Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Food at Cafe Satang

So. Because I have nothing better to do, blog now lar. The other alternative is too ghastly to consider. Not in the mood and so boring.

So er. What's new? Some more photos from a million years ago. Heh heh. Its almost Chinese New Year. Finally its time to take more NEW photos. Time to bring out my camera again.

Most people are on holiday tomorrow I suppose, but why am I so dumb? I should have taken leave for tomorrow too. Watching the seemingly never ending posts on Facebooks, such as yay back to Kuching. Back to Meow Meow City.

Or "so and so" has just checked in at Kuching International Airport, or 2 more hours and I am free till 7 Feb. CNY here I come. All this is driving me kinda insane. For no good reason. I am being unreasonable, I know. (blame it on PMS!)

I am in Kuching, at home. I am only envious cos people are not working, but I am!

OK. The more I type, the more unreasonable I seem to myself. Feeling kinda ashamed at myself. Sorry sorry.

Moving on.

Have you ever wondered what dinner at Damai would be like? Cafe Satang at Damai Beach. Most people have had breakfasts there, cos its free. But how about dinner?

Most people just drive to Buntal for seafood. But on that night, cs and I were there alone, for our anniversary, and it was raining. Plus, ordering seafood for 2 people at Buntal seems a bit weird.

Imagine if we ordered an Oyster Pancake, and two bowls of rice. Oh and a fried midin. That's it. Sounds pretty silly (to me).

So anyway (I am getting very long winded eh), we opted for dinner at Damai Beach.

Cafe Satang menu prices, in case anyone is wondering.

You can click for larger image. There were quite a lot of choices, including vegetarian choices.

Nice, they are used to catering for tourists. Plenty of local and western dishes to choose from.

Not very pricey eh. I was expecting more. But this is good. We did the right thing. There were so little people eating at Damai. Only a couple of foreigners and their family and us. I suppose more people are at Buntal.

Whatever your order, you get free soup. Actually, no. I am not sure. We placed our orders, and the waitress said: please help yourself to the soup (and bread). So I assumed its free. I didn't check the bill so don't blame me if you have to pay for it hehe.

Cream of something. Could be pea or broccoli. But I think cream of anything tastes good. Cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, cream of pumpkin even cream of socks? And this too. Cream of pea or broccoli. Or some other vegetable.

Cs ordered char kuay teow. This translates to fried flat vermicelli. Quite a big plate and very well done.

I had sandwiches. With no butter. Very nice.

I hate butter. Don't ask me why. I'm weird like that. But I love cheese. Worship it even.

Cs is kiasu, so he ordered a portion of chicken wings too.

Erm, this was halfway eaten, I don't know how many wings were there in the first place. But it was more than enough for the both of us.

This was our hotel room. Quite roomey, large enough for the both of us. I don't remember the last time I stayed in the hotel room. We (and our friends) always book a chalet room - and it is much smaller than this.

But with a chalet, comes more freedom. Cos they are spaced more further apart than normal hotel rooms, where the walls are so thin.

Once, we (I mean a big group of friends) stayed in a hotel room, and in the middle of the night, the couple next door asked the management to tell us to PLEASE KEEP IT DOWN (nicely of course) three times (I think). After the third time, the management offered them a room change wtf!

Sorry man. But yea. After that, whenever we go out as a group, we booked the chalet instead.

Cs and I by the beach..

And erm fugly photo of me enjoying the sea breeze. Posted it up anyway lar cos not enough photos of me in my own blog.

I thought female bloggers were supposed to post more vain photos? Hmm..I shall. Got a reputation (vain pot queen) to uphold. Heh next post next post!

Last photo of us:


I realize that I am always talking about the same thing. Sort of. Like now, oh its CNY. CNY a-comin. And I feel so sien that aiya lazy to talk about it now. So what else is new?

Erm, how about I visited the florist, damn expensive lar. I know that I can cut down the budget according to what I need and want. But what I want outweighs the need so much. And I keep getting sucked into this "once in a lifetime shit" Someone help me. Or slap some sense into me. Haha. kidding kidding. Back off Winnie!

But I won't worry about this till safely after CNY though. CNY ranks first for now.

Watching that annual dominoes game (I don't know the name), it seems like time flies by so so fast. Has it been a year already? And I received my first ang pau already! Yay! First of many to come, hopefully! *fingers crossed*

I hope its not too early to wish everyone a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!



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