Sunday, 23 January 2011

Baking up a storm

Hello hello. Here are some updates of my life in case anyone is interested.

Its a new year, and I have a new hairstyle. Actually no, just a new hair color. I refused to let them trim or cut my hair. No way. I have had it with lousy hair cuts and hair stylists. So, just a hair color.

How did I end up with green hair?

Its like this. I went inside the salon, and when the stylist asked me what color I wanted, I pointed at her own hair and said like yours. That's it. Hers was a rich red-blonde hair. Not too dark and not too bright. It seemed perfect.

When she pointed the shade to me, it read ash blonde. Oh well. I thought, as long as it comes out looking like hers. Then I put my hair in her hands.

And that is how I ended up with green hair! This looks nothing like her hair. But she assured me that the color will fade by CNY, and I will have her hair eventually. WTF?!

I don't know lar. Where do I put my brain at times like this?

Actually, its not so bad now. The green has more or less faded away. Its more to dark blonde now. Oh well.

Moving on from my hair do.

Here is a random cute photo of Cherrie:

She is trying to reach for her packets of dog treats on the side table. Clever girl.

As Chinese New Year is coming up, the women of the Simon family have been baking up a storm. No lar. Just that Winnie and I seldom cook, so this is reason enough to bake something.

Mum came home with a new cook book yesterday. Winnie saw the fortune cookies recipe and excitedly pointed it out to me. Without further ado, we went to search online for Fortune Cookie quotes, cutting papers and writing it down.

And just like that. We spontaneously decided to start baking fortune cookies. Which turned out to be..hmm...quite a disaster.

I shall let you be the judge.

Fortune cookies! Pass or not?

Hahaa obviously not. We spent 1.5 hours and came up with ONLY 4 not-very-presentable fortune cookies.

Lesson of the day: Spontaneous ideas are bad ideas.

Hunchback of Kuching alert.

Look at Eli wrestling with Cherrie in the background. Or Cherrie wrestling with Eli. Whichever way it is, Eli is going down..

These are the fortunes we wrote out:

Click to read.

And this is Winnie's disgruntled face:

Heh heh

To make me feel better, I shall show you some photos of the food we made.

Winnie and I made these awesome chocolate chip cookies. Awesome is actually ranked by erm.. myself.

You got to have confidence, ya know?!

Sorry, I am in a very peppy mood now. No idea what brought this on. :)

This is my hand. And the scratches are courtesy of Cherrie. You can see the perfect imprint of her little mouth. Bad Cherrie!

If it doesn't fade, then I am the new Bella Swan. Ever read Twilight? Bella has a bite mark, a scar from James, the vampire who bit her.

I remember useless bits of trivia like this. I don't know what's wrong with me. The other day, I asked Winnie: what is the tag line for Ravenclaw again?

I know that it goes something along this line: wit beyond measure is man's greatest something.

I went to google it already, so I know that the line goes like this: wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure! - Rowena Ravenclaw

FYI, I am talking Harry Potter. If I am not mistaken, J.K. Rowling mentioned this in the Deathly Hallows. Near the end, where Harry and Luna are under the invisibility cloak, and they entered the Ravenclaw common room, then Alecto said this: which makes you pretty skint, witless.

Heh heh. Damn I'm awesome. Like I said, I am in a peppy mood now. Sorry. No idea why.

OK. Moving on.

Mum, Winnie and Eli also made these:

Seaweed crisps. Made from popiah skin.

Ridiculously easy to make and so yummy.

We bought a packet for what RM 18 outside, and then decided to just make it ourselves lar. It took 2 hours to complete and voila. We have our own seaweed crisps.

Photo for comparison purposes. The bought outside one and the DIY one wtf. I am not making much sense. Actually, I don't even remember which one is the bought outside one and which is the DIY one.

Moving on.

We also made these:

Popiah with chicken floss inside. Chicken or pork floss, I don't know.

The ones sold outside always comes with sambal, which I don't like. Ours is more awesome. Got chicken floss!

And last but not least, we have coffee cookies topped with chopped almond, and almond flakes.

Mum made these.

These won't be all. Mum said she is making fruit cake today! Yay. Love fruit cake.

But then, writing this post made me realize one thing! Why I am not losing any weight! Dammit. Its so obvious now that I look at all these photos. The non stop snacking. Dammit.

And CNY is coming. I have a grand total of 8 more days to lose some more weight. 2 kg in 8 days, can or not?

At the rate I am going, with my peppy energy not running out, then perhaps I can walk some 5 km on the treadmill tonight, or go swimming to work off my excess energy. I think its the latter tonight!


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