Sunday, 27 February 2011

Tick tock tick tock..

At times like these, listening to the song that I want played during my wedding, I dream..

I dream and try to picture the night itself. Trying to plan the actual day and night itself properly to avoid any unnecessary trouble. So that everything goes smoothly.

Attending other people's wedding give you an idea of what you want in the future yourself. The band, the MC, the decorations, the crowd, the food. Flowers, balloons, candles.

We learn from our friends weddings. We know what to cancel from the list, and where to add on. I just hope to God that we know what we are doing. Can I cut the guest list to 30 tables? Haha. Dream Amy dream..

We know by now what is number 1 on the list. Which to spend more money on, and which things to budget on. Reading tips online and from the many wedding magazines is making me restless. In a way.

Just now, cs and I were talking about our dreams. Last night, he dreamt that our house turned into a bank, and there are ATM machines everywhere. I dreamt of shopping and trying on a few wedding dresses. =.=

I think its pretty obvious that the both of us are worrying too much.

I never thought I would turn into one of these - the girl who talks too much about her big day. But actually I just do that to my blog. My family are really laid back about the wedding. And cs' family are busy buying air tickets to worry about us haha. To them, it is still far off.

To us, it means ticking things off our massive list. It feels like an impossible task that the two of us are trying to pull off. Grr..I want a wedding planner for a sister or mother. HAHA!

This is in addition to planning our upcoming honeymoon. The recent AirAsia cheap tickets made cs and I change our minds on our destinations. *Gasp! Suddenly spending more than I bargained for.

But the excitement!! When we are not fretting and worrying, we are giggling in anticipation! Maybe not him so much. Just me~

Life is fun with him by my side.

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