Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Economy Valentines 2011

For this year's Valentines, cs and I decided to spend less. What with the quotations we have been receiving recently from the florist, the hotel etc, this seemed like the perfect solution. So an economy Valentines it was then!

I got off work at 5pm and we went to buy all the ingredients for our dinner for two. We have never done this before btw. All we have cooked before are simple easy stuff such as fried rice, instant noodles etc. I am not saying that this meal is difficult, because its not- so easy to make. But allow me to explain.

At Boulevard, we are two silly people who deliberate over which sauce to buy? The local made one cos its cheaper or the one that is more expensive but comes with a nice design? Cos it looks more delicious wtf. Haha.

We are also the same people who walk by the salmon again and again trying to decide should we buy it - do we know how to cut it properly? Is that fresh, can we eat it like that or do we have to wash it, and fry it? Hmm..

So yea. It is a miracle (no lar) that two silly people made this dinner together.

After many laughter's, we accomplished our mission:

In the beginning, we were both quite quiet, trying to cook together in our little kitchen, and both starving already. Sneaking food as we try to prepare dinner..

I present to you our first course:

Spaghetti with mushrooms, hot dogs and fish balls. Nicee.. a tad too sour but still nice. Haha. Who needs Bella Italia?! We have the cheaper version right here..:)

We are still in our work clothes that night. No time to change lar. No need anyway since we are going to get down and dirty in the kitchen. That sounds wrong doesn't it? Heh. Oh well.

These are the ingredients you will need for sushi:

3 bowls of rice. Cook it with more water than you usually would. When it is cooked, add in vinegar. As much as you like. Please estimate yourself and add in a bit of common sense. :D

While waiting for it to cook, prepare the eggs, hot dogs and cucumber. Cook them beforehand and cut them into strips like these.

I used 6 eggs, 6 hot dogs and 1 cucumber. I think. I don't remember cos cs cut them up. I am busy cooking spaghetti. :)

Photo is self explanatory.

I didn't put much rice because come on. Who wants to eat so much rice? Eat more of the other stuff..

Place them in the middle. Arrange them nicely if you want.

Fold them in and squeeze tightly. They will stick together without any water by the sides. If you know what I mean..

Chop off the excess by the side and voila!

WE MADE SUSHI! We are lihai!!

We made too much food for just the two of us. We tapau-ed back home the rest! :) I have a feeling that we are going to make this mistake again in the future.

It is so hard to estimate how much food to cook for just the two of us. =.=

I added salmon roe/salmon eggs/caviar whatever it is called on top. So it looks and tastes better! :D

Cs is admiring his own work!

It was 8pm by the time we had dinner and 9pm when we finished. Washed up and changed to go to the pool by 9pm.

Die die must go for a swim because dinner was frankly quite tiring, albeit fun. The washing up part is tiring but that's what cs is for heh heh. Kidding kidding.

We laughed at ourselves cos of how silly we are together. Laughed at each other and imitated other people. Because we can.

But how can dinner just be it? The pool looked too inviting to me. So oh well. Swimming it is.

I didn't let him buy me any flowers this year cos flowers are expensive on Valentines Day.

Marked up so high for no good reason. But as he sent me home at about 130 am on 15 Feb 2011, we passed by a flower stall by the road side. They were closing up.

And we thought what the hell. So I got these flowers which were originally priced for RM 150 for RM 20. Yay. Or nay? What the hell.

HUA HEE TIO HO. Haha. Suddenly thought of this song.

For those of you who understand:


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... overtime you will learn to cook just enough for two ;)

Maybe this would be helpful to you, as this is how we estimate:

1 cup of rice for two. ;p It will be just enough for two. But it varies, especially if CS is a big eater haha.

Happy Valentine's!

Miss G said...

omg... ur flowers are so pretty n cheap.... love it. love ur dining hall too! good job. haha

Amy said...

Hippo: hahaa yea I hope so but I foresee a lot more mistakes before we arrive there. thanks!

Miss G: haha issit? I was worried that we paid too much cos its already 130 am and the streets were empty and he looked like he's gonna throw them away already! lol. Thanks! :)

KhoiMai said...

I come across your blog and read abt your Valentine. It is so sweet to have your lover around. Keep on loving!