Tun Jugah EVERY DAY to saman (write parking tickets) cars who park illegally along the yellow lines, blocking the traffic. Creating unnecessary jam. Btw, they come between 12-1230pm. Yes, I noticed. And yes, Cs has accumulated quite a few of these parking tickets. Poor thing..

My keyboard at work.

And err..my white slippers I wear walking around in the office..They are stolen from some hotel. Most probably Damai. Wait. Does Damai give free bedroom slippers? I guess not. Should be some KL hotel. Wait. Do I have enough luggage space to steal back slippers when I come back from KL? I guess not. Mum must have stolen them then.

Everyone has stolen something from hotel rooms right? Shampoo, conditioner, soap, coffee packets, bath robe, towels, slippers etc. I used to take the shampoo and conditioners for fun as a kid. I took a bath robe before, and obviously some slippers. Now, I take nothing. I don't even use the shampoo and conditioner provided at the hotels. The bathrobe was left unused in my closet and eventually thrown away.

Nowadays I don't dare steal anything. I would be a very bad criminal. The other day cs and I went to a pub and ordered one jug of Tiger beer. But the waiter forgot to bring us the check. I left the RM50 on the table top hoping they would come and take the money. Eventually it became obvious that he forgot. Even when cs and I were leaving, I was so nervous that we would get caught or be asked to stop. Or I don't know? Get beaten up for not paying the bill. Or being sent to the police. I think too much.

Realistically I know that its quite impossible that I would get beaten up or be sent to the police but I can't help going all red in the face (actually they might think its just the alcohol eh) and looking guilty...


This is my new bracelet: I like it. But it pales in comparison to the one below right?

This belongs to my brother, Kevin. He has this hanging from his car key yesterday. And today it was hanging on his bag.

Recently, mum is making quite a lot of something that semi-resembles this pot below:

The bottom half of the pan was mashed potato, while the top half was filled with mushrooms, corn, broccoli, squid, and prawn in some kind of white sauce. This was before she covered the entire thing in mozzarella. Baked till golden brown. Seriously, anything covered with mozzarella and baked to perfection tastes freaking delicious. I might do that to cs in the future. Cover whatever crap with cheese and feed him. He loves cheese. He even added cheese to his maggi mee (instant noodles).

If I'm lazy to cook after a day of work, I can cook white rice or maggi mee. After its cooked, I cover it in cheese to bake wtf!! Just kidding baby..


cs said...

haha i saw the pink duck.. btw, i eat anything with cheese k.. ur fried rice very nice too baby.. haha

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