Friday, 11 February 2011

The Proposal

Edit: I wrote this post below last year and chose to re-post it now cos it seems that the first question upon hearing that I am engaged is always: how did he propose? How? Describe it!!

So here it is. I shy la. But aiya whatever. This answers your question ladies.

Date: Nov 10 2010.

On that night (Wed), I went to work with him. We arrived home (new house) at about 9pm. We were both exhausted after a long day at work. I cooked supper for him while he watched and chatted with me. (He has to have supper almost every night - how he stays so slim is amazing. Actually he is not. He has a little tummy and it is getting bigger each day. haha)

I made him mee goreng with hot dogs, tauhu fish balls, and crab stick (we have no food at home). While he ate, we started chatting at the dinner table. About our wedding. Everything.

Disclaimer: Even though we talk about getting married and our wedding more and more often nowadays, he has never actually asked me that question. Never really proposed. He always insisted that we must wait or else it will just spoil the fun. He refuses to put a ring on me till the day he proposes.

Back to topic.

We were chatting one moment about our wedding photos, the next about my parents; what will they say? The actual day itself? Prices? Costs? Our budget? Photos? Which restaurant or hotel? Jumping from topic to topic.

We had pretty much covered everything when we stared at each other. Smiled at each other. He came over to hug me. Kissed me. Smiling he asked: will you really marry me?

I just smiled at him. Because what else could I say? I am already his.

Before I knew it, he knelt down on one knee and asked: will you marry me? (mandarin of course).

I said: Yes.

And then: Really? Are you serious? (I thought he was just kidding)

Cs (still smiling): I am on my knees baby.

Me: Yes yes. By now, I am laughing through my tears. We are both laughing. I am crying (I never thought I would cry on occasions like these - I mean, you watch tv and you read about these but you never actually thought you would cry. But I was so happy that I did. I teared. )

And then, we were rocking back and forth. Holding on to each other.

It was totally unplanned and made the more amazing because it was unexpected for both of us. He was totally unprepared as well. I have no idea why he chose to propose like that.

That bugger chose the exact right timing to propose.

The situation could not have been weirder. The empty plates on the tables, neither of us were wearing pants. There were no flowers, no ring, no gifts. Nothing.

I think it was just the right moment. Or we were caught up in the moment. I don't care. It doesn't matter.

It was perfect. To me. To us. It was. I don't care what anyone thinks.

I don't think I was happier before. We clung to each other, kissing, holding to each other, smiling and not wanting to let go.

It was so spontaneous. But was it spontaneous since we both have been looking forward to this already?


I announced (to ourselves): I am engaged.

Which only made us laugh and hold on to each other even more tightly.

How does it feel like?

It feels like i have been waiting for this for so long. I am engaged. And I cant stop smiling when I think of this. Totally unexpected.

All i want. All i want is you!

But I made him propose a second time though. heh. Now that I have what I want, I want the romance. Give me a ring. Surprise me again. So he did.


18 Nov 2010.

He called and told me that the original plan was that we all go out with the rest of our friends to Bla bla bla. It was Alvin's birthday itself. So I believed him. I really thought we were going to Bla Bla Bla.

His excuse for bringing me to the new house was: he left something at the house so we have to go back to take it.

I suspected something was up. But I swept it aside. I was in a bad mood and cranky because I am starving.

He opened the door and told me to go up first. He said that he left something in the car. Grumbling and mumbling to myself, I walked/stomped up the stairs to this scene.

It was dark. I was upset. Flipping on the lights as I go, and scowling to myself, I looked up to see this:

Is this real? name is on it. Why the balloons??

Turned out, it was real. He planned this. Sneaky bugger. He lied to me about dinner at Bla Bla Bla, and meeting with friends etc. Hmph. Talking about going back home to get something. Hmph.

He lied to me because I told him before that I have to at least be decently dressed and have make up on when he propose.

Even though I am chinese-illiterate, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess what is written there. Ugly handwriting aside. Hehehe.

As I was touching and prodding that thing, cs ran back up the stairs with flowers in one arm, and take-outs in the other arm.

This time, he prepared flowers, balloons, and a ring! I have my ring now. Haha.

Do I look happy or what? Haha.

He tapau-ed pizza, lasagna and spaghetti from Bella Italia.


So I am engaged. (This will take some getting used to. Same goes to the ring on my finger)

To me, the day he proposed will always be Nov 10. It is more real somehow. That night with the flowers etc, it just felt like Valentines. It felt a bit commercialized. It felt surreal and I don't really mean it in a good way. But thanks baby! I know you want me to have everything!

I am still glad that he chose to propose to me at our home, just like that. Even if it was just that first night, I would have been happy. Satisfied. This is our life together now.

We talk and discuss about everything together. No secrets, no lies. We go to work together, come home, I make him supper and we talk.

We watch tv, laugh and tease each other together. We walk to the gym and workout for 5 mins then jump into the pool. Come home and take a shower together. Laugh and scream some more during the shower. Then fall into bed.

This is our life now. Our home.

And now, we have a wedding to plan. Actually it is a work in progress already :)

Our families are meeting this weekend. Wish me luck! :)

P/S: After reading this post, I feel it is so badly written and does not even reflect how I feel right now. Ahh how ar? Lazy to edit some more. :)


I wrote the above quite some time ago and chose to repost it now. Oh well. Time flies.

Now, whenever we worry and fret about the upcoming wedding, we try to comfort each other using different ways. We comfort each other that we are working towards a goal: to the day when we can fall asleep in each other's arms, holding hands. We are both looking forward to the honeymoon more than the actual day. Oh well.

A wedding is a wedding. Eloping is out of the question. So I shall live one day at a time.

I may not have the most perfect wedding ever but I will have him. And that is more than enough. :)

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