Monday, 28 February 2011

Sleeping in on rainy days

It had been raining almost non stop the past weekend. So I slept almost the whole day Saturday. Ahhh..bliss!

What I meant was, I slept at about 12++ on Friday night (or Saturday morning), and woke up at 130pm on Saturday noon.

Woke up feeling very refreshed cos it was raining. Best time ever to sleep in. On a Saturday no less!!

So I had a sandwich, lounged about at home, online, playing with Cherrie. Did nothing really. Very productive Amy. It was still raining so I went back to sleep by 3pm till 6pm. Woke up feeling very blur by then. Went out for dinner and cant believe that I slept my Saturday away..

So productive.

No lah, I really don't normally sleep like this. This was the good old college and uni days! How I have missed thee. Or thy whatever.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tick tock tick tock..

At times like these, listening to the song that I want played during my wedding, I dream..

I dream and try to picture the night itself. Trying to plan the actual day and night itself properly to avoid any unnecessary trouble. So that everything goes smoothly.

Attending other people's wedding give you an idea of what you want in the future yourself. The band, the MC, the decorations, the crowd, the food. Flowers, balloons, candles.

We learn from our friends weddings. We know what to cancel from the list, and where to add on. I just hope to God that we know what we are doing. Can I cut the guest list to 30 tables? Haha. Dream Amy dream..

We know by now what is number 1 on the list. Which to spend more money on, and which things to budget on. Reading tips online and from the many wedding magazines is making me restless. In a way.

Just now, cs and I were talking about our dreams. Last night, he dreamt that our house turned into a bank, and there are ATM machines everywhere. I dreamt of shopping and trying on a few wedding dresses. =.=

I think its pretty obvious that the both of us are worrying too much.

I never thought I would turn into one of these - the girl who talks too much about her big day. But actually I just do that to my blog. My family are really laid back about the wedding. And cs' family are busy buying air tickets to worry about us haha. To them, it is still far off.

To us, it means ticking things off our massive list. It feels like an impossible task that the two of us are trying to pull off. Grr..I want a wedding planner for a sister or mother. HAHA!

This is in addition to planning our upcoming honeymoon. The recent AirAsia cheap tickets made cs and I change our minds on our destinations. *Gasp! Suddenly spending more than I bargained for.

But the excitement!! When we are not fretting and worrying, we are giggling in anticipation! Maybe not him so much. Just me~

Life is fun with him by my side.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Lesson of the day

Lesson of the day: Never say Never! Because karma bites you back in the ass faster than you can say never!

Quote of the day: Nothing is impossible! The impossible just takes longer!

Haha I read this a long time ago in Digital Fortress - one of Dan Brown's books. Great motto and great book.

I came across this phrase just now on the internet and decided to share it here. I have no idea who thought of this and lazy to google. Feel free to enlighten me if you do.

Ok. Am going back to search for gowns to buy. Unless anyone has any website or tips for me? :)

Enjoy the weekend people!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

No money, no talk

Money, money, money..Its a rich man's world!

Chinese New Year 2011 - fourth day

OK. This shall be the last post on Chinese New Year. Don't know why I am writing this since even I am kinda lazy to write/talk about CNY already. It is over and done with for another year. Yay!e

So these photos were from the fourth day of CNY. We open house again and alot of people came over. Busy from morning till night..

By the fourth day, I was getting lazy already - I mean hair and make up wise:

OK, can't see my make up here. But I just simply rushed through while curling my hair so it turned out terrible so I had no choice but to tie it up. T_T Fail.

And I love the gown I am wearing! Bought at Jenny's for about RM 64 only! :)) So happy! I love shopping there - so cheap. Actually the dress I am wearing in the previous post, that pink cotton dress was also from Jenny's. Cheap!

They (the staff at Jenny's) just took the gown out of its plastic wrapper and hung it on the rack. It stayed there for about 10 seconds - the time it took for me to walk over and pointed at it: I want to try that one! And that's it. No other customers had a chance -sorry. Sometimes you just gotta be kiasu and have a thick face. Heh heh.

Ice bucket, stacks of plates, plastic bag filled with fork and spoons: see you next year! I so don't miss you. :)) Miss the Macallan though hehe.

This whole roasted suckling pig was gone in 15 mins or less? I didn't get to try even a little bit =.= Not that I mind really lar. But I was slightly amused at how the guys in general go crowding around it. Most men attacked the pork first.

Women seem to only try a little bit of everything. Or maybe that's just me. That's how I eat buffets so Kevin think I am a waste of buffets.

On that day, there were plenty of food to last the whole day and night. We learnt from last year's mistake, where we did not order enough food. And people walk around looking for the food. =.= The food was cleaned out so fast that we had to order catering a second time.

Cs looks quite tired here, and that is Winnie in the background.

♥ the dress. And cheap too! Sorry can't stop saying this. I am so going back to Jenny's. The taukenio damn lihai.

Group photo of mum's friends. Nicely taken photo! We are all VA kaki.

No idea what to caption anymore..and I am running out of things to say.

So, randomly choose a topic: AirAsia on sales! Quick grab cheap tickets! I am going to KL next month. *smug.

Hehe actually this comes at a price. Have to get some things done but its also an excuse to go on holiday since got cheap air tickets. And we also found a damn cheap hotel too - please don't disappoint. But its ok lar cos I have no expectations. What to expect from a RM 110 per night room in KL right? And we are just staying two nights just for the weekend..:) Looking forward!

Err what else? In light of AirAsia's cheap fares, I have also booked air tickets for our honeymoon!! Don't ask me where - I have an unreasonable fear that if I talk too much about it, or tell too many people about it, I will get disappointed or that it wont be awesome anymore etc etc. Call me superstitious whatever. Haiii..

Being Cina (Chinese) is so mahuan (troublesome). So many pantang and superstitions. I know lar. These are up to us eh. No one told me to do this and that. But with the upcoming wedding, I'm so afraid that I have to follow traditions for this and that.

Actually, I am getting this already. Hek ar. I am sounding more and more Cina and I do it on purpose. I am in Kuching after all - gotta fit in sooner or later.

For the thousandth time, I wish I can elope!! Becoming a Mrs has never been more difficult. I have a feeling I will eat my words when I am in labour. Heh.

Speaking of this, I don't think I have announced this yet: Alvin and Wee lee welcomed their second daughter sometime this month! Time fcuking flies lar! It feels like not too long ago when we attended their wedding. Read it here: *click*

Congrats Alvin and Wee Lee!

Monday, 21 February 2011

One step at a time..

These photos below are from the third day of Chinese New Year. Be warned though that there are plenty of vain photos of myself, Winnie and cs. Very bimbotic post with no real purpose. But very helpful if you need to empty your mind. There is going to be a lot of very mindless talking going on here today.

The agenda for the day was to visit one of dad's friend's house.

Wake up in the morning to apply make up and do my hair. It was a good hair day - which lasted about 30 mins only.

I'm wearing a very thin, light pink cotton dress. Also very see through. I fell in love with the dress (and price tag) immediately and bought it without thinking twice! Hehe.

Brought it home and tried it on again then realized damn! I can see the exact shape and color of my bra and undies perfectly. Dammit! Very smart Amy.

I love the back. Not flattering photo of me at all but this was the only photo I have of my back.

Lucky I managed to take one photo of the back. Or else the whole day and night of trying to be discreet while holding up my free bra, and tugging on my shorts inside would go to waste. Heh heh a bit wtf.

I hate that my curls don't last long at all!! *whine. I put on hair spray after I curl my hair. But it doesn't last! *whine whine whine

This was about max 1 hour only!! Uncle Johny's house is about a 3-minuted drive from where we stay. And look! No more pretty hair. *must stop whining.

In case you are wondering why there are only photos of ourselves (Winnie, me and cs), its because this is what we do when you visit other people's houses. Yea, take photos of ourselves very shamelessly, and pretend other people cannot see you. Making use of the awesome light at the same time.

Winnie clutching her head cos it looks cute?

After taking this photo, she was admiring herself and smiling then instructed me to do the same thing she did.

So I did - cos I am kwai like that. =.=

And somehow it looks very much different. Fail.

I think Winnie looks good in this photo below though:

Yea I was serious when I said there are only vain shots of ourselves.. Sorry ar.

And yes, cs is having beer in the day time. Because its Chinese New Year! Reason enough to drink!

Chinese New Year is drinking season.

Its like this, when you visit my house during Chinese New Year, most likely I will also offer you a beer or some whiskey too. And the same at our friends houses.

When you arrive at another person's house, the host will offer you to eat. If you know that they will provide catering, it is advisable to arrive with an empty stomach hehe. If not, well there are plenty of cakes and biscuits to eat.

At Uncle Johny's house that day, I remembered having some spaghetti, fried mee hoon, duck, chicken, curry and I don't know. Memory loss and I probably got the fried mee hoon wrong already. Fail again.

So yea this was us having eaten our fill. Nothing to do now.. And since it is impolite to leave immediately after eating, we are entertaining ourselves. :)

The light makes taking photos pretty awesome eh..

Even with a lousy pose like this, my skin looks so soft to touch (and yea I know I am being so modest now) Sorry I am not always like this..

See cs looks good even with this pose. Hehe. Ok probably not to you. But to me he does. :)

At night, we went out with a bunch of friends to this new place at Travillion. Its called Zebra's.

Ok lah. I really have no idea what to write about as captions.

Moving on to life these days. My life these days just involves a hell lot of planning and preparations for the upcoming wedding, all while trying to spend as little as possible, so that we are able to put aside as much as possible before the big day!

They say that planning a wedding is hard work. Now I know. And dammit I am tired. It was fun in the beginning. Now it feels so tedious already. It is no longer fun when my dreams are consumed by wedding plans. It is no longer fun when I lie down in bed and think is this worth it? But then I reach out and call him, and yes it is. At least I still have him.

I need several of Santa's little helpers to help me and to win a jackpot as well. Please? I have been a good girl.

Sometimes I blame myself. They say that on the day itself, some things are bound to go wrong, and no one is going to notice except you.

Aim for the moon. Even if you fail, you land among the stars.

I have always loved this phrase.

Perhaps if I don't require so much out of things, then perhaps I won't be disappointed. But should I set my sights lower? It doesn't make sense to! This is not a time to lower my expectations! Grr.

Here is a phrase for me to remember everyday: One step at a time Amy. Take things one step at a time. Slowly but surely, I will make it! And it will all be worth it in the end.

I don't want to end this on this note. So on to the other side of plans. Plans for our upcoming honeymoon.

In my minds eye, all I can see is a jacuzzi on the balcony leading to an absolutely gorgeous pool, hammock by the beach, the salty sea breeze, lazing around in bed, holding hands walking by the beach during sun set and lots of hugs and kisses.

And this has got me smiling already.. :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

2nd day of Chinese New Year

On the second day of Chinese New Year, the plan was to open house at Cs' place. In Kuching, open house means you invite friends to come over for food - biscuits and cakes, rice, noodles etc; and drinks.

On that day, it was supposed to serve as a housewarming sort of, for friends who have not yet seen our new place before.

The night before, cs and I slept late. Its the first day of CNY after all, everyone wants to have fun at night - if you know what I mean. And no I am not referring to the three letter word that starts with S, that you are thinking of now.

So anyway my point is:

Cs came to pick me up late on the second day. So we were late in getting ready all the food and drinks bah. Before we knew it, *ding dong* friends were arriving. *points finger accusingly at cs. Its his fault. His fault. He woke up late and nothing is ready! He must have pushed the snooze button too many times!

It was a good hair day. I am improving! But my curls never last long! After 30 mins, they are back to normal boring hair. Grr..

I love this dress though - but it shrunk in the wash le sigh. It is now so short that I have to wear pants inside so no one can see my undies. Grr!

Anyway. Moving on. Here are some photos taken from that day.

Group photo stolen off Facebook from err..Sui Theng or Eric? Sorry kinda forgot. Thanks anyway!

If you notice in the photo below, the clock looks like it has a strange rainbow light eh. This was a happy coincidence actually. We didn't ask for this light but they made a mistake and installed this for us. But I'm glad - this looks even better!

There are five couples in this photo. They are mostly cs' high school buddies. Said buddies gave us a sandwich maker and a mini toaster oven!!!! Thanks again! So awesome! And too generous I think. :)

Some of them played Wii for a while. First it was Bowling, then Tennis, some ninja sword fight, cycling, and then shooting birds and turkey's asses. Heh.

Btw, I don't know if anyone knows what I am talking about but I love the ninja sword game. The one where you swipe fruits with a sword. Haha..damn easy and no skill required sorry lar I only know how to play this kind of game. I wasn't born with that part of the brain - where you excel at games. A bit wtf.

Speaking of this, Kevin was born with that part of the brain. We are polar opposites in this regard. It seems that he can play ANY games and be good at it! He is the one his friends call up to ask how to play a game wtf. Or maybe its just ah Pau calling him hmmm...

Back to topic: This is Sui Theng paddling hard. Hahaa.

Back to a photo of me before we go to the fireworks at night. I woke up so early (slept at 4am the night before okay) to slave over my make up and curl my hair and cs arrived late so I had nothing to do except snap vain photos of myself.

Actually for the larger part of the day and night , I spent it in the kitchen next to the oven, reheating food or wiping tables and washing up plates and glasses. Boo hoo. Hehe no lar. Its once a year anyway so no complains. :) Just giving myself an excuse to post vain shots like these..

Here, Cs and ah boon are cello-taping the brooms together to hang fire crackers from:

No idea what to caption already running out of words and time now..

This is a different group of friends who dropped by in the evening..

So that was my partly screened and edited version of my second day of CNY..I blog more about the other days next time.

Going out soon and I am late.

HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH! Time flies lar! CNY is officially over for another year.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Economy Valentines 2011

For this year's Valentines, cs and I decided to spend less. What with the quotations we have been receiving recently from the florist, the hotel etc, this seemed like the perfect solution. So an economy Valentines it was then!

I got off work at 5pm and we went to buy all the ingredients for our dinner for two. We have never done this before btw. All we have cooked before are simple easy stuff such as fried rice, instant noodles etc. I am not saying that this meal is difficult, because its not- so easy to make. But allow me to explain.

At Boulevard, we are two silly people who deliberate over which sauce to buy? The local made one cos its cheaper or the one that is more expensive but comes with a nice design? Cos it looks more delicious wtf. Haha.

We are also the same people who walk by the salmon again and again trying to decide should we buy it - do we know how to cut it properly? Is that fresh, can we eat it like that or do we have to wash it, and fry it? Hmm..

So yea. It is a miracle (no lar) that two silly people made this dinner together.

After many laughter's, we accomplished our mission:

In the beginning, we were both quite quiet, trying to cook together in our little kitchen, and both starving already. Sneaking food as we try to prepare dinner..

I present to you our first course:

Spaghetti with mushrooms, hot dogs and fish balls. Nicee.. a tad too sour but still nice. Haha. Who needs Bella Italia?! We have the cheaper version right here..:)

We are still in our work clothes that night. No time to change lar. No need anyway since we are going to get down and dirty in the kitchen. That sounds wrong doesn't it? Heh. Oh well.

These are the ingredients you will need for sushi:

3 bowls of rice. Cook it with more water than you usually would. When it is cooked, add in vinegar. As much as you like. Please estimate yourself and add in a bit of common sense. :D

While waiting for it to cook, prepare the eggs, hot dogs and cucumber. Cook them beforehand and cut them into strips like these.

I used 6 eggs, 6 hot dogs and 1 cucumber. I think. I don't remember cos cs cut them up. I am busy cooking spaghetti. :)

Photo is self explanatory.

I didn't put much rice because come on. Who wants to eat so much rice? Eat more of the other stuff..

Place them in the middle. Arrange them nicely if you want.

Fold them in and squeeze tightly. They will stick together without any water by the sides. If you know what I mean..

Chop off the excess by the side and voila!

WE MADE SUSHI! We are lihai!!

We made too much food for just the two of us. We tapau-ed back home the rest! :) I have a feeling that we are going to make this mistake again in the future.

It is so hard to estimate how much food to cook for just the two of us. =.=

I added salmon roe/salmon eggs/caviar whatever it is called on top. So it looks and tastes better! :D

Cs is admiring his own work!

It was 8pm by the time we had dinner and 9pm when we finished. Washed up and changed to go to the pool by 9pm.

Die die must go for a swim because dinner was frankly quite tiring, albeit fun. The washing up part is tiring but that's what cs is for heh heh. Kidding kidding.

We laughed at ourselves cos of how silly we are together. Laughed at each other and imitated other people. Because we can.

But how can dinner just be it? The pool looked too inviting to me. So oh well. Swimming it is.

I didn't let him buy me any flowers this year cos flowers are expensive on Valentines Day.

Marked up so high for no good reason. But as he sent me home at about 130 am on 15 Feb 2011, we passed by a flower stall by the road side. They were closing up.

And we thought what the hell. So I got these flowers which were originally priced for RM 150 for RM 20. Yay. Or nay? What the hell.

HUA HEE TIO HO. Haha. Suddenly thought of this song.

For those of you who understand: