Monday, 28 February 2011

Sleeping in on rainy days

It had been raining almost non stop the past weekend. So I slept almost the whole day Saturday. Ahhh..bliss!

What I meant was, I slept at about 12++ on Friday night (or Saturday morning), and woke up at 130pm on Saturday noon.

Woke up feeling very refreshed cos it was raining. Best time ever to sleep in. On a Saturday no less!!

So I had a sandwich, lounged about at home, online, playing with Cherrie. Did nothing really. Very productive Amy. It was still raining so I went back to sleep by 3pm till 6pm. Woke up feeling very blur by then. Went out for dinner and cant believe that I slept my Saturday away..

So productive.

No lah, I really don't normally sleep like this. This was the good old college and uni days! How I have missed thee. Or thy whatever.

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