Tuesday, 25 January 2011

2010 annual dinner

I don't know why lar. Come 2011 and I am getting lazier and lazier to blog. Part of this is due to my increasing addiction to SATC. Sex and the City. Yes. I am halfway through Season 3. Heh heh. When I have time at night, all I do is watch SATC, instead of blogging.

Samantha quote of the day: Marriage doesn't mean a happy ending, just an ending!

Sounds pessimist, but this is coming from Samantha, of all people. So yea. I just thought it was a bit amusing in a different way.

There was another scene I liked too from SATC 2. The movie. Someone mentioned that there ought to be a law against men to cheat on their wives with their nanny.

And Carrie snickered: yeah, the Jude law. Geddit? Geddit?

Ya, this is probably quite outdated now boo hoo but I only watched it mar. So its still funny to me. Heh heh.

Anyway. Because I have no new photos to upload (so lazy that I haven't charged my camera batt since 2010 haha)

Photos from a million years ago. The 2010 company annual dinner.. I wrote about this some time back. We had an 80s theme this year. (last year - 2010)

From left: Mary, me and Nancy.

A lot of my colleagues dressed up for the night to fit in the 80s theme. Not me though.

Mary was dressed as a goth queen? 80s goth queen. Pretty cool eh? Wait, got nicer photo of her somewhere below.

This is Lian and me. He is actually bald. He had on this really cool wig. I don't know if his bandanna comes with the wig, or did he tie it on. Either way it looks really cool.

Here, this is Mary. My drinking buddy of Level 9. Haha. The only other person who appreciates TGIF as ladies night! Time for happy drinks! :)

Solo shot of Mary:

As per usual, every year we play a few games throughout the dinner, to win some games. The first game was to guess the actors and actresses from the 80s. We are shown a photo on the projector screen. The twist is that their face is all erm..scrambled up. To make it hard to guess.

This is the hamper we won!

Our table won the first game! Credits go to Shepy, Elissa, and Rebecca. It was due to them that they won. Lihai.

The next game was to guess the song and artist from the 80s. This time, credits go to: Mary, Elissa, Nadiah, and me (just one song lar). Only recognized Lionel Ritchie's All Night Long.

Oh well. We didn't win this game though.

This is my leetle plate of sweets:

And my leetle plate of nachos:

Snacks while playing games. Snacks that go down so well with beer. :)

Some other photos of colleagues who were all dressed up:

Photo stolen from John's Facebook, who stole it from Geraldine! :D

Coincidentally, some of our colleagues threw them both birthday parties on that night. Yea, it was their birthdays. Very smart - make use of the free food and alcohol. hahaha kidding kidding.

One of the lucky draw prizes for the night:

Duno how many inch LCD tv monitor.

Another colleague won a Sony 32 or 37 inch tv. So nice. Of course everyone was waiting and secretly wishing they won the tv.

After that, we adjourned to the poolside for an after party.

Nice view eh. This is Pullman Hotel btw. The place is called Liquid. By place, I mean the pub/bar/lounge by the pool. They have a DJ, and bar there.

They also have these canopy beds by the pool. What for, i wonder? Hmmm..heh heh.

Nonetheless, it was a gorgeous setting though.

There is just enough space for a party at the pool side. I am guessing for about 100 people? I have seen photos of people with a wedding party here. A bit weird though, but I guess to some people, a small intimate setting is enough. There was no air con, but it can't be that hot or stuffy -its open air anyway.

Anyway. We were fed some more food. Bosses are scared we go hungry. Heh. We were served buffet already earlier in the night, at the ballroom. Now, we are served finger food. There is also a bar here - where we get more beer.

Btw, the buffet is much better this year- I mean that there are more choices this year. Not that I had much anyway. Oh well.

This is how it looks like. The area behind the pool. Quite cosy setting eh..

From the photos, it looks like quite a nice party. And it was really. Thanks boss.

But you know, humans are greedy people. And this human is dreaming of a Damai getaway for a change. A family day. One night stay at Damai. Hehe.

Once, on a trip to Damai Puri, I saw that AmBank (if I am not mistaken), had organized this family day for their staff! Soo nice!! SOoo relaxing. Sooo jealous. There were Ambank balloons everywhere, the staff and their family are invited to go. So nice. Organizing beach and water games, instead of being in a ballroom.

It can't hurt to dream eh. Bye!


John Harding said...

eh.. so late lar your post hahahah..i m already aging..now only u post it..

btw.. you're right, not only you..even me..i m getting lazier to update my blog..part of the reason is because of the slow network..which makes it hard for me to upload the photos

Amy said...

lol. ya i don't even remember when was the annual dinner. hahaha. slow network eh? true true. same. lazy to update! :D

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